Some quick
remittance facts
about UAE

The 2016 World Bank migration and remittance factbook, which looks at remittance outflows for 2014, ranks the UAE as the fourth top remittance-sending country in the world. The aggregate outflows represent 4.8 percent of the UAE's gross domestic product(GDP).

In 2014, individual remittances from the UAE to India - the largest receiver of remittances in the world rose to between $12 billion and $15 billion. Nearly half of annual individual overseas money transfers from UAE are towards India.

In the UAE, which is home for over 200 nationalities, mainly eight countries- India, Egypt, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Philippines, Sri Lanka and Yemen together accounted for $26.607 billion of the total remittance of $29.25 billion. Remittances from Kuwait and Qatar were $12 billion and $9.5 billion respectively, while smaller transfers were made out of Oman and Bahrain, a report said.

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