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Are you thinking of transferring funds internationally? Here at Exchange Rate IQ, we provide you the detailed and unbiased review of the “best money transfer companies” which are provided by performing complete research on customer satisfaction, safety, etc. So, today we bought you the review of WorldFirst which offer best exchange rates when compared to banks in more than 50 currencies over 80 countries.

WorldFirst is a known and well-established money remittance company. It serves to the individuals, businesses and also provides online e-commerce exchange services. The company manages to offer better exchange rates when compared to banks mainly because of the volumes it. Some of the benefits of using WorldFirst are:

  • Transparent Fee Structure
  • Easy-To-Use Website
  • Competitive Exchange Rates

Review of World First :

Founded in the year 2004, WorldFirst is a UK-based company provides money transfer services to individuals as well as businesses. The company has its headquarters in London, UK. One can transfer the funds from Australia, Canada, France, New Zealand, Spain, UK and Europe to over 80 countries in more than 50 currencies. Till date, the company has served more than 111,000 customers and traded above £60 billion.

One can transfer the funds through a bank account, debit or credit card using the company’s mobile apps on Android, iPhone or Android Watch. The minimum amount of transfer must be £250 (or the equivalent in any local currency) online or £1,000 over the phone. The company also offers cash pickup through agents, so one can use the services when the recipient is in need of urgent money.

The company is also offering spot contracts, forward contracts, live exchange rate transfers, and rate alert services which help the customers to get the benefit of the best rates. The company aims to provide quick turnaround times as well as a high level of customer services to the users across the world. One can call customer support during the working hours or can request a call.

The company is highly secured and regulated by various authorities in different countries. So, one can use the services of WorldFirst without worries.

Pricing : How much does World First cost?

7 /10

WorldFirst Transfer Fee

The company has a variable fee depending on the mode and currency you are transferring. Still, its standard fee ranges in between $0 to $10.

  • WorldFirst charges a straight fee of USD $10 for the transfers of $10,000 or less.
  • It does <>not charge any fee for the transfers above $10,000.
  • The company has variable pricing for the business transfers lies in between $0 to $10, and this depends on how much you transact with them.

Sending money to an agent location is much cheaper than sending it to the bank account regardless of payment method.

WorldFirst Exchange Rates

The company’s exchange rates are 1% lower than the mid-market prices and interbank rates. This shows that a person has to pay the fee of $10 for transferring every $1,000.

WorldFirst also promises to provide the best prices and if you find any better rates with the other provider, get a quote for the same amount and currency pair, and submit your quote to World First within three hours of receiving it from the other provider. They will provide the best rates as long as they are not into the loss.

So, for its pricing and exchange rate, our experts rate it 7 out of 10.

Transparency: Does World First have any hidden fees?

8 /10

WorldFirst Hidden Fee

The company has no hidden fees; it will show all the details of fee and exchange rates on the transaction page. However, there are many banks, which charge the fees for transferring the funds, so you must first check from your bank.

WorldFirst Tracking

The company provides all the details of the transaction on the dashboard. So, for tracking your transfers, you need to log in and know where your money has reached.

The company has no hidden fees and also providing tracking details on the dashboard. Though, it is not providing any transaction number, so that one can directly check the details of the transaction without logging. Therefore, we rate it 8 out of 10.

Transfer Speed: How long does it take to send money through World First?


The money transfer speed of WorldFirst depends on various factors, including the mode of payment, the currency you are buying or selling, amount as well as your bank. Generally, the company transfers GBP and EUR on the same business day as soon as it receives the amount and the payment also get to the recipient’s bank on the same day. However, it depends on the bank if it releases the funds or not.

In other currencies, it may take 1 to 4 business days. This time essentially depends on the currency you are transferring. For example:

  • Swedish kroner take up to One day
  • East Caribbean dollar takes Up to four days
  • Australian and New Zealand dollars transacted in 24 hours

The company tries to transfer the funds timely, but it also depends on the intermediaries and receiving bank policies. Therefore, we rate it 7 out of 10 for its speed because many of its competitors are also offering instant transfers.

Coverage: How many Countries & Currencies does World First support?


The company offers transfers in more than 50 currencies from Australia, Canada, France, New Zealand, Spain, UK and Europe. The currencies you can send through WorldFirst money transfer are:


Besides the money transfer service, the company provides several other services to individuals and businesses which make transfers easier. These are:

  • Spot Contracts: Rates offered if you need to transfer straightforward.
  • Forward Contracts: Lock an exchange rate now, but transfer the funds later in the future.
  • Live Exchange Rate: Company provides continually updated interbank exchange rates between currency pairs.
  • Currency Converter Calculation: WorldFirst offers online currency conversion calculations based on the interbank rate.
  • Rate Alerts: One can sign up for rate alerts from the WorldFirst.

The company recently stopped providing its services in the USA, effective from Jan 30, 2019 (after 5 p.m.) and therefore one cannot transact with WorldFirst from 4:00 pm February 20th, 2019. So, one can send money to the USA but not from the country. Besides this, there are many countries which it needs to get cover in Asia and Africa to be a top money remittance company. So, if you want to use the services of the WorldFirst login here.

