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Send Money To Rate
USD PHP ₱ 47.23
USD MXN $ 19.7
USD INR ₹ 72.35

WorldRemit Review by Exchange Rate IQ

Overall rating
8.5 /10

Thinking of using a remittance service to transfer funds across borders and not able to find a proper review. Here at Exchange Rate IQ, we provide you with the best-unbiased reviews in a precise manner which are based on long research, customer satisfaction and authenticity. Therefore, we have bought you a review of WorldRemit, which offers transfers to more than 145 countries across the world. Here you can also get the review of WorldRemit app, so that you can download them to transfer money whenever and wherever possible.

WorldRemit is an online money transfer service provider that offers international remittance services to expatriates and migrant workers. WorldRemit was founded in 2010 by Ismail Ahmed, a former compliance advisor to the United Nations Development Programme. The company has recently started providing business transfers to its users so now employers can transfer money to their employees across the globe. It helps people to send money in more than 145 countries and have around 3 million users till now. Some of the benefits of WorldRemit are:

  • No minimum transfer limit
  • Covering a large number of countries
  • Competitive exchange rates
  • Flexible payment options

Review of WorldRemit :

WorldRemit is an online money transfer service provider helps you to send money abroad and especially designed for the migrant communities. It offers the flexibility of paying the amount to users in more than 145 countries from 50 countries in 30+ currencies. Customers can choose from multiple methods to send money overseas, including bank deposit, cash pick-up, Mobile Money, or airtime top-up. With any option and any device, the transfer procedure is designed to be simple; users choose their country, including the recipient details, and send their desired amount.

WorldRemit money transfer offers competitive prices where customers can send money with a service fee ranging in between absolutely FREE to $10. This fee has been charged depending on the mode of payment, i.e., bank, card or any other and the country of the recipient. All the fees and exchange rates will be displayed upfront once you enter all the details. So, you will know exactly how much you’ll pay in transferring the funds.

People often come to us asking "How much can I send with WorldRemit?" So, one can send maximum up to $9,000 per day through WorldRemit as there is no minimum limit. You may also get free transactions using WorldRemit promo code, where you may get partial or full cashback of the fee you paid during the transaction.

WorldRemit customer care services are available on their website, email and phone 24/7. Users can take assistance from the company anytime, just by keeping their transaction number handy, so that they can get the proper assistance as fast as possible. It has provided phone numbers for various countries on its website, but people across the world can also contact the company on this number: +44 20 7148 5800

It has been providing the best security to the customers from the past 8 years. It monitors the unusual behaviour so that one can stay worry-free about the personal data.

WorldRemit Promo Code:

WorldRemit is providing First transfer free the users if they use it through Exchange Rate IQ. So, why to wait, start now!

Pricing : How much does WorldRemit cost?

8 /10

WorldRemit Exchange rate

WorldRemit offers locked in exchange rate depending on the pay-out method so that you can know how much money will reach to your recipient.

WorldRemit fees

The fees of WorldRemit depends on the pay-out method you want to choose for your money transfer like fees for cash pickup can be higher than for a bank deposit.

WorldRemit Payment methods

WorldRemit Bank Deposit: In this pay-out method, money will be credited to the bank account of your recipient. They will then be able to withdraw the funds as cash, use them to make payments, or make an onwards bank transfer.

WorldRemit Cash Pickup: In this method, the money you send will be available for pickup in cash at a local agent location of a WorldRemit locations partner.

WorldRemit Mobile Money: It allows you to send money to a mobile money account also known as a mobile wallet, such as Vodafone, Airtel, Globe Cash, Tigo, etc. so that your recipient can get money anywhere at any time.

WorldRemit Airtime Top-up: You can also choose to top-up your recipient’s mobile airtime to make calls or send SMS text messages.

So, under the pricing head, we rate WorldRemit 8 out of 10.

Transparency: Does WorldRemit have any hidden fees?

9 /10

WorldRemit does not charge any hidden fees from the users. If you are transacting through debit or credit card, you should be aware that your card provider might charge you a cash advance fee. Also, if you are sending an airtime top-up, note that some countries apply taxes, which will reduce the amount of airtime received by your recipient. If this is the case, WorldRemit will warn you before you complete your transfer. So, the company will make you assure before the transaction on how much fee you have to pay for the transfer.

