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Can you trust Remit2India? Is it safe? How much the company charges for completing the transaction? How to send money to India with Remit2India? So we have found all the questions people looking for and provided an unbiased as well as an independent review on them. Here, you will find the answers many of your questions related to Remit2India, which is a major money transfer company available for NRIs.

Remit2India is an Indian company providing its remittance services in approximately 24 countries to India. The company provides personal as well as business transfers helping millions of NRIs by offering easy, fast and secure services. This is one of the cheapest ways to send money to India. Some of the benefits of using the services are:

  • 24*7 customer assistance
  • No hidden fee
  • Highly secured

Review of Remit2India :

Launched in the year 2001, Remit2India has its headquarters located in Mumbai, India. The company is supporting 10 currencies and transfers from 24 countries to India through various options including bank transfers, ACH transfers, wire transfers, net banking, etc. One can send minimum up to USD $50 with a maximum limit of USD $50,000.

The company offers various transfer services including:

  • Sending money to buy property
  • Payment of mortgages
  • Money transfers to any bank in India

These services can be used only by the Non-Resident Indians or the persons from Indian origin who are not living in India. The company does not offer spot transfers, forward contracts or third-party transfers. It has a fixed flat fee and exchange rates change as per the market prices all day.

The company is providing high security to the users similar to the banks. It is also offering 24*7 customer assistance so that one can contact them anytime regarding transfer queries.

So, on an overall basis, we rate it 8.5 out of 10.

Pricing : How much does Remit2India cost?

8 /10

Remit2India Transfer Fee

Fees of transferring funds vary depending on the currency being sent to India.

  • If you transfer funds from Australia in AUD, then the transfers are absolutely FREE.
  • If you transfer funds in USD, then transfers cost up to 99.
  • The CAD transfers cost at least CAD 4.99 or 0.95% of the transfer amount
  • Transfers from the UK are also absolutely FREE.
  • While if you are making the transfer in EUR, then it may charge at least EUR 2.99 or 0.60% of the transferring amount.

Remit2India Exchange Rate

Remit2India transfer rate is highly competitive and keeps changing according to the market whole day. However, the rates get locked once you start the transaction if you choose the guaranteed rate, but if you choose an indicative rate, then it may change in between the transaction and different amount will reach to the recipient.

Any Other Fee

The company might charge service tax depending on the country and its tax policy from where you are sending the funds. You will get the details of all the fees charged by the company on the transaction page.

Remit2India offers free transfers from many countries and the minimum fee is also charged depending on the amount you are transferring. If you transfer a higher amount, then the fee will be less. So, we rate it 8 out of 10.

Transparency: Does Remit2India have any hidden fees?

9 /10

Remit2India Hidden Fee

The company does not charge any hidden fees between the transfers. The total amount received by the recipient will be the same as shown on the transaction page if you have chosen the guaranteed transfer rate.

Remit2India Status Tracker

The company has provided an easy procedure of tracking the transfer which you can check on its “Track Your Transfer” page. Track your transfer from Remit2India here where you have to enter your reference number and registered email ID.

The company has been providing the best transaction tracking procedure as well as have no hidden fees, therefore, we rate it 9 out of 10 under transparency head.

Transfer Speed: How long does it take to send money through Remit2India?


There are different payment routes available to transfer funds through Remit2India and the length of time to reach funds to the beneficiary can vary. It might take 3-5 working days when you transfer the funds from the bank account to the bank account.

  • In the Net Banking Express Transfer - instant for amounts under INR 100,000, or same day for larger sums
  • Net Banking Guaranteed Transfer - same day if received before 15:00 AEST
  • Net Banking Indicative Rate - 1 working day
  • Wire Transfer - 1 working day
  • Credit and debit card transfers – 1 working day

So, it has given various options to transfer funds if there is an emergency, which will attract more fees. While if you just need to transfer funds to the family or friends, then it will take less fee but will reach in a few days. So, we rate it 8 out of 10 for its transfer speed.

Coverage: How many Countries & Currencies does Remit2India support?


Remit2India Supported Countries

The company offers NRI to transfer funds from 24 countries to India. These countries are:

UK US Australia Singapore Canada Germany
Austria Belgium Cyprus Finland France Greece
Hong Kong Ireland Italy Japan Luxembourg Malta
Netherlands Portugal Slovakia Spain UAE New Zealand

So, you can send the funds through ACH and wire transfers from the USA and do card transfers from the UK. From other countries, you can transfer the funds through net banking or any other online method.

So, for its coverage, we rate Remit2India 7 out of 10, because it is not offering bank transfers, which is the easiest mode to transfer funds. So, for using the services of Remit2India login here.