So, on its coverage basis, Exchange Rate IQ’s experts provide 7 out of 10 scores to the company.

World First Transfer Process

Step-By-Step Guide to Transfer Funds with WorldFirst

  1. Go to the WorldFirst website.

  2. Select the account you want to set up, i.e., Business, Marketplace Seller or Personal.

  3. Click on “Sign up for Fee”.

  4. You will be redirected to a new page.

  5. Here enter all the personal details, phone number, etc.

  6. Select the country where you want to send the funds.

  7. Provide the image of your passport or fill the passport details asked by the company.

  8. Select any two security questions to answer and answer them.

  9. Enter the amount and details of the recipient.

  10. Re-check the details and send the fund.

User experience of World First


WorldFirst provides very high-quality services, but they do not have the lowest fee. The company is good, trustworthy and reliable. One can save up to 0.25% to 4% on the exchange rates when compared to banks. But there are some positive and negative aspects of the company, which are based on customers’ reviews, these are:


  • Efficient and helpful customer care services.
  • Rapid transfers.
  • Provides a weekly update of market exchange rates.


  • Less number of currencies available.
  • Does not accept electronic documentation for proof.
  • High amount of minimum transfers.
  • WorldFirst Customer Support Contact:

    Australia Level 5 261 George Street Sydney NSW 2000 mailto:[email protected] 1800 835 506
    UK Millbank Tower 21-24 Millbank London SW1P 4QP [email protected] 44 20 3468 6953
    USA 251 18th Street South Suite 550 Arlington VA. 22202 [email protected] 844 571 2682
    USA 211 E. 7th Street Suite 700 Austin TX. 78701 [email protected] 844 571 2682
    Hong Kong Room 3003 -3008 30F Ace Tower Windsor House 311 Gloucester Road Causeway Bay Hong Kong [email protected] 852 3959 4810
    Singapore 99A Amoy Street Singapore 069919 [email protected] 65 6805 4380

    You can call the company in its working hours, or you can request a call from WorldFirst here.

    World First Promo Code:

    The company offers various discounts through promo codes which are shared to users by SMS, emails or mobile notifications.

    World First Refer a Friend

    If you refer a friend the services of WorldFirst through the unique link provided by the company, then your account will be get credited with 50 GBP or similar amount in other currencies. (T&C apply)

    WorldFirst Money Transfer Apps

    The company has been offering its apps, which you can use to make fast and easy transfers, anytime, anywhere. Download the apps here:

    1. WorldFirst Android App
    2. WorldFirst iOS App

    The company has combined fast, efficient technology and created dedicated systems to lower the cost of international money transfers. The company is growing with a rate of 40% per year to become of the top FinTech companies in the world. The company has offices in Sydney, Hong Kong, Singapore, Washington, and the Netherlands. So, on overall user experience, we rate it 7.5 out of 10.

    Security : Is World First Safe?


    One of the major factors you should consider before using the services of currency exchange provider is how safe and protected they are? So, you must be happy to know that the company is trustworthy and offers high security.

    • The company is regulated by the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) in the UK.
    • The <>Australian Securities and Investments Commission regulates WorldFirst in Australia.
    • It has rated “3A2” from Dun and Bradstreet Credit Agency, which means the company has a low risk business and has large reserves of capital.
    • It is also separately registered in Canada with the Financial Transactions Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC).
    • Hong Kong Customs and Excise Department also regulates the company.

    The platform uses sophisticated security to protect the personal and financial details of the users, and therefore, we rate it 10 out of 10 in security.

    World First FAQ's

    What is the minimum and maximum transfer limit of WorldFirst?

    The company offers both personal and business transfers which have similar transfer limits. These are:

    WorldFirst Minimum Limit: USD $1,000 or similar amount in other currencies

    WorldFirst Maximum Limit: USD $10,000 or similar amount in other currencies

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    Can I send money through cash pick-up services from WorldFirst?

    No. WorldFirst does not offer its cash pick-up services, so users can only send the money from bank account or make the wire transfers.

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    Do WorldFirst offers instant money transfers?

    No. WorldFirst does not offer instant money transfer. It will take approximately 1 to 4 working days to reach the funds to the recipient.

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    World First User Reviews and Ratings

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    Way too easy

    Review published ago

    Way too easy! An easy to navigate site and helpful support team!

    by Anita Chandler

    Way too easy

    Review published ago

    Way too easy! An easy to navigate site and helpful support team!

    by Anita Chandler

    Great attention

    Review published ago

    Friendly, helpful and professional. It was so easy to open the account with a great follow up.

    by April Espinosa Perez

    Great attention

    Review published ago

    Friendly, helpful and professional. It was so easy to open the account with a great follow up.

    by April Espinosa Perez

    Friendly and fast service

    Review published ago

    Friendly and fast service, Antony has been really helpful, and with good knowledge and experience to provide answers to all my question.

    by Sean X

    Friendly and fast service

    Review published ago

    Friendly and fast service, Antony has been really helpful, and with good knowledge and experience to provide answers to all my question.

