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8.5 /10

There are multiple money remittance companies in the UK which offer their services across the globe at low fees and best exchange rates. But the UK government is also providing its services in the sector with Post Office which offers its online as well as offline transfers. So, the experts of Exchange Rate IQ have researched in the company to provide an unbiased and independent review on it.

Post Office Money is an international payment service provider which is providing its services in various ways. The company is in a long-term partnership with TTT Moneycorp Ltd through which it offers online transfers. It is also providing its services through MoneyGram, under which they have various branches and one can send the funds through cash or debit card. Some of the benefits of using Post Office Money are:

  • Worldwide Reach
  • Multiple Transfer Options
  • Offers Travel Cards to Travellers

Review of PostOffice :

Post Office Money is one of the largest retail networks and financial services chain having over 11,500 branches nationwide as well as 47 million transactions per week. The company offers various services including mail & retail, financial services, government services and telecoms. In money remittance, it offers two types of transfers, one is online transfer and the other is Post Office Transfer via MoneyGram Money Transfer.

Post Office Money International Payments

These are the online transfers offered by the company which can be completed using the UK registered bank account, debit or credit card. If you are transferring the funds above £20,000, you need to speak with the customer service team.

Here, you can set regular payments so that they take place weekly, monthly or any period that suits you. For this, call on 0800 180 4809 and the specialist team of the UK Post Office will set this up for you.

Post Office MoneyGram Money Transfer

This is an offline transfer, but offer instant transfers over 350,000 locations worldwide. The customer who wants to use this service has to visit the nearest MoneyGram branch with their ID proof, fills the send form and hand it at the counter. This helps in making the transfer quicker. It also offers MoneyGram Plus card to the customers who repeat the transactions to make it faster and easier.

The Post Office MoneyGram accepts cash and debit card for making payments. It also offers that you want to pay fees separately or includes in the total amount you have paid. You can locate the Post Office MoneyGram branches here.


On customer support, the company does not offer 24*7 customer assistance; one can call them in the business hours or either can send the query through email.

The company has the best privacy policy and offer highly secured transfers, and therefore, we rate it 8.5 out of 10 for its overall money transfer services.

Pricing : How much does PostOffice cost?

8 /10

UK Post Office Money Transfer Fee

The company does not charge any fee for an international payment; however, there will be a mark up in the exchange rates, which will be still better than many of the banks.

Post Office Money Exchange Rate

The company offers mid-market prices depending on the amount you want to send and the country you are sending funds to. You can see the exchange rates at the Post Office International Payments calculator here.

 Any Other Fee

  • If you transfer the funds through any card, then you may impose some additional charges.
  • If you make transfers through SWIFT Network, it may result in additional charges. (The SWIFT network is a common way for banks to process international payments, and involves several banks working together to move money to the right account.)

So, we rate Post Office Money 8 out of 10 for its pricing policies and exchange rates.

Transparency: Does PostOffice have any hidden fees?

9 /10

Post Office Hidden Fee:

The company does not charge any hidden fees. The amount which will be shown to you on the transaction page will be received by the beneficiary. At the same time, it also locks the exchange rates once you start the transaction.

Post Office Money Tracking Details:

The company offer tracking details on the dashboard of the users. So, those who have to track the transfer need to log in and look after where the money has reached.

Therefore, under the transparency head, we rate it 9 out of 10.

Transfer Speed: How long does it take to send money through PostOffice?


The transfer speed of your money depends upon which service of Post Office Money Transfer you are using.

Post Office MoneyGram Transfer

The transfer through MoneyGram takes a few minutes before they are available to the recipient. So, it is an instant and fast transfer service of it. Although, this service is might charges an extra fee for transferring funds faster.

Post Office International Payments

This is a bank account transfer, which takes at least 3 working days to land the funds in the recipient’s account.

So, on its transfer speed, the experts of Exchange Rate IQ give it 8 out of 10.

Coverage: How many Countries & Currencies does PostOffice support?