Remit2India Promo Codes & Offers

United States to All Countries
Get 30 paisa better rate + Zero fees on sending $1000 & above to India
United Kingdom to All Countries
20 paisa better exchange rate
Australia to All Countries
Get extra 30 paisa rate on first transaction using code EXTRA30
United States to India
180 Paise extra/dollar on 1st transfer
Australia to India
150 Paise extra/dollar on 1st transfer
Canada to India
150 Paise extra/dollar on 1st transfer
United Kingdom to India
Rs. 2 extra/pound on 1st transfer
Ireland to India
Rs. 2 extra/euro on 1st transfer

Remit2India Transfer Process

Step-By-Step Guide to transfer funds with Remit2India

  1. Go to the Remit2India website.

  2. Select the country you want to send money.

  3. You will be redirected to a new page.

  4. Here you will see the exchange rate which company is offering to the users.

  5. Here you need to login or sign up if you are a first time user.

  6. Enter all the details as asked by the company for registering yourself.

  7. Enter the amount you want to send.

  8. Enter the details of the recipient.

  9. Recheck all the details and send the funds.

User experience of Remit2India


Remit2India is a highly user-oriented website which provides exchange rate and fee details just in few clicks. The company offers transfer to India from 24 countries across the world. Some of the positive and negative aspects of the company are:


  • Competitive exchange rates
  • Instant transfers available


  • Limited service
  • Lower maximum transfer limit


Remit2India Customer Support:

Remit2India Contact Number: 1-888-736-4886

You can also request a call back from Remit2India customer assistance team here.

Remit2India App:

The company is offering both Android and iOS apps which you can download here.

  1. Remit2India Android App
  2. Remit2India iOS App


Remit2India Refer a Friend

The company provides a unique link to share it with friends and ask them to join its services. If they register using your link, then your money on referral (MOR) account will be credited by INR 500. On making the first transaction, your MOR account will be credited by INR 2,000 and INR 500 will be credited in your friend’s account.

Remit2India Promo Code

The company provides promo codes time to time to its users by notifications, email or SMS. Users can use these promo codes to get a discount on the transfer fee.

The company also provides online FAQs on its website for the general customer queries. So, for the overall user experience, we rate it 7 out of 10. For starting the services of Remit2India sign up here.

Security : Is Remit2India Safe?


The company is highly secured by various authorities in different countries and regulated by the government in all the states of the US.

  • The website of Remit2India is certified by Norton Secured, which is one of the most trusted security companies in the world.
  • In Canada and Australia, the company is regulated by Unimoni, which is another money transferring service provider.

So, the company is using enough steps for securing the personal details of its clients and therefore, we rate it 9 out of 10.

Remit2India Exchange Rate

Transfer Type And Modes

Pay In Options

Credit Card
Debit Card

Pay Out Options


Service Mode


Exchange Rate Type


Remit2India FAQ's

Who can use the services of Remit2India?

Only Non-Resident Indians, persons from Indian origin can access and use the services of Remit2India from 24 countries.

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Which currencies are supported by Remit2India?

Remit2India support the US dollar, Australian dollars, Canadian dollars, British pounds, Japanese yen, Singapore dollars, Euros, UAE Dirham, New Zealand dollars and Hong Kong dollars.

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How can I check the transaction details on Remit2India?

Company provides you the details of transaction through email and SMS at every stage. Besides this, you can also track the transaction on your dashboard using Remittance Transaction Reference Number (RTRN).

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Remit2India User Reviews and Ratings

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Naveen Bachwani provided great service

Review published ago

Naveen Bachwani provided great service, smart guy !

by RamaKanth Hazari

Naveen Bachwani provided great service

Review published ago

Naveen Bachwani provided great service, smart guy !

by RamaKanth Hazari

Faced long delay multiple times

Review published ago

Faced long delay multiple times. No updates during this time and we have to call them to know the status as site says generic messages only. ETA was 0-1 hours while transferring and changed to 3-4 business days after transfer. After 3days money deducted from account and again another 3-4 days . Total 12 days ETA now.Never going to use their service again

by Dipin Sahadevan

Faced long delay multiple times

Review published ago

Faced long delay multiple times. No updates during this time and we have to call them to know the status as site says generic messages only. ETA was 0-1 hours while transferring and changed to 3-4 business days after transfer. After 3days money deducted from account and again another 3-4 days . Total 12 days ETA now.Never going to use their service again

by Dipin Sahadevan

Great Customer Service

Review published ago

Excellent staff, very honest and always willing to help.

by Vineet Gupta

Great Customer Service

Review published ago

Excellent staff, very honest and always willing to help.

by Vineet Gupta

My experience was top notch

Review published ago

My experience was top notch. Naveen provided exemplary guidance throughout the process. Appreciate it

by Somakrishnan KJ

My experience was top notch

Review published ago

My experience was top notch. Naveen provided exemplary guidance throughout the process. Appreciate it

by Somakrishnan KJ

I've transferred a bulk amount thru…

Review published ago

I've transferred a bulk amount thru remit2India and it became possible only thru few clicks. Thank you Remit2India for the offers and providing a better conversion Rate. Thank you Adil, Dabeer for patiently listening and answering all my questions and helping me transfer the Amount :).

by Teja Dhandanayakula

A bogus services .It says we are…

Review published ago

A bogus services .It says we are instantly send your money that not happen here I did 2 small transactions and then one big transactions and then when I call customer services and they says above 2 lakhs transaction it will take 10 days . one more thing there are many securities breaching threats in their services which is really not required and they ask to collect all our data.

by Amit Mistry

Great customer support

Review published ago

Great customer support. Good offers and good rates

by Sarath Vakacharla

Good resolution

Review published ago

Hi Ravi Dutta, It's nice talking to you and was resolved the queries on the fly and fixed everything. That's great.

by hari chennuru

Good option for first time transfers.

