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8.5 /10

There are multiple money remittance companies in the UK which offer their services across the globe at low fees and best exchange rates. But the UK government is also providing its services in the sector with Post Office which offers its online as well as offline transfers. So, the experts of Exchange Rate IQ have researched in the company to provide an unbiased and independent review on it.

Post Office Money is an international payment service provider which is providing its services in various ways. The company is in a long-term partnership with TTT Moneycorp Ltd through which it offers online transfers. It is also providing its services through MoneyGram, under which they have various branches and one can send the funds through cash or debit card. Some of the benefits of using Post Office Money are:

  • Worldwide Reach
  • Multiple Transfer Options
  • Offers Travel Cards to Travellers

Review of PostOffice :

Post Office Money is one of the largest retail networks and financial services chain having over 11,500 branches nationwide as well as 47 million transactions per week. The company offers various services including mail & retail, financial services, government services and telecoms. In money remittance, it offers two types of transfers, one is online transfer and the other is Post Office Transfer via MoneyGram Money Transfer.

Post Office Money International Payments

These are the online transfers offered by the company which can be completed using the UK registered bank account, debit or credit card. If you are transferring the funds above £20,000, you need to speak with the customer service team.

Here, you can set regular payments so that they take place weekly, monthly or any period that suits you. For this, call on 0800 180 4809 and the specialist team of the UK Post Office will set this up for you.

Post Office MoneyGram Money Transfer

This is an offline transfer, but offer instant transfers over 350,000 locations worldwide. The customer who wants to use this service has to visit the nearest MoneyGram branch with their ID proof, fills the send form and hand it at the counter. This helps in making the transfer quicker. It also offers MoneyGram Plus card to the customers who repeat the transactions to make it faster and easier.

The Post Office MoneyGram accepts cash and debit card for making payments. It also offers that you want to pay fees separately or includes in the total amount you have paid. You can locate the Post Office MoneyGram branches here.


On customer support, the company does not offer 24*7 customer assistance; one can call them in the business hours or either can send the query through email.

The company has the best privacy policy and offer highly secured transfers, and therefore, we rate it 8.5 out of 10 for its overall money transfer services.

Pricing : How much does PostOffice cost?

8 /10

UK Post Office Money Transfer Fee

The company does not charge any fee for an international payment; however, there will be a mark up in the exchange rates, which will be still better than many of the banks.

Post Office Money Exchange Rate

The company offers mid-market prices depending on the amount you want to send and the country you are sending funds to. You can see the exchange rates at the Post Office International Payments calculator here.

 Any Other Fee

  • If you transfer the funds through any card, then you may impose some additional charges.
  • If you make transfers through SWIFT Network, it may result in additional charges. (The SWIFT network is a common way for banks to process international payments, and involves several banks working together to move money to the right account.)

So, we rate Post Office Money 8 out of 10 for its pricing policies and exchange rates.

Transparency: Does PostOffice have any hidden fees?

9 /10

Post Office Hidden Fee:

The company does not charge any hidden fees. The amount which will be shown to you on the transaction page will be received by the beneficiary. At the same time, it also locks the exchange rates once you start the transaction.

Post Office Money Tracking Details:

The company offer tracking details on the dashboard of the users. So, those who have to track the transfer need to log in and look after where the money has reached.

Therefore, under the transparency head, we rate it 9 out of 10.

Transfer Speed: How long does it take to send money through PostOffice?


The transfer speed of your money depends upon which service of Post Office Money Transfer you are using.

Post Office MoneyGram Transfer

The transfer through MoneyGram takes a few minutes before they are available to the recipient. So, it is an instant and fast transfer service of it. Although, this service is might charges an extra fee for transferring funds faster.

Post Office International Payments

This is a bank account transfer, which takes at least 3 working days to land the funds in the recipient’s account.

So, on its transfer speed, the experts of Exchange Rate IQ give it 8 out of 10.

Coverage: How many Countries & Currencies does PostOffice support?


