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There are multiple platforms which provide the review of Azimo, but at Exchange Rate IQ, you will find all the details in a precise manner. The experts perform proper research on the company, looks after the customer reliability, safety and authenticity of its services and then provide unbiased Azimo reviews. Here you will find the answers to how does Azimo works, Azimo tracking procedure, Azimo App review, etc. 

Azimo is an “online remittance service provider” with headquarters in London and offices in Krakow. It aims at providing cheap, fast, simple and easy to understand money transfer services across the world. It was recognised by the United Nations (UN) as one of the best Value-For-Money Fund transfer companies in the UK and Germany. In 2016, it was honoured with the Best Low-Cost Remittance Service Award from Kalahari Awards. Some of the benefits of Azimo are:

  • Worldwide Transfers Available
  • Multiple Transfer Options
  • Highly Affordable Transfer Fees

Review of Azimo :

Established in the year 2012, Azimo transfer offers money transfer services to people over 190 countries in 80 different currencies. The company has approximately 50 million customers connected to its platform which offers more than 300,000 cash pick-up locations globally. Azimo money transfer provides comparable real-time exchange rates, and charges noticeably lower than those most banks charge to process overseas fund transfers.

Azimo charges competitive exchange service fees from its users which range in between absolutely FREE to GBP 12, depending on the mode and country you are sending money to. The maximum amount that one can transfer from Azimo is different for a private transfer and business transfer. In private transfer, one can transfer up to GBP 10,000 on a daily basis with a minimum transfer of GBP 50. While in the business transfer, one can transfer up to GBP 250,000 or equivalent daily with no yearly maximum limit.

Azimo Money Transfer Customer Care Email Addresses

Its customer services are available online only, and there are no contact details provided by it. So, one has to send their queries through mail only, and they will contact you back with next 2 working days.

Country Email Address
UK [email protected]
Belgium [email protected]
France [email protected]
Greece [email protected]
Italy [email protected]
Estonia [email protected]
Ireland [email protected]

The company also provides an option to its customers to donate a part of their money to charity while processing the funds. It has been providing best security to its customer where experts detect any unusual activities 24/7 so that one can transfer without any fear of privacy.

Pricing : How much does Azimo cost?

8 /10

Azimo transfer fee

As one of the major online transferring platforms across the world, Azimo offers better exchange rates than many of the banks. It keeps updating the exchange rates as per market fluctuations and aligns to global markets. You can check the exchange rate and fees while processing the transfer after entering all the necessary details.

However, the fee which you have to pay depends on various factors such as the currency you wish to pay in, the transfer amount, the payment method, and the transfer method.

The first two transfers from Azimo are free and after that, the company charges minimum £1, but the exact amount can vary which based on the following things:

  1. Where you are sending the money, i.e., to and from
  2. Method of sending the money: online bank transfer or debit/credit card

However, it is offering lower rates than many of its competitors and banks.

Transparency: Does Azimo have any hidden fees?

10 /10

Azimo is very much transparent with its fees and exchange rate. There are no hidden fees when you send money on Azimo. The exchange rate will get locked once the customer starts his transaction. At the same time, it will also provide the transfer fees when you select the way of transfer. So, you will be able to see the whole updated amount you have to pay for the transfer clearly on the screen, and you have not to pay a single penny more.

Azimo tracking

After the completion of the transaction, it also provides the time the funds will be going to take to the recipient. Most of its transfer takes place instantly or in 1-2 working days, depending on the banks and country you are sending money. It also provides the email confirmation of the transfer to its customers.

Transfer Speed: How long does it take to send money through Azimo?


The transfer speed of Azimo depends on various factors such as the country you are sending money to, the way of transfer and working hours of the country. So, one should note that it may take 1-3 working days for the company to transfer the funds. It also does not transfer the funds on public holidays and weekends. Sometimes, the processing times can vary slightly depending on reasons such as market conditions, time differences, and added security checks. Some of the examples of processing time in various countries are provided below:

Sending money from the UK to the US

Transfer Method Delivery Time
Direct to Bank 1-3 business days
SWIFT payment 24 hours
Prepaid mobile top off Instant

Sending money from the UK to Brazil

Transfer Method Delivery Time
Direct to Bank 24 hours
SWIFT payment 24 hours
Prepaid mobile top off Instant

Sending money from the UK to Ghana

Transfer Method Delivery Time
Cash Pick Up One hour
SWIFT payment 24 hours
Prepaid mobile top off Instant
Mobile Wallet Instant

Coverage: How many Countries & Currencies does Azimo support?


Azimo Supportive Countries

By using Azimo money transfer services, one can send money from 24 countries including the UK, the Eurozone, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Switzerland, etc., to over 195 countries in 80 currencies. Some of the major countries where Azimo send money works as a recipient are:

UK Ghana China India Kenya
Nepal Oman Cambodia Canada US
Romania Peru Zimbabwe Greece Egypt
Brazil Russia Saudi Arabia Bangladesh Australia and more

Currencies Supported by Azimo


One can send money from Azimo in various currencies and countries through the bank, debit card and credit card without any yearly maximum limit. So, if you also want to send the money through Azimo login here. It has still many countries and currencies to cover. Azimo is a recent entrant in the remittance industry, and we can see many growth opportunities for the company.

Azimo Promo Codes & Offers

All Countries
Promo Code : AZ-EX5 5 GBP/EUR or equivalent money off the customers first transaction, when they make an international money transfer of at least 100 GBP/EUR or equivalent. This offer can't be used in conjunction with any other promotion or referral code. This is not valid on SWIFT, or mobile top-up. Domestic transfers are also excluded.

Azimo Transfer Process

How to send money through Azimo Money Transfer

  1. Go to Azimo website.

  2. Select the country you want to send money through Azimo.

  3. Click on the search button and you will be redirected to a new page and enter amount.

  4. It will show the exact amount that is received by the recipient and also provide if you can do direct bank transfer or not.

  5. Click on “Send” after entering the amount.

  6. Here either login or sign up and enter your personal details.

  7. Enter the details of the recipient.

  8. Re-check all the details and confirm transfer.

  9. You can track all the transfers on your dashboard.

You can note that the first two transfers through Azimo are absolutely FREE and you need not to pay any fee for it.

Send money with Azimo

Send money to Ghana with Azimo

Azimo Money Transfer offers money transfer to Ghana from 195+ countries. You can send money to Ghana through bank deposit, cash pickup, airtime top-up or can do the mobile transfer. The amount through cash pickup, airtime top-up and the mobile transfer will be transferred instantly to the recipient in Ghana. However, the amount transferred through a bank account will take approximately 3-5 working days to reach to recipient’s bank account.

Besides, the money transferred through cash pickup can be picked within an hour at 150 Ghana Commercial Bank locations. You can also make SWIFT transfer to Ghana where the amount will be received by the next day.

How Azimo send money to South Africa

Azimo delivers multiple currencies in South Africa from hundreds of countries. There are different ways to send money to South Africa and you can select the way which suits you the best, these are cash pickup, SWIFT transfers, mobile top-up and direct-to-bank. Mobile top-up is an instant way to send money and cash pickup will be available within an hour at over 25+ locations in South Africa.

Besides, direct-to bank transfer and SWIFT transfers take approximately 24 hours and then the amount will be available for the recipient. The company offers competitive exchange rates and lower fees to users.

Can Azimo send money to USA?

Azimo offers money transfer to the USA from different countries, where the user can send money through direct-to bank transfer, SWIFT transfer and mobile top-up. The amount will be credited to any of the bank accounts within 1-3 working days, the SWIFT transfer will credit the amount in 24 hours and the fastest method is mobile top-up, which is instant.

The customer support and chat facility of the company are available in 8 languages which includes English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Russian and Italian.

User experience of Azimo


Azimo is one of the best money remittance companies, but it does not provide over-the-phone assistance to its customers. This needs improvement as people only can send a message to the company regarding their issues and there is no other way to contact them. Besides this, Azimo money remittance is a highly responsive website as you will get the exchange rates and service fee in zero clicks, once you enter the details. It has also provided its mobile apps which are highly secured. You can download Azimo app here (Android App and iOS App). You need not to login to Azimo for knowing the exchange rates and service fee. You can check all the details of transfer without signing up or login.

Users can send money through the bank account, SWIFT payment, MasterCard, Visa debit and credit cards. The company is also providing the services of cash pick-ups and airtime top-ups. However, those who hold crypto currencies, money market securities and any other card could not use the services of Azimo.

Azimo Promo Code:

The company provide its promo codes to users through SMS, email and notification. You can use these promo codes while making transfer which will provide you deduction in transfer fees. 

Azimo Invite Code:

Whenever a friend signs up to Azimo using your invite and complete a transfer of GBP 100 or more, both of your accounts will be credited by GBP 10. 

Azimo Contact:

The company has not provided its official number but you can contact them with chat between Monday - Friday 9:00 - 18:00 UK Time. They are available in English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Russian and Italian.

So, as per user experience, we rate 7 out of 10 to Azimo money transfer customer services and user experience. We would have given higher ratings to the company, but its customers are not enough satisfied with its assistance services and payment modes.

Azimo app

Azimo is providing both of its apps, Android as well as iOS which you can download from Google play store and app store. The company is offering the first two transfer free and also no fees on credit or debit card transfer.

The app is FCA-authorised with Face ID and Touch ID security, to provide you security with personal details. The app is also supported in 8 languages. It has been rated 4.5 out of 5 stars on Android and 4.6 out of 5 stars at Apple.

Security : Is Azimo Safe?


Privacy is one of the significant things that one afraid of when they are transacting online, and it is more important is the age of cyber crimes. So, you should be happy to know that Azimo scans its systems 24/7 to detect any unusual activity. It uses high levels of encryption to keep the transmission of data secure. Azimo mobile apps and website uses Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode to make sure it processes legitimate orders.

Besides this, the company has been authorised with the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). It has been regulated and licensed by Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs (HMRC). So, by using the best technical and human resources, it is saving the data of its clients. We believe that it has been providing enough security to protect the data of customers and hence, it deserves 10 out of 10.

Transfer Type And Modes

Pay In Options

Credit Card
Debit Card

Pay Out Options

Home Delivery

Service Mode


Exchange Rate Type


Azimo FAQ's

Can I trust Azimo Money Transfer tracking services?

You can trust these services because the Company has been in existence for the last 8 years since 2012. Additionally, you can Track your money each step of the way with email and custom notifications. The Company uses a fraud detector, to monitor unusual activity to protect you from fraud, they are regulated by FCA which is the Financial Conduct Authority to act as an electronic money transfer institution. You are also safe since the company makes sure there is an encrypted communication on their website and apps that protects your account against unauthorized access.

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What if I enter the wrong details when sending money?

Nobody is perfect, so there is room to make errors. However, make sure you have the correct details to minimize the risk of creating mistakes that can cost you your money. In case you realize you have keyed in the wrong information; you can quickly contact the customer care support directly by calling them on +44 (0)12 8724 4025.

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How do I know if the recipient has received money or not?

Azimo provides the transfer details to its customers through email and SMS. Besides this, you can also track your transaction directly through the dashboard by logging into your account.

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Can I transfer funds through Azimo on weekends?

You can make the transactions on weekend through Azimo but the transfer will take place only on the working days. This amount will be reached to the recipient within 1-3 working days.

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Does Azimo provide cancellation and refund services?

Yes. If you are using the services of Azimo, you can cancel the transaction performed as soon as possible by contacting the customer support. The amount will be 100% refunded by the company within 5-7 working days in your account.

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How can I get Azimo Money Transfer account?

In case you want to get Azimo Money Transfer account, know it is free of charge. However, you will have to search for Azimo Money Transfer online and register your details. During registration, you will have to state whether you need the account for personal use or business. Also, you can sign up for an account using your Facebook account and log in after the registration process has been verified.

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How long does it take to send money with Azimo Money Transfer?

The transfer speed may take 1-3 working days which depends on the country you are sending money to. This depends on the transfer working hours of that country if they do not operate 24/7, you will have to wait longer. However, if the countries transfer systems run 24/7, you are lucky the transfer will take lesser time.

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Is it safe to send money with Azimo Money Transfer?

This Company is safe since it is legally registered to serve you in issues relating to money transfer. For the safety of your money, you need to play your part in making sure you put the correct details while sending money. One of the most important things that you should worried about when transacting online is privacy, and it is essential is this era of cyber-crimes. You are safe sending money with Azimo since they must scan their systems 24/7 to detect any unusual activity. Azimo Money Transfer uses high levels of encryption to keep the transmission of data secure. Azimo mobile apps and website require verification by Visa and MasterCard Secure Code to make sure legitimate orders are produced.

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Buna seara,ultimile 3 transferuri nu le…

Review published ago

Buna seara,ultimile 3 transferuri nu le pot primi ce da fac eu acum?

by Artur Sufragiu

Buna seara,ultimile 3 transferuri nu le…

Review published ago

Buna seara,ultimile 3 transferuri nu le pot primi ce da fac eu acum?

by Artur Sufragiu

Facililité et rapidité des transactions

Review published ago

Facililité et rapidité des transactions

by Jean-Paul Raymond Thierrin

Facililité et rapidité des transactions

Review published ago

Facililité et rapidité des transactions

by Jean-Paul Raymond Thierrin

Good and fast

Review published ago

Good and fast

by R Lampie

Good and fast

Review published ago

Good and fast

by R Lampie

I sent money on Friday for transfer and…

Review published ago

I sent money on Friday for transfer and on Monday I got response money can not be transferred. Still my money is with them and today is Tuesday. Waste of time and effort so never again. Shakeel Shahid

by Shakeel Shahid

I sent money on Friday for transfer and…

Review published ago

I sent money on Friday for transfer and on Monday I got response money can not be transferred. Still my money is with them and today is Tuesday. Waste of time and effort so never again. Shakeel Shahid

by Shakeel Shahid

i am happy with my second transaction

Review published ago

i am happy with my second transaction

by Ms Saira Ahmed

We are a charity

Review published ago

We are a charity. They do not cater for charities, yet I was told that if I fill out information for a business account, I could still use their service. This was not the case. I am the founder, not a business owner so I am apparently not entitled to send money from our bank account which is in my name and our charities name to our Thai bank. After 4 hours of trying, online 'help' and waiting, my transaction was refused by Azimo and our account closed. They advertise that you can send money 'in minutes' Not if you are a charity it seems. I have finally sent it with Remitly which was actually done 'in minutes'

by Gemma Ashford

Muy responsables y el dinero llega…

Review published ago

Muy responsables y el dinero llega súper rápido

by Heliuska Rojas

Great trusted app

Review published ago

Great trusted app. Quick and easy service. Secure and fast delivery.

by sahibzada

Schnelle Transfers

Review published ago

Alle Transfers wurden sehr schnell und einfach überwiesen!

by Rolf Dietmar Schoesau

Happy with the service

Review published ago

A few hiccups when registering, but solved instantly. Fast service with regards to transfer happy overall.

by Amalia Feltham

It is not about the transfert system

Review published ago

It is not about the transfert system. It is working well. It is about the transfert fees. They are à little bit high. Moreover picking up the money at destination brings some issues. The branch dont have enough money to serve you. You have to come back once or twice to pick un your money

by Luc Ghota

I tried to use bank transfer to send…

Review published ago

I tried to use bank transfer to send money to my son in the Philippines, and they indicated that the transaction was already payment accepted but then I tried to refresh the site then I saw that my transaction was cancelled without any particular reason. Stop wasting our time if they cannot serve their costumer the "FAST AND EASY".

by Miguel May

i can't understand why i can't send…

Review published ago

i can't understand why i can't send money to the philippines using azimo. even though i use bank transfer they will put you on payment accepted and cancel it afterwards. looking forward for their immediate action to fix their website.

by Jade Cook

Ich habe mehrmals Probleme bei…

Review published ago

Ich habe mehrmals Probleme bei Überweisung von Geld bekommen, ich schicke Geld und bekomme ich Antwort dass ich warten soll es dauert manchmal Mehrere Tage und mache danach Stornierung

by Mariam Lapachi


Review published ago

Excelente! La atención al cliente es bastante buena

by Gabriela Delrosario Varela Alf

Good service overall.

Review published ago

Fast, reliable and convenient...

by merry ann gara Gudmandsen

Luna Viva

Review published ago

Einfach, Günstig. Schnell!

by Vivian Tuschl-Aguilar

Azimo works great

Review published ago

Azimo works great. I had to send multiple transfers and the recipients got the money in record time.

by José Leonardo Fernández

Azimo da una buena calidad de servicio…

Review published ago

Azimo da una buena calidad de servicio y es muy seguro. Solo deberia ser mas rapidos a la hora de contestar emails para tener una mejor respuesta para sus clientes. Pero si estoy super contento con sus servicios .

by Gonzalo Anolberto Freire Hazar

One of the best.

Review published ago

One of the best.

by Aamir Khan
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