Review published ago

The executive waited for me and gave me the best rate. His name was Ravi and he was friendly.

by Amogh Mym Thali

HI All,

Review published ago

HI All, Sorry, this is not a hunky dory story of how satisfied customer I am. It's rather an incident how Remittoindia is cheating people in the name of gift voucher. As some of the users remember, Remittoindia came with an advertisement in November-December which committed various gift vouchers when somebody transfers the designated amount. Fortunately, I took screenshot of that offer and saved it carefully. I followed all terms and conditions and was eligible for the gift voucher on the cumulative amount. However, when I received the voucher few days back, it was of a lesser amount. I sent numerous emails to highlight the issue and have always got negative reply from the team. I received replies from Augustine Lobo, Somit Sarkar and lastly Xavier Fernandes. They, for some fictitious reason, unable to understand what "Cumulative" amount means and always started arguing. But, when I emailed them the screenshot of the offer, they assured me that the issue will be resolved. Roughly 2 weeks have passed, and I still await the correct voucher. Hence, I would advise the fellow Remittoindia users to avoid the trap of vouchers. If you really need to transfer money, do it only for the sake of transfer and forget the voucher - there is a high chance that you will be cheated by Remittoindia.

by Nirmalya Roy

Hi shashikant,

Review published ago

Hi shashikant, Thank for your quick support!!! Great service. Thank you

by Karthick

customer service was very nice and…

Review published ago

customer service was very nice and helpful in guiding the process of using the website options. esp Shashikant helped me in the process with patience in using wire transfer options. I will use this service for their fast and friendly service.

by gautham gali

Yukti has been very very helpful and…

Review published ago

Yukti has been very very helpful and patience while I was busy and then she asked me for alternate times to talk to explain the benefits in detail. I got the best value for transaction, which I can't imagine somewhere else. Thank you very much Remit to India and specially to Yukti! Update: I was looking for post transaction help and have not been paid any attention at all. Pre transaction I have been called immediately after request but not all after 5 hours and two request. So I would like to say that they don't care post transaction. Hope you will find it useful.

by Mahendra Singh

Ravi Dutta helped me with a…

Review published ago

Ravi Dutta helped me with a transaction. Excellent service. Very Satisfied

by J

The customer service is very good.

Review published ago

The customer service is very good. Shashikant Raut was very helpful to us in initiating the transactions and in making sure all the needed documents are correctly submitted. He also helped us in getting very good transaction rate. He is very patient and worked with us until the process is completed.

by Sai

Stay Away

Review published ago

Wanted to post since Nov 2019 as i was waiting for company reply or any applogy for poor service but no luck. 20 reviews of less than 3 star in Nov itself, i should have done this research before I actually try to do business with remit2india. I Registered my account on 20 Nov 2019, made a transection on 21 nov, untill one week 28 nov no money has been credited in the account. So started raising queries via the portal to find more about that, next day staff called me (even after mentioned in the emailed query that plz update me via the email,due to my work situation,no phone calls) and i could not able to answer that call so they left me an email to contact cust service no. No second callbacks or anything, just received email saying "We request your immediate attention in this regard. We would also like to clarify that we will be able to process the remittance only after we contact you and verify details regarding the transaction" so end up raising another query via the email and finally spoke to a lady she was asking me to verify details My FUll name DOB Email Address Amount Who i am sending Whats my relation to the person Reason for the money transfer Remitter address REmitter status working or not if working whats their profile Remitters DOB like seriously so many personal info I am sending money not applying for Mortgage you peeps,considering the fact i have given them my passport and DL when setting up account. I am sending my own hard earned money to these people not borrowing money or expecting any Witness for loan or anything. This company must shut down. please stay away. Thank you all.

by Deepak

Hi Naveen

Review published ago

Hi Naveen, Thanks a lot for the great help and support with PROMO Code. Thank you.

by Latha Raghavan

Naveen Bachwani, thanks for the Promo!

Review published ago

Naveen Bachwani have been very helpful. He offered me a beneficial deal on my transaction even though it was not my first time. Would really recommend to call Remit2India Customer service helpline and ask for him in case you're doing any transactions via that website.

by Anand Kothari


Review published ago

Great service!

by chennai

Naveen Bachwani has been very helpful…

Review published ago

Naveen Bachwani has been very helpful with the transaction

by Tirtha Guha Majumdar
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