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Does WorldRemit provides cancellation and refund facilities? How to cancel a WorldRemit transaction?

Yes. WorldRemit offers cancellation and refund facilities. You need to cancel the transfer as soon as possible because once the amount has been transferred to another country; the company will not process the cancellation. For cancelling, you need to contact the support team of WorldRemit as you cannot cancel the transaction directly. The company will provide you refund after cancellation within 2-3 working days, which you can take in multiple manners such as bank transfer, card, So Fort, Trustly, etc.

If you have any general questions about WorldRemit or need assistance with a specific transaction, we’d suggest heading to this page. 

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Marrian Jazzmean Ordiz
Someone pay 38k to me for buying a product. She sends it thru gcash. Then the world remit requires me to pay 1500 Philippine money. Then the transaction failed. I got scammed. How can I get the refund? Worldremit T. uses this number 09187586647
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I sent money from Australia to South Africa 1 week and the person didn’t get the money yet I try to cancel since it’s very hard for the person to collect his money from South Africa but WorldRemit says lts too late to cancel it.This is very sad and hard to do business with you guys
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michael obuya
A friend sent me money last week on Monday from Japan to Kenya , unfortunately the friend sent Money to my card number instead of account number. The money has since not been transmitted to my account. How long does it take for the friend to reverse the money and receive the money back into his account.?
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WorldRemit is scan .. please please don’t use it . I have not received my refund of NZ 2000 dollars. They said i will get it refund in 7 working days but its 10 days now. They are not even replying now.
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WorldRemit are scam I send money to my Cousin l past 3 weeks and it can not be pickup so I cancel the transactions they told 7 working days to refund now it almost 10 days now to Refund WorldRemit are Scam
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Do not use Worldremit. They make excusses for not sending a transfer. Customer service tells you to forward your complaint ( to whom?) but you will never get the refund. It is a scam. The staff of customer service promise to take care the complaint. They are all well instructed and answer in the same words, same style same fake regrets, like robots. Avoid Worldremit. Scam! 4r29
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Enamul Haque
I was send money in Bangladesh 26th april but unfortunately i mistake an account number. The account number will 13 digit but i gave 12 digit without it everything was right.How can i get my money back.
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Elbert w Howell
I cancel a transfer april 9 2021 my tracking number 89711087
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Elbert w. Howell
I have cancel my transfer 89711087 I have not received my refund back in my account
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Rosalina Dimalibot
I made a money transfer last week but I did not receive transaction number nor details. My money was taken from my account to Trustly refunds and they already forwarded it to WorldRemit today. How can I repay my money?
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Sebastian Åkesson
Kan du inte höra av dig?
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Vore det inte bra om du hörde av dig? Henrito och Miriam är riktiga arg på mig för att Polisen vänt upp och ner på deras hus.
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Jukka Asikainen
How do I get funds back? I cancel it 24 hours ago but it still is there ? Mar 1 Transfer created Mar 3 active icon WorldRemit processing transfer information icon Transaction Number is 86072162
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