Currencies Supported by Post Office International Money Transfer

From the Post Office MoneyGram service, one can send money to over 200 countries from its branches. But if you want to do the online transfer, then the company is offering the following currencies either you are doing a business transfer or personal transfer:

UAE Dirham Danish Krone Israeli Shekel Mexican Peso Romanian New Leu
Australian Dollar Euro Jordanian Dinar Norwegian Krone Saudi Riyal
Bahraini Dinar Pound Sterling Japanese Yen NZ Dollar Swedish Krona
Canadian Dollar Hong Kong Dollar Kenyan Shilling Omani Rial Singapore Dollar
Swiss Franc Croatian Kuna Kuwaiti Dinar Polish Zloty Thai Baht
Czech Koruna Hungarian Forint Moroccan Dirham Qatari Rial Tunisian Dinar
US Dollar SA Rand Indian Rupee Barbados Dollar Dong

At these places and currencies, you can send funds through the UK authorised bank account, debit or credit card. You cannot use any other country’s card or money market instruments. Therefore, we rate it 8 out of 10 in coverage head. So, if you want to use the services of Post Office Money login here.

PostOffice Transfer Process

Step-By-Step Guide to Transfer Funds with Post Office Money

  1. Go to the Post Office website.

  2. Click on “Products and Services” at the top and then select the “International Payments” under Banking head.

  3. You will be redirected to a new page.

  4. Here select your and beneficiary’s currency as well as enter the amount you want to send.

  5. You will get the exchange rate.

  6. Click on “Get Started”.

  7. Here you have to enter all the details asked by the company.

  8. Create an account, provide your and recipient’s bank account details.

  9. Complete the recipient’s detail.

  10. Re-check the details and complete the transfer.

User experience of PostOffice


UK Post Office via MoneyGram is a fast and highly responsive website. It provides the exchange rates within seconds ones you choose your and beneficiary’s currency. It also offers a fix exchange rate for up to 12 months where you can save money when the currency gets weaker in future. Some of the positive and negative aspects of the company are:


  • Multiple money transfer process, including cash pickup, online and travel transfer
  • More than 170 products and services
  • Highly secured as it is a government-owned company
  • Offering prepaid cards


  • Lower exchange rates as compared to many of its competitors
  • Have to call customer assistance if you want to send money above a limit


Post Office Money Customer Support

Post Office Money Contact Number: 0345 8500 900, Monday to Saturday from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm

Post Office Money Contact Number for people outside the UK: +44 203 162 8080, 7:30 am – 9 pm Mon - Fri

Post Office Money Email ID: [email protected]


Post Office International Money Transfer App

The company is offering both Android as well as iOS apps. You can download the apps here.

  1. Post Office Android App
  2. Post Office iOS App


Post Office International Payments Refer a Friend

The company offers £20 M&S Gift Card to the user when they recommend the services of Post Office Money to friends and then they transfer a total of £5,000 over 12 months.

Post Office International Payments Promo Code:

The company offers promo codes to its users through notifications, email and SMS. Users can use these promo codes while making payments to get a discount on the transfer fee.

On the overall user experience, we rate it 8 out of 10. To use the services of Post Money Office Sign Up here.

Security : Is PostOffice Safe?


Post Office Money is an easy and secure way to transfer the funds internationally. The services under it are provided by TTT Moneycorp Ltd.

  • The company is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority of the UK.
  • The provisions of making payment are made under the Payment Services Regulations 2009.
  • It uses Symantec SSL security on its website to protect it from any online threat.

The company also uses a web site recording service that record mouse clicks, mouse movements, page scrolling and any text keyed into website forms. Henceforth, it is highly secured and we rate it 10 out of 10 under this head.

PostOffice FAQ's

Does Post Office via MoneyGram offer phone transfers?

No. Post Office does not offer phone fund transfers; you can only transfer funds online or through MoneyGram agents.

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How can I start sending money abroad using post office?

You can visit their official page by clicking here. Thereafter, you will be directed to the log in page after filling in your details where you can start initiating your international money transfers and payments. You can choose a payment method of your choice with post office, whether it is via your bank account, your credit or debit card. Some of the supported cards include the Visa, MasterCard, Maestro and Visa Electron.

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When the amount of cash pick-up will be available at agent location?