WorldRemit Tracking

Customers can also track the details of the transaction through the transaction number provided by the company. Once you complete the transfer, this transaction number will help you to know how much time it will be going to take in reaching the funds to the recipient. Besides this, the company also sends the confirmation regarding the transaction through mail and SMS.

Transfer Speed: How long does it take to send money through WorldRemit?


WorldRemit Transfer Speed:

Are you also loofing for the answer of "How long does WorldRemit transfer take?", then you should know that the transfer speed varies from transfer to transfer depending upon the way and country you are making the transaction through WorldRemit. In some cases, transfers are very instant while in others, it takes a longer duration. The company provides the expected delivery time when you complete the details and before making the payment.

Availability of Money with Recipient Transferred via WorldRemit

Transfer Type Typical Availability
Bank Transfer Instant transfers are available in some banks
Other bank depending upon:
  • The bank
  • Day of the week
  • Time at which transaction has been created
Cash Pickup Available for instant pickup
Mobile Money Instant or near instant
Airtime Top-Up Instant or near instant
Home Delivery 24 hours- 7 days depending upon the location

Coverage: How many Countries & Currencies does WorldRemit support?


As in 2019, currently, WorldRemit online transfer enables senders of 50 countries to send money to 150 countries across the world in more than 30 currencies. One can also use the option of airtime top-up using the services of WorldRemit. However, one can send up to $9,000 in 24 hours.

Countries Supported by WorldRemit

Brazil Canada Haiti China Russia
Nepal India Turkey Fiji Australia
Italy Malta Poland UK USA
Ghana Mali South Africa Niger Morocco and more

Currencies Supported by WorldRemit


WorldRemit offers personal transfers to individuals and businesses and not offering the charitable transfer, so we feel that it has this areas for growth as well as many countries to cover. For using the services of WorldRemit login here. If you are a new user, then you can enter the details here for WorldRemit Sign up.

WorldRemit Promo Codes & Offers

All Countries
First Transfer Free - No fee for the First Time users !!
United States to All Countries
3 Fee Free Transfers When You Send Money Online With WorldRemit! Use Code 3FREE

WorldRemit Transfer Process

WorldRemit Online Money Transfer - How It Works?

  1. Go to WorldRemit website and choose the country you want to send money on its home page.

  2. Click on “Get Started”.

  3. You will be redirected to the next page. Here select the mode of payment and the amount you want to send.

  4. It will show the details how much amount you need to pay including fees.

  5. Now you need to enter the recipient information.

  6. Re-check the information and click on “Send”.

  7. You will receive the SMS and mail on your registered email ID regarding the transfer.

  8. It will also provide you with the transaction tracking number, through which you can check your transaction process.

Send money with WorldRemit

Can WorldRemit send money to Nigeria?

Nigeria is a country which receives foreign exchange money from across the globe as Nigerians working in other countries send money to family. So, WorldRemit offers money transfer to its customers so that they can send money to Nigeria easily. Here you can also signup to get WorldRemit exchange rate to Nigeria so that you can stay updated and plan your transfer accordingly.

You can send money to Nigeria as cash pickup which can be instantly from any FCMB and Fidelity Bank branches. If you wish to send money through bank transfer, you can transfer it to Ecobank, Diamond Bank, Heritage Bank, Jiaz Bank, etc. Other than this, WorldRemit also offers airtime top up facility to Airtel, 9mobile (formerly Etisalat), GLO, MTN, and Visafone.

Can WorldRemit send money to Canada?

WorldRemit has covered Canada from Vancouver to Halifax, where you can make the personal as well as business transfers. It offers only bank transfers to Canada so one cannot use the cash pickup services in Canada. These transfers take approximately 3 working days to reach to the recipient’s account. You can transfer this amount directly through a bank account, debit card or credit card.

Send money to Ukraine with WorldRemit

WorldRemit covers Ukraine from Mariupol to Kiev where it provides the option to send money through cash pick up. So, if you want to transfer money to Ukraine, you can send money through your bank account, debit card or credit card from the countries where WorldRemit is providing its services. This amount can be instantly picked up by the recipient in Ukraine from any Intel Express network.

