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Why trust the reviews by Exchange Rate IQ?

Exchange Rate IQ aims to provide help to millions of migrants who want to send money back to their home country by finding the best money remittance companies. We allow you to compare the money transfer companies and select the best value for your money hand-in-hand. Here you can select, choose and compare the exchange rates as well as fees of multiple companies by our real-time comparison facility.

We write an in-depth review of money transfer service providers and have a partnership with many of them, which help us to get access to their real-time exchange rates and fees. These reviews help you to get access of all the companies in one place and we can also provide our services for free to users.

We have easy-to-use and time-saving currency comparison tool where users can easily compare the exchange rates as well as transfer fees from one country to another country. This helps users to get accurate information of the company, its customer services, security measures and much more to make the remittance process faster and secure. Besides promotional factor, the customer reviews of money transfer companies at our website also help the new users to know about the services of companies and their transfer policies.

What the reviews of Exchange Rate IQ include?

We review the most beneficial remittance companies so that you can send money anywhere in the world without worrying about transfer fees and commissions. For this, we include some of the important aspects in our reviews, which are:

  • Benefits of using their services
  • The technology used by the company to provide security
  • Transfer fees
  • Currencies and countries supported by the companies
  • Services available, e.g., forward contracts, schedule transfers, third-party transfers, etc.
  • Ease of use and sign up process
  • Frequently asked questions by the users on companies

Other features of ERIQ:

We focus on multiple things and put a lot of efforts to provide you with in-depth reviews of money transfer companies in a precise manner. With these reviews, we have some other features which include:

Exchange Rate Alerts: Register yourself for receiving the rate alerts and you will receive the exchange rates on required corridors.

Real-Time Exchange Rates: You can discover the best exchange rates of today for USD-INR, USD-NGN, CAD-PHP, GBR-INR, GBP-MXN, USD-PHP, etc.

Comparison Tool: Compare the exchange rates of multiple companies just by selecting the sending and receiving countries from reputable companies. You can also compare other factors such as transfer time, service benefits, transfer fees, etc.

Coupons and Promotions: Many companies are providing coupons to promote their services which help the users to get cheaper money transfer facilities.

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