The amount will be available within an hour for the pick-up at nearest agent location of Post Office International Money Transfer.

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What fees does the Post Office charge for making money transfers?

Whether you are using your credit card or your debit card to send money, Post office is transparent enough to display its fees during the order process. When you place the order, you will be given the opportunity to select your most preferred delivery day and time. Additional charges may apply when choosing this especially when choosing home delivery during the weekends.

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Can I cancel my transfer and get refund?

Yes. You can cancel the transfer on Post Office if the amount transferred is not picked-up or withdrawn by the recipient. You can cancel it simply at your dashboard.

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I cannot find the currency I want to buy?

When you cannot find the currency you want to buy, then you should consider clicking on the drop down list of countries to see if your country is eligible for that kind of transfer. If you do not find it on the list, then post office does not stock it and you may consider using another international money transfer service provider. You can find the drop down list of countries here.

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I am having trouble using the website while making my transfers, what should I do?

For a start, make sure that you are using the latest version of your browser as we keep our system up to date. Also, we have mobilized the whole transaction process so you can now use both your mobile phone and your desktop to make your transfers. However, if you experience any more difficulties or technicalities, then consider reaching us through [email protected].

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What is the minimum and maximum amount of fee I can order online? How will I also know if my transaction is successful?

The maximum amount of money you can order with post office is $2500. The minimum amount should as well not go beyond $400. Upon completion of your transfer, you will receive an email confirmation to show you that your order has gone through. This is after getting an on-screen confirmation that your order has been received and accepted or declined. You should print this information and take it with you to the post office branch where you are collecting your money from.

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PostOffice User Reviews and Ratings

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Rude staff and extremely poor service

Review published ago

Rude staff and extremely poor service. Time for Ukgov to consider closure.

by Paul Grayson

Rude staff and extremely poor service

Review published ago

Rude staff and extremely poor service. Time for Ukgov to consider closure.

by Paul Grayson

So I go to the post office and tell the…

Review published ago

So I go to the post office and tell the counter staff I have Childs medical info to send to hospital and they suggest 1st class signed - which I did. Post office then lose all my kids medical info! Then I make a complaint and post office ain’t bothered and told me to make a claim - I go online and the claim site doesn’t even work - mr bates was right - corrupt to the core and useless - sell it to Amazon for a £1 - complete incompetent

by Alan

So I go to the post office and tell the…

Review published ago

So I go to the post office and tell the counter staff I have Childs medical info to send to hospital and they suggest 1st class signed - which I did. Post office then lose all my kids medical info! Then I make a complaint and post office ain’t bothered and told me to make a claim - I go online and the claim site doesn’t even work - mr bates was right - corrupt to the core and useless - sell it to Amazon for a £1 - complete incompetent

by Alan

Always the best experience

Review published ago

I have used Post office at 14-16 Orford Avenue, Thorneywood NG11 8GY many times and I am always touched by the way it is run. There is this guy that is usually runing the place and he is so helpfull non itrusive. Treating people with upmost respect. I respect him back. Thank you for your service.

by Michal Rongyos

Always the best experience

Review published ago

I have used Post office at 14-16 Orford Avenue, Thorneywood NG11 8GY many times and I am always touched by the way it is run. There is this guy that is usually runing the place and he is so helpfull non itrusive. Treating people with upmost respect. I respect him back. Thank you for your service.

by Michal Rongyos


Review published ago

Fraud - Post Office have my iPhone and never delivered it. photo of parcel on a pile of others on a table. Recipient never received it and says they do not recognise the signature on the so called proof of delivery. Hope postman pat enjoys my iphone ….

by Finlay Cooke


Review published ago

Fraud - Post Office have my iPhone and never delivered it. photo of parcel on a pile of others on a table. Recipient never received it and says they do not recognise the signature on the so called proof of delivery. Hope postman pat enjoys my iphone ….

by Finlay Cooke

Mitcham Post Office (Langdale Parade) are racist and unprofessional

Review published ago

The staff at Mitcham Post Office on Langdale Parade are rude and unprofessional. When I asked to use their pad to moisten my fingers to seal a letter I was refused. It contained a form I wanted to double check before posting. The letter was thrown back at me with return sticker labels. I had the presence of mind to scratch out the labels. The Postmasters from Google Reviews are discriminatory towards Black people and Muslims. I am in one of those groups and could feel the hatred from the male Postmaster.