Currencies Supported by Post Office International Money Transfer

From the Post Office MoneyGram service, one can send money to over 200 countries from its branches. But if you want to do the online transfer, then the company is offering the following currencies either you are doing a business transfer or personal transfer:

UAE Dirham Danish Krone Israeli Shekel Mexican Peso Romanian New Leu
Australian Dollar Euro Jordanian Dinar Norwegian Krone Saudi Riyal
Bahraini Dinar Pound Sterling Japanese Yen NZ Dollar Swedish Krona
Canadian Dollar Hong Kong Dollar Kenyan Shilling Omani Rial Singapore Dollar
Swiss Franc Croatian Kuna Kuwaiti Dinar Polish Zloty Thai Baht
Czech Koruna Hungarian Forint Moroccan Dirham Qatari Rial Tunisian Dinar
US Dollar SA Rand Indian Rupee Barbados Dollar Dong

At these places and currencies, you can send funds through the UK authorised bank account, debit or credit card. You cannot use any other country’s card or money market instruments. Therefore, we rate it 8 out of 10 in coverage head. So, if you want to use the services of Post Office Money login here.

PostOffice Transfer Process

Step-By-Step Guide to Transfer Funds with Post Office Money

  1. Go to the Post Office website.

  2. Click on “Products and Services” at the top and then select the “International Payments” under Banking head.

  3. You will be redirected to a new page.

  4. Here select your and beneficiary’s currency as well as enter the amount you want to send.

  5. You will get the exchange rate.

  6. Click on “Get Started”.

  7. Here you have to enter all the details asked by the company.

  8. Create an account, provide your and recipient’s bank account details.

  9. Complete the recipient’s detail.

  10. Re-check the details and complete the transfer.

User experience of PostOffice


UK Post Office via MoneyGram is a fast and highly responsive website. It provides the exchange rates within seconds ones you choose your and beneficiary’s currency. It also offers a fix exchange rate for up to 12 months where you can save money when the currency gets weaker in future. Some of the positive and negative aspects of the company are:


  • Multiple money transfer process, including cash pickup, online and travel transfer
  • More than 170 products and services
  • Highly secured as it is a government-owned company
  • Offering prepaid cards


  • Lower exchange rates as compared to many of its competitors
  • Have to call customer assistance if you want to send money above a limit


Post Office Money Customer Support

Post Office Money Contact Number: 0345 8500 900, Monday to Saturday from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm

Post Office Money Contact Number for people outside the UK: +44 203 162 8080, 7:30 am – 9 pm Mon - Fri

Post Office Money Email ID: [email protected]


Post Office International Money Transfer App

The company is offering both Android as well as iOS apps. You can download the apps here.

  1. Post Office Android App
  2. Post Office iOS App


Post Office International Payments Refer a Friend

The company offers £20 M&S Gift Card to the user when they recommend the services of Post Office Money to friends and then they transfer a total of £5,000 over 12 months.

Post Office International Payments Promo Code:

The company offers promo codes to its users through notifications, email and SMS. Users can use these promo codes while making payments to get a discount on the transfer fee.

On the overall user experience, we rate it 8 out of 10. To use the services of Post Money Office Sign Up here.

Security : Is PostOffice Safe?


Post Office Money is an easy and secure way to transfer the funds internationally. The services under it are provided by TTT Moneycorp Ltd.

  • The company is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority of the UK.
  • The provisions of making payment are made under the Payment Services Regulations 2009.
  • It uses Symantec SSL security on its website to protect it from any online threat.

The company also uses a web site recording service that record mouse clicks, mouse movements, page scrolling and any text keyed into website forms. Henceforth, it is highly secured and we rate it 10 out of 10 under this head.

PostOffice FAQ's

Does Post Office via MoneyGram offer phone transfers?

No. Post Office does not offer phone fund transfers; you can only transfer funds online or through MoneyGram agents.

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How can I start sending money abroad using post office?

You can visit their official page by clicking here. Thereafter, you will be directed to the log in page after filling in your details where you can start initiating your international money transfers and payments. You can choose a payment method of your choice with post office, whether it is via your bank account, your credit or debit card. Some of the supported cards include the Visa, MasterCard, Maestro and Visa Electron.

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When the amount of cash pick-up will be available at agent location?

The amount will be available within an hour for the pick-up at nearest agent location of Post Office International Money Transfer.

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What fees does the Post Office charge for making money transfers?

Whether you are using your credit card or your debit card to send money, Post office is transparent enough to display its fees during the order process. When you place the order, you will be given the opportunity to select your most preferred delivery day and time. Additional charges may apply when choosing this especially when choosing home delivery during the weekends.

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Can I cancel my transfer and get refund?

Yes. You can cancel the transfer on Post Office if the amount transferred is not picked-up or withdrawn by the recipient. You can cancel it simply at your dashboard.

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I cannot find the currency I want to buy?

