Xendpay Vs YES Remit (Compare Xendpay and YES Remit)

Compare Xendpay and YES Remit to find the best money transfer services. Check Xendpay and YES Remit money transfer service to send money online. Read detail review of Xendpay and YES Remit remittance services.

Xendpay Vs YES Remit

Xendpay YES Remit
Overall Rating By ERIQ
About Every international money remittance company comes up with the goal of providing its services at low prices and offer better exchange rates than competitors. The same goal is made by Xendpay when Rajesh Agrawal founded it. But what matters is if it is working on its aims or not and therefore, the ex >>More We always ask other people before using any kind of online service and the same is with international money transfer services. So, to solve your problem and to provide you with the answer to every question, experts of ERIQ has bought their independent review on YES Remit which offers international >>More
Trust Score
4 -
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Fees Xendpay does not support transfers from USA. YES Remit does not support transfers from USA.
PayIn Methods Bank
Credit Card
Debit Card
PayOut Methods Bank
Mobile Wallet
Transfer Time 1-2 Days to 2-3 Days 1-2 Days to 2-3 Days
Android App - Yes
iOS App - Yes
Email - [email protected]
Phone - +91 22 3099 3600
Minimum Amount - -
Maximum Amount - -
Exchange Rate - -
Countries Supported - -
Currenices Supported - -
Security - -
Overall Security By ERIQ
Language - -
Direct Registration - -
Bussiness Transfer - -
Customer Care - -
Exchange Rate - -
Pros - -
Cons - -
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