User experience of WorldRemit


WorldRemit is a highly responsive website. Once you select the country, it will show the currency automatically and provide the exchange rate once you enter the amount with zero clicks. The sign in process in Worldremit is also easy. It is also providing its mobile apps, so that, you can send the money instantly from wherever you are. You can download WorldRemit app here (WorldRemit Android App and WorldRemit iOS App). You can check the exchange rates on the app without signing up or login.

WorldRemit’s overall money transfer process from registration, transfer and tracking is really seamless and easy to understand. A good UI & UX flow also helps. A detailed FAQ section on the website answers most of the relevant questions of the customers. The phone and email support are available on the site for any other queries.

About payment convenience, one can send money through various ways from WorldRemit. It accepts all the debit and credit card except Amex, Diner’s Card and Union Pay. So those who hold these cards cannot send money through it. One can also pay the money from WolrdRemit using the following:

  • Bank Account Transfer
  • Poli
  • Interac
  • iDEAL
  • ACH
  • Sofort
  • Android Pay
  • Apple Pay
  • Trustly

These payment options are available in various countries, depending on their registration with the above-provided transfer modes. Bank deposits and cash pickups are the most used and affordable money transfer process in WorldRemit. It also provides 100% refund if there is any issue with the transfer process, so, customers trust the company very much with their money.

As per user experience, we rate 9 out of 10 to WorldRemit, because it is offering the best services to the private transfers. It does not provide business transfer, which is also essential in the online world, so, if it starts providing this service, we may give it full ratings.

WorldRemit Mobile Apps

WorldRemit has been providing both Android app and iOS app which helps people in sending and receiving money abroad. In many of the African countries, these apps are called the “WhatsApp of money” as they are easy and faster to send money anywhere in the world. The apps are free to download which you can download from Google apps if you have an android phone or from the app store if you carry iPhone.

At Google app, WorldRemit app is rated with 4.5 stars by the users while on the Apple app store, it is rated 4.8 stars by the users. This shows that users are highly satisfied with their services.

Security : Is WorldRemit Safe?


Cyber attacks could irreparably damage you and your savings; therefore it is utmost necessary to know if the online money transfer is safe or not. For your privacy, WorldRemit money transfer protects its customers from frauds through various ways providing them physical, technical, electronic, and administrative safeguards. All connections to WorldRemit through their website and mobile app are secured using 256-bit SSL encryption with a 2048-bit signature.

For more safety of the customers, WorldRemit destroys the information of people in 8 years after you terminate your transactions with the company. So, you can trust the company with your personal details and privacy. We believe that it has one of the best privacy policies amongst its competitors and therefore, here it deserves 10 out of 10.

WorldRemit Exchange Rate

Send Money From Send Money To Rate
Australia Bangladesh ó 64.97
Australia Canada $ 0.94
Australia India ₹ 57.29
Australia Mexico $ 15.34
Australia Nepal NP₨ 91.93
Australia Pakistan PKRs 119.41
Australia Philippines ₱ 37.37
Australia Sri Lanka ₨ 152.66
Canada Bangladesh ó 69.47
Canada India ₹ 60.06
Canada Mexico $ 15.98
Canada Nepal NP₨ 94.83
Canada Pakistan PKRs 125.66
Canada Philippines ₱ 39.21
Canada Sri Lanka ₨ 161.35
Hong Kong Bangladesh ó 10.64
Hong Kong Canada $ 0.15
Hong Kong India ₹ 9.36
Hong Kong Mexico $ 2.52
Hong Kong Nepal NP₨ 14.8
Hong Kong Pakistan PKRs 19.3
Hong Kong Philippines ₱ 6.04
Hong Kong Sri Lanka ₨ 24.72
Euro Countries Bangladesh ó 100.15
Euro Countries Canada $ 1.46
Euro Countries India ₹ 88.08
Euro Countries Mexico $ 23.69
Euro Countries Nepal NP₨ 139.34
Euro Countries Pakistan PKRs 184.69
Euro Countries Philippines ₱ 57.34
Euro Countries Sri Lanka ₨ 235.07
Singapore Bangladesh ó 63.32
Singapore Canada $ 0.9
Singapore India ₹ 54.99
Singapore Mexico $ 14.98
Singapore Nepal NP₨ 87.44
Singapore Pakistan PKRs 114.79
Singapore Philippines ₱ 36.08
Singapore Sri Lanka ₨ 147.6
Switzerland Bangladesh ó 91.47
Switzerland Canada $ 1.33
Switzerland India ₹ 80.46
Switzerland Mexico $ 21.62
Switzerland Nepal NP₨ 127.14
Switzerland Pakistan PKRs 168.6
Switzerland Philippines ₱ 52.26
Switzerland Sri Lanka ₨ 215.09
United Kingdom Bangladesh ó 118.26
United Kingdom Canada $ 1.7
United Kingdom India ₹ 103.15
United Kingdom Mexico $ 27.56
United Kingdom Nepal NP₨ 165.51
United Kingdom Pakistan PKRs 214.64
United Kingdom Philippines ₱ 67.12
United Kingdom Sri Lanka ₨ 274.92
USA Bangladesh ó 82.03
USA Canada $ 1.19
USA India ₹ 72.52
USA Mexico $ 19.7
USA Nepal NP₨ 115.67
USA Pakistan PKRs 150.81
USA Philippines ₱ 47.23
USA Sri Lanka ₨ 192.68