When you cannot find the currency you want to buy, then you should consider clicking on the drop down list of countries to see if your country is eligible for that kind of transfer. If you do not find it on the list, then post office does not stock it and you may consider using another international money transfer service provider. You can find the drop down list of countries here.

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I am having trouble using the website while making my transfers, what should I do?

For a start, make sure that you are using the latest version of your browser as we keep our system up to date. Also, we have mobilized the whole transaction process so you can now use both your mobile phone and your desktop to make your transfers. However, if you experience any more difficulties or technicalities, then consider reaching us through [email protected].

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What is the minimum and maximum amount of fee I can order online? How will I also know if my transaction is successful?

The maximum amount of money you can order with post office is $2500. The minimum amount should as well not go beyond $400. Upon completion of your transfer, you will receive an email confirmation to show you that your order has gone through. This is after getting an on-screen confirmation that your order has been received and accepted or declined. You should print this information and take it with you to the post office branch where you are collecting your money from.

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PostOffice User Reviews and Ratings

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Consistently rude

Review published ago

Consistently rude, impatient and nasty customer service at Durrington Post Office, Worthing.

by Anna Printer

Consistently rude

Review published ago

Consistently rude, impatient and nasty customer service at Durrington Post Office, Worthing.

by Anna Printer

Avoid post office money

Review published ago

Avoid post office money, really awful, I ordered some travel money that was never delivered and not refunded, I cancelled my trip and still waiting for the money to arrive; they refused to refund and just asked me to wait until it is declared lost.

by Hassan Mahmoud

Avoid post office money

Review published ago

Avoid post office money, really awful, I ordered some travel money that was never delivered and not refunded, I cancelled my trip and still waiting for the money to arrive; they refused to refund and just asked me to wait until it is declared lost.

by Hassan Mahmoud

Slow delivery ,Zero information for…

Review published ago

Slow delivery ,Zero information for Signed for delivery. 4 days from Glasgow to Dundee that is " World Record". Never more Royal Post Office.

by Jerzy

Slow delivery ,Zero information for…

Review published ago

Slow delivery ,Zero information for Signed for delivery. 4 days from Glasgow to Dundee that is " World Record". Never more Royal Post Office.

by Jerzy

Parcell number LH118679609us

Review published ago

Parcell number LH118679609us I have paper work paid in full from the USA Reciet A friend send a package from USA to UK paid 21$ for track and sign.deliver to address as paid for. Like I would do when I send anything around the world. The package has my passport wallet and healing stone in, which i left when had to get a repattreation flight in march. Now I get a bill for £25 to deliver to my address or they send it back. Reminds me of Dick Turpin in highway robbery. Substandard service, Money grabbers, rude. They do not get back to you when complain on their official site.

by nic collins

Parcell number LH118679609us

Review published ago

Parcell number LH118679609us I have paper work paid in full from the USA Reciet A friend send a package from USA to UK paid 21$ for track and sign.deliver to address as paid for. Like I would do when I send anything around the world. The package has my passport wallet and healing stone in, which i left when had to get a repattreation flight in march. Now I get a bill for £25 to deliver to my address or they send it back. Reminds me of Dick Turpin in highway robbery. Substandard service, Money grabbers, rude. They do not get back to you when complain on their official site.

by nic collins

Unprofessional and rude.

Review published ago

I have been in postoffice on 2/12/2020. The guy to work in Philpot Street Postoffice in London was so rude and impolite. He said to me ' Fu..... ll' on my back before leaving the shop but I was really polite and I didn't reply to him. I felt really offensive and this is not the way to treat people. May you please investigate with the security camera and the recording voice? It was 10:55 am and I had a small package to ask for weighting. I am very educated and I write this review because It doesn't make sense to have a behaviour like that. I will give you more details once you contact me. He needs to apologise. It's unacceptable.

by Raffaele Scaramuzzi

I wanted to let everyone know how…

Review published ago

I wanted to let everyone know how fabulous the new collection of parcels is. I have sent 5 parcels which were collected on the right day, a receipt is sent to my email account and my first parcel has arrived PDQ to my lovely nurse, how good is that? Hermes I hope will now see the Post Office as a serious competition. I think this is long overdue!! The only minus is they are 5p more expensive than Hermes, Post Office you are missing a trick here, price match...

by Maggy

Absolutely abysmal

Review published ago

Absolutely abysmal, trying to get back £100 from a cancelled ‘Drop & Go’ account is like pulling teeth! Nobody in the Post Office knew a thing, Customer Service agent didn’t have a clue, nothing online. What the actual ........