    by Sean X

    Great Service

    Review published ago

    Great communication and very helpful through the whole process. The rates are far better than the banks and they make it easy and quick to transfer money. I will be using them again

    by Peter

    Great Service

    Review published ago

    Great communication and very helpful through the whole process. The rates are far better than the banks and they make it easy and quick to transfer money. I will be using them again

    by Peter

    Positive experience

    Review published ago

    Just opened an account. So far everything is great. Antony was very helpful to set everything up and running. Jacob

    by Jacob

    This is our second trade with Mohammed Al-Sabti at WorldFirst

    Review published ago

    This is our second trade with WorldFirst, as an individual, for amounts of the scale of real estate purchase. They gave me a very attractive rate vs. other players in the field. Our agent Mohammed Al-Sabti was quite responsive, and the whole transaction from funds leaving our US bank account to reaching our other account in Portugal was wrapped up within 2 business days. Excellent service.

    by Vincent

    Trying to get money out of customer.

    Review published ago

    I asked about the details to transfer money from singapore to US. They were unsure if it will pass through intermediatary bank which i then decided not to go with them. Then they sent me email saying i have to pay for losses because "they have already bought the currency and will lead to losses". I did not approve to the transaction at all. There was no transaction involved, why is there a loss? Total scam.

    by CQY


    Review published ago

    Fast, easy and trustworthy. Set up is in plane english and back up by phone from Joshua, my designated correspondant, was discreet and prompt. Great service all round.

    by Michel

    Excellent Service, Excellent Rates

    Review published ago

    I’ve been using World First for a month now, to transfer my modestly considerable fortune from the UK to Australia. I was apprehensive at first having never used World First, but was reassured along the way by Mohammed and others from the London office. I found both the process and service levels to be excellent, as well of course the rates, to be market beating. I highly recommend World First FX and would hesitate using them again. Thank you!

    by David

    Transferred money from UK to France

    Review published ago

    I have just used worldfirst to transfer some money from my UK account to France.. Even though it wasn’t an enormous sum, the service I received from Tom Quine, was exceptional.. so thanks again guys.. A great service

    by karl schuler

    Very impressed!

    Review published ago

    I have had a fantastic start with WorldFirst and I look forward to doing much business with them in future. There application process is straightforward and simple, a trust was afforded me and my endeavours from the start, it took only days to get this set up (and even then it was I that was delayed in accessing the right paperwork) and the team member I communicated with (Ellie) was highly professional, informative and personable. I am very impressed!

    by Christopher Currie

    I am very pleased so far with World…

    Review published ago

    I am very pleased so far with World First. Andrew Sivalingam with whom I set up an account was very polite, explained everything clearly and was very efficient. Jackie Harrison

    by Jackie Harrison

    So far so good

    Review published ago

    So far so good. Very easy to set up and make payments. Extremely responsive on the telephone, no waiting times, very quick and knowledgeable. One payment sent so far, hopefully a long term relationship from now on.

    by Helga c

    Extremely happy with Worldfirst!

    Review published ago

    Have used Worldfirst now, for 5 years and they have saved me a ton in exchange fees, not to mention they pay my Suppliers and are extremely responsive. My Account Managers have always been great! Very happy with Worldfirst!!!

    by Leese

    Highly recommended

    Review published ago

    Very good customer service, low spreads, quick setup & reaction, clarity of communication. Strongly recommended.

    by Krzysztof Lechowski (kshishkin)

    Fabulous professional customer support

    Review published ago

    Mohammed Al-Sabti, Premier Account Manager - Private was my contact with World First and he was brilliant. He made transferring funds abroad so easy with his quiet patience, professional knowledge and understanding. He walked me through the process when I was struggling, nothing was too much trouble and he was always available and polite. It is a delight to have such wonderful personal customer service in the modern world of impersonal call centres. Thank you Mohammed, you restored my faith in customer service & confirmed my belief that World First is the only way to transfer funds abroad!

    by Mrs Lynn Stewart

    Very thankful to Josh Saunders (World First)

    Review published ago

    Very thankful to Josh Saunders, Senior Account Manager at World First. He was patient, thorough, knowledgeable and most importantly available whenever we needed him. This was our first time using this service so we were uncertain. Josh walked us through simple steps and guided us at every stage. The process was smooth and quick. Thanks Josh. We will certainly recommend you.

    by Honest Abi

    Fast and efficient

    Review published ago

    WorldFirst works very fast and finds payment solutions for every country. Their staff are all very nice and above all competent. I was helped within 20 hours. The Wirecard Bank, for example, did not even reply in 2 weeks.

    by LEADFUL Germany

    Excellent service

    Review published ago

    Excellent service. Ellie has been on it from the start and sorted out any queries I have had very quickly and efficiently. Thoroughly recommend this service.

    by Andrew Olsberg

    I only have praise for the quality of…

    Review published ago

    I only have praise for the quality of service I received from World First, it was professional, proactive, personal and very timely. Mohammed was the calm voice of reason for me during a very stressful time, I can highly recommend World First.

    by Guna Russell
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