by Latasha Smith

Has to one of the most badly run mail…

Review published ago

Has to one of the most badly run mail sorting offices in Scotland, seen a postman once last week 20th of February 2024. I have been waiting for important mail from hospital and a lawyers who told me it would be sent out first class, last week NOW on the 26th 27th of February not one single postman or vehicle has been to Glen street where I live, I complained about this only to be told to write down a complaint number and that’s about all the can do. The post office has said on the media that in order for it to survive as a business they would need to cut back to a 3 day week 😡😡 the cheek of them they barely come down Glen street in paisley Renfrewshire 2 days a week. This company is badly run and should be handed over to someone who is in the delivery business like Amazon or eBay to many fat cats taken big bonuses and laughing all the way to the bank. UTTER DISGRACE OF A COMPANY

by John Thomas

Abusive Post Office Employee

Review published ago

On two occasions in a Post Office outlet – located at 82 London Rd, Brighton and Hove BN1 4JF – I was dealt with by an atrociously vitriolic and abusive person. On the first occasion on the 12th May, 2023 this person was manning a counter near the premises’ entrance. On this date this extremely rude person made not-so-indirect disgusting accusations against me. At the time I made a complaint about this post office employee’s vile and abusive conduct. Then on the 26th February, 2024 I returned to this post office and was again subjected to even more vile behaviour from the same person. It’s my opinion that she remembered me as a person who previously had made a complaint about her, and she wanted vengeance. It was quite disgusting to experience vile and abusive behaviour from her for a second time. I’ve made a second complaint about this person to the Post Office’s customer care. It will be interesting to see how the Post Office deals with this employee who has been repeatedly vile, abusive and insulting to a customer.

by D. J. T. Reilly

Rude staff

Review published ago

Partner came from this place emotional how they have treaded her. Instead of serving her she have been comanded over. Staff have been talking foreign langueage so she didn't know what is going on. Staff is emotional difficult to understand. 186 Southchurch Drive, Clifton, NG11

by Michal Rongyos

Heckmondwike Post Office

Review published ago

Heckmondwike Post Office - I wouldn't even give them 1 star if it was possible. Extremely rude female staff, they need to go on a customer service course. Extremely rude to you if you are female and white, I have never been spoken to in such a rude manner, but yet a young Asian man at the side of me was treat with such respect and politeness it was unbelievable.


Cambridge Post Office

Review published ago

Cambridge Post Office St Andrew St -So helpful! I am very grateful for the friendliness and expertise of the people I have been helped by there. Excellent! Thank you!!

by Sajjana Dharmachari

Battersea Delivery Office

Review published ago

We sent a small parcel tracked delivery to be signed for on Thursday 17/2 for next day delivery, it didn't arrive by Saturday and the postie hadn't left a card, we tracked it and it said it was attempted but no one was at home.(all day waiting for it) After waiting for45mins on the phone on 2 separate occasions we went online and rescheduled it ourselves to be re delivered on Thursday, we had all mail confirmation but it didn't arrive Thursday, the recipient went in to Battersea DO in person and because she had no card yet we sent her all the information needed they were rude and brushed her off saying it will be redelivered? We rang up and made a complaint this morning, and the conversations we had with the second person because I was cut off after waiting minutes the first call answered, were excellent she was very courteous and insisted we put a complaint in because something wasn't right, what is worrying is if you don't put the senders address on the back of the envelope after 18 days it gets sent to a PO building and you will be sold off or destroyed The recipient saw the postie today and asked where her parcel was and she giggled nervously and brought the package out which was open at the top, this is terrible and we all think she was going to keep it if not challenged or a complaint has gone in to them this morning

by Peter Hough

What a terrible company.