by Nick Zeb

I was surprised at the £60 charge for a…

Review published ago

I was surprised at the £60 charge for a 6.5kg parcel from UK to Finland & was told by post master that this was because it was a large parcel & was near Christmas..when home I crossed references charge with other companies I.e DPD ect & 6 companies came up with £20-£22 for same weight parcel including parcel force at £25 with whom I had just used. Next day I called back P.O & asked postmaster why I'd been overcharged to which he said it was up to individual customers to do their own research first before walking into post office..60% saving online that is outrageous I shall never use post office again

by Stuart Burkin

Man handled in the shop

Review published ago

Man handled in the shop. Staff were rude. Would not go back.

by Mark Timms

self serve at WH SMITH PO COUNTER NOT…

Review published ago


by Andy

slowest office

Review published ago

Whenever I buy anything and realize that is being delivered by the post office, I just know it will take forever and will be delivered anytime in the distant future !! Always disappointed !!

by david hannigan

Overcharged and refused refund at Newton Abbot Costcutter Post Office.

Review published ago

Newton Abbot Costcutter Post Office. We asked the Post Office for the cheapest method to send 29kg worth of exam papers. We were given bags to put them in and then charged £212!!! Colleague went to the same Post Office and served by the same staff to send 1kg less and was charged less than half what we were charged?!!!!! We asked for the difference refunded and have been refused, no apology from staff and phone number she provided for customer services didn't work. We trusted staff with their advice but they provided the incorrect advice which ended up as our money in their pockets! Appalling service, no honesty, incapable staff. Do not use the Post Office, especially this branch.

by Anonymous

House insurance with the post office.

Review published ago

House insurance with the post office. They put auto renew on the policy, which a lot of companies do these days. I got the usual reminder recently via email that it was due for renewal. I found cheaper online via go compare, but then out of curiousity I decided to put my existing details in the post office quote system on their site and the quote was a lot cheaper than my renewal price. Annoyed I rang them, first thing I said was DON'T auto renew my policy, meaning don't just help yourself to my bank balance. The lady on the phone made a note of that and said it had been stopped. To be fair she didnt try to alter the quote or sweet talk my into staying with them when I said I had found cheaper and better. She was friendly and pleasant. I rang off. I then took out a much cheaper and better house insurance policy with Tesco. Thought no more of it yet nearly 2 weeks later I get a letter through the post from the post office reminding me my house insurance is due to expire and they will be automatically renewing it in Decemeber! What is wrong with these people, don't they communicate to each other? In this day and age of computers it should have been cancelled and system updated within minutes. I have sent them a message via their contact form on their site which is HARD to find , like they really don't want you to write , they would rather you pay for the phonecall and ring them and be kept waiting. I am waiting for a reply to my message, if they still try to auto renew I will wipe the floor with them. DON'T use the post office for insurance, they don't understand or acknowledge simple instructions.

by Austin Back

very bad service Kensington High Street

Review published ago

I've sent a parcel on Saturday, 1st class signed. They explained, that it takes 1-2 days, also were pressurising to buy the more expensive service. Next week, after five working days, it still says that item hasn't left the post office.. Are they doing it on purpose?? Very disappointing..

by Customer1000

Staff member only self isolated for a week.

Review published ago

Ordinarily I am happy to go to post office in Aylesbury town center. Even during these god awful times. However, one particular staff member scared me. Whilst I was in the queue, I overheard her talking to a colleague. She stated quite clearly throughout the conversation, that although she had been told by the NHS track and trace app to self isolate, she came back to work after a mere week. Now, as I say to whoever will listen, I support the post office, but frankly, that scares me. Luckily, I don't need to go to the one in town often. Because of her, I WON'T be going back for some time.

by Jamjarr

Worst ever broadband

Review published ago

I can say that Post Office Broadband offers a terrible service. I am so glad that my contract is ending today. I have just spent another 30 minutes trying to stop them taking more money, even though I informed them I was ending the contract weeks ago, by email. Today I was told I should have phoned to do this. On the website there is NO information regarding cancellation and I had not agreed an automatic renewal. The service was so inconsistent, today my wi-fi dropped its signal more than 50 times. And my laptop is 2 metres from the router, which is also rubbish. Their staff are difficult and incompetent. Would give 0 stars. AVOID


Upperthope post office sheffield…

Review published ago

Upperthope post office sheffield southyorkshire staff are miserable and nasty a disabled woman in a wheel chair was in the way of the trap the door one of the staff with short hair she swore at her because her wheel chair was in the way the woman who owns it she is rude and nasty and they dont use short distancing right and there no hand wash she also shouted at a woman who lost her card and the women shut the shop up because a load of people wanted to pay there gas .how she got that job I dont know knowone like them because there nasty and always miserable if a job make you like that then simple dont do the job she should be a traffic warden instead she as a horrible attitude

by Claire Thompson

The Broadband is a bigger joke than their Customer Service. Run.