Transfer Type And Modes

Pay In Options

Credit Card
Debit Card

Pay Out Options


Service Mode


Exchange Rate Type


WorldRemit FAQ's

How to track WorldRemit transaction?

You can track a WorldRemit transaction through SMS and email services provided by the company. Besides, you can also contact WorldRemit at its support team.

One of the significant importance of World Remit tracking services is that it allows you to know where your money is. That is why, you will always get a text message whether you are sending or receiving money. That way, you don’t have to waste any more time following up your money or waiting in the dark. In case you don’t receive any notification that money has been sent or received, you can get in touch with the customer support team which is always available via phone on 888-722-7771 or filling the contact form directly on the site. It is also good to know that World Remit not only sends you a test message but also an email with regards to your is therefore important to make sure that you enter the right details including emails and phone numbers for World Remit tracking services to be available for the sender and receiver.

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What is Covid 19 update with worldremit?

WorldRemit Money Transfer service is available 24/7 via website and app, to help you send money quickly, to friends and family in areas impacted by COVID-19.

At this time the preferred method of fund transfer is Bank to Bank. we recommend that you transfer to bank accounts, mobile money or airtime where possible. Cash pickup services from money transfer operators are being impacted by movement restrictions in some countries; locations and opening hours may be reduced.

To start transfer now visit WorldRemit – Covid19 page with the latest updated information and money transfer options.The team of WorldRemit around the world is working hard to update country specific information regularly.

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What is the advantage of World Remit Tracking services?

One of the significant importance of World Remit tracking services is that it allows you to know where your money is. That is why, you will always get a text, message whether you are sending or receiving money. That way, you don’t have to waste any more time following up your money and in case you don’t receive any notification, you can get in touch with the customer support team which is always available. It is also good to know that through the tracking notifications, you can keep track of your transaction and also know if someone is using your account for a transaction.

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Where to collect money from WorldRemit?

WorldRemit has its presence in over 150 countries, where it is licensed by the local government and providing the safest mode of transfer to its customers. So, if you are looking for a collection of money from WorldRemit, then the company has agent location across the countries at multiple places. you can WorldRemit locations here, where you reach with your government-issued ID and transaction number to pick up the amount transferred.

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Does WorldRemit provides cancellation and refund facilities? How to cancel a WorldRemit transaction?

Yes. WorldRemit offers cancellation and refund facilities. You need to cancel the transfer as soon as possible because once the amount has been transferred to another country; the company will not process the cancellation. For cancelling, you need to contact the support team of WorldRemit as you cannot cancel the transaction directly. The company will provide you refund after cancellation within 2-3 working days, which you can take in multiple manners such as bank transfer, card, So Fort, Trustly, etc.

If you have any general questions about WorldRemit or need assistance with a specific transaction, we’d suggest heading to this page. 

Contact WorldRemit US Team
Contact WorldRemit CA Team

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WorldRemit Vs Western Union: Which is better money transfer company?

Western Union and WorldRemit, both are one of the best money transfer companies of the world and offer money remittance services to people across the world. Western Union offers low exchange rates while WorldRemit offers mid-market exchange rates with a small percentage of margin.
On the basis of transfer fees, Western Union charge fees vary which depends on the country as well as currency while WorldRemit fees are based on the amount you are transferring.
Western Union is offering online, offline and app services so as the WorldRemit which also offer cash pick-up services in more than countries.

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WorldRemit User Reviews and Ratings

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Excellent service!!!

Review published ago

Excellent service!!! I made a mistake entering the CBU number and WorldRemit immediately informed me and explained the exactly what I needed to do. My mistake delayed the transfer only one day due to their quick identification and response.

by Bob

Excellent service!!!

Review published ago

Excellent service!!! I made a mistake entering the CBU number and WorldRemit immediately informed me and explained the exactly what I needed to do. My mistake delayed the transfer only one day due to their quick identification and response.

by Bob

Best service thank you

Review published ago

Best service thank you

by FawsiaRashid

Best service thank you

Review published ago

Best service thank you

by FawsiaRashid

It was awesome using world remit

Review published ago

It was awesome using world remit

by YenyuiDivine

It was awesome using world remit

Review published ago

It was awesome using world remit

by YenyuiDivine

It was great I love it

Review published ago

It was great I love it

by JasmineChandler

It was great I love it

Review published ago

It was great I love it

by JasmineChandler

It was simple and easy to navigate.

Review published ago

It was simple and easy to navigate.

by MaryAdu-Gyamfi

I transferred money two weeks ago and…

Review published ago

I transferred money two weeks ago and hasn’t been processed until yesterday. Very slow turn around time. This was my first attempt transferring money using this app but I have not been impressed

by Johanna

Great service

Review published ago

Great service. Information sent at each step. Very secure in checking all parties to safely transfer the money to the right person. On top of that, they are very fast! Well done

by WaleedAbdulla Barazanchi

Не понимаю где можно обналичить этот…

Review published ago

Не понимаю где можно обналичить этот перевод в Москве!!!!!! Кто нибудь может подсказать?

by Эрна Адамян

Garbage customer service, scam

Review published ago

I tried to send money to my family in Bangladesh 🇧🇩 using worldremit apps on April 27th. Shortly after, I received email to send recipients gov't issued ID. Then next day I did chat with customer support when I saw transaction pending. Customer support asked me to send ID again, I did that so. Next day, still pending, called directly, customer support person told previous person didn't open any case for this, this transaction is on hold, I have to wait until review team complete review. Since than I called every day, every person is telling me wait wait, no specific time to wait, will leave urgency note for review team. It's been 2 weeks now. Simple suggestion to everyone F... OFF THIS M..F..R Company. It's not worldremit, it's worldgurbage.

by Mahbubur Rahaman

It was simple and easy to use

Review published ago

It was simple and easy to use

by EleanorCyganick

I never leave reviews

Review published ago

I never leave reviews, but this may be helpful to others planning on sending money. I joined Western union and tried three times to send money to my good friend in Nigeria. Three time I tried and three times it was refused. I did get his name wrong on the first attempt and I spoke to them at length. No joy. Joined World remit and after five minutes populating the information, I had the necessary pin and transaction number. My friend went to the same bank and showed his Identification and collected the money. If you want to send money, look no further than World remit. I even got two dollars more for my exchange rate. 5 Star 10/10.

by ColmcilleLennon

It was very fast and easy

Review published ago

It was very fast and easy

by Chanceline

Great experience!

Review published ago

Fast, easy, cost-effective!

by E A Green

Awesome experience and so easy thanks…

Review published ago

Awesome experience and so easy thanks and good to be here 😘

by Anonymous

Very quick

Review published ago

Very quick. Just wished that the App had portguese language.

by CS

First time using it.I thought it was…

Review published ago

First time using it.I thought it was great, it was easy to follow instructions and had no problems at all. I would use it again and recommend anyone else to use it.

by DougLAS Popadines

Excellent service m impressed

Review published ago

Excellent service m impressed. First

by Ayleen

Affordable and outstanding service

Review published ago

App is user friendly. Constant communication on how the transaction is going. Fee very reasonable. Good service. Will recommend to family and friends.

by RosanneCaldwell

Easy and straightforward process

Review published ago

Easy and straightforward process! No fuss. Peace of mind.

by Richard George

Really great.

Review published ago

Really great.

by ChristoWillemse
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