Review published ago

What a terrible company. Take money for postage, don't put postage on then charge recipient double to get parcel. When tel customer service, told to apply online. No wonder this company has gone to the dogs. I would never send a parcel through them.

by BlazingBarb

Should no longer have government protection

Review published ago

It's common to be talked to rudely in a post office. I believe the friendly nature of the lead characters in the recent ITV drama were over stated . The drama did say that they took fictitious licence on some aspects. I remember the same rude behaviour being active twenty years ago. I've worked on building sites where people are doing harder work then the post office and in fact I've never met the same rude hostile individuals in any other walk of life but in a post office . Just how far would the Post Office last if the Government cut their apron strings ? Probably into the bankruptcy courts where they belong . The Post Office are now a disreputable brand and after what they have done in recent times of course people are going to be more questioning of their demands and requirements. So isn't it better for the Government to no longer own them and cast them adrift ?, As they would do with any crim however unlike the majority of offenders in this country . The Post Office has not been sentenced or had to serve any debt to society this Government owned company remains the only company where you can send letters and parcels not because it has a talent for it but because it has a monopoly . But it also appears to have cleared itself of any wrong doing and carries on over the remains of peoples trampled lives . They carry on . Other companies could do what the post office does if there was a free market in reality and The Post Office had to bid again Getting back to my recent experience , the rude dishevelled Asian Manager ordered me out of the store , because he asked me why I questioned his question . When I told him it was not the question it was his rude attitude that prompted me to question matters he got angry and aggressive . I have five post office's in my locality all run by rude , people of Muslim heritage . The rudeness and bad attitude existed long before the Horizon storm. Seems that certain people believe that being in charge of a Post Office gives them a right to be rude and authoritarian to others . There are posters up everywhere demanding that you treat them with respect . On the other hand there is nothing that says they will treat the customer with respect and courtesy.

by RJ Jayston

Terrible mess with "special delivery"…

Review published ago

Terrible mess with "special delivery" which I missed, re arranged delivery online, received confirmation by email. No delivery received, multiple calls and visits to post office, collection office. Website produces inaccurate tracking information which is parroted back to me on the phone. Have had to explain each time I call what the history is. I won't use special delivery again.

by Sophie Arditti

What a shameful, abysmal service the post office has sunk too

Review published ago

I don’t want to go through all the problematic issues I’ve endured with the Post office. Most complaints and scenarios are listed by others, together with the responsive degrading excuses from the Post Office. I am though, absolutely disgusted in the way this major UK company is operated and run. Having lived abroad and enjoyed other countries postal systems, makes me totally ashamed of the Postal Service we have in this country.

by Mr Mullins

Always A Pleasure To Visit.

Review published ago

Unfailing efficient, friendly and very helpful. Thank you.

by David

Staff helped me uncover a scam Scott…

Review published ago

Staff helped me uncover a scam Scott and his colleagues were superb - many thanks

by andy

Stop scewing the post masters

Review published ago


by Stephen Parrington

Getting fibreboard fitted today & the…

Review published ago

Getting fibreboard fitted today & the router got delivered when I was on holiday, told Vodafone that I won't be at home. No option to rebook delivery, then when on holiday the post had been twice instead of trying to leave it with one of the neighbours. So had to rebooked myself when I got home from holiday. Still not received my router, called the post office number that's on the card it said it was delivered to the customer when I haven't received it. On the phone over 1 hour to speak to someone at the post office. I changed the date on the 16th, it said it was with the customer on the 17th when I rebooked for a delivery today on 20th. Can't got to the post because it's only open two hours in the morning certain days & not near my house & I don't drive. Now I will be charged by Vodafone for another router, & on the phone for ages to Vodafone & no WIFI!!! The post is always like this, sometimes had cards in my letterbox saying I wasn't at home when I was at home but the postman couldn't be bothered to knock!

by Jane

Zero customer service

Review published ago

I posted a parcel with tracking number which has gone missing. The Royal Mail website is a joke. Trying to speak with someone is near impossible, unless you`re prepared for 45 to 60+ minutes waiting on the phone. "our lines are busier than usual" is the response every single day, at any given time of day. Sent email which I`m advised will take a week to receive a response. Unbelievably bad service!!!

by Mr Hill
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Email:- [email protected]
Phone:- 0345 8500 900
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