Review published ago

I'm not sure there's any point writing this, as you can tell Post Office don't seem to care for customer service. However, I would like to warn anyone considering signing on with Post Office broadband, to run 1000 miles. We have been with them since March 2020, all through lockdown and working from home, and have been let down time and time and time again. - Upon signing up, we were incorrectly told our speed range would be estimated between 35-40Mbps download, and 3Mbps upload. The reality for over 6 months was a download speed of between 0.8Mbps and 10Mbps, and an upload speed of 0.2Mbps. Since we were a flat of four working from home, as you can imagine, this was unusable. We spent hundreds of pounds supplementing with mobile data hotspots. - We called technical support 20+ times over the months to complain about the speed. Each time we were told a different reason (internal home issues, external home issues, cabinet issues, wiring issues, device issues) before they finally admitted after SIX MONTHS that actually our estimated speed should be around 15Mbps download, and that we were lied to in the initial sign up. Had we known this, we never would have signed up for such a shoddy service. But also, we were never getting anywhere near 15Mbps anyway. So they lied on two counts and couldn't provide the service we were promised and were paying for. - After discovering the reality of our speed, we wanted to cancel providers and go with a different company. We were told this would cost us a cancellation fee, and 80% of the remaining contract. This is despite the fact that we were lied to regarding speed. - We were then told the only alternative would be to sign up to fibre through Post Office, where they could guarantee the originally proposed speeds of 35-40Mbps. We reluctantly signed on. - Come to find out through Open Reach, that we should never have been sold Fibre, as it wasn't available in our area and wouldn't be for several months. Post Office had lied and we were now paying for a service we couldn't use. - Got back to Post Office to cancel our Fibre and downgrade us back to our original broadband and home phone plan, since we still needed WiFi to work from home. They assured us they could downgrade us back, with no extra charges, to our original contract extending only until March 2021. - One month later, all of a sudden our WiFi completely stops working, the DSL line is broken. We're advised by technical support to buy a new master socket, which we do, and install. After installing and monitoring for 24 hours as advised, we call back and technical support say they'll send an engineer out, maybe today, maybe tomorrow, who knows. - The weekend goes by, still no WiFi, and we receive an email claiming there are "No faults on our end from Post Office, and it must be something at home. Here are some less than helpful troubleshooting tips." - After trying out the tips, nothing works, and we again call Post Office for the third time in one week. It is only then that we find out they have cancelled our broadband. Out of the blue, without our consent, leaving four of us working from home with no WiFi, having to fork out for expensive mobile data, of which we'd all spent over £100 in the previous week whilst waiting for a response from Post Office. - Post Office were unable to say why or how the broadband was cancelled, but that for some reason we were contracted on for a "home phone only" service with them for another year, starting last week. This is a service we don't even use and never agreed to sign on for. - After speaking to three different people, they told us they could reinstate our broadband, but that it would take two more weeks and we would have to sign on to another year long contract through to November 2021. We are due to move out in February, so this made no sense given our original contract with Post Office was until March. Of all the stress and turmoil 2020 has put us through this year, Post Office's service supercedes the lot. Personally, I lost my job due to being unable to perform duties with such an unstable home Internet connection. I have spent in excess of 20 hours on the phone and even more on hold with Post Office. I am in touch with Citizen's Advice, who have advised us that we have a case regarding the exploitation of section 56 of the Consumer Rights Act 2015. I was in contact with Post Office through their complaints department on October 24th, and they advised me they would respond with a resolution within 10 business days. It has now been a full month and we have yet receive a response. Fortunately, our landlord is a practicing lawyer, and we will be following advice. I cannot stress how incompetent, unprofessional and uncaring Post Office are as a service provider. I only hope that no one goes through what we went through with them.

by Erica Hyde

An utterly appalling service

Review published ago

An utterly appalling service. Today I needed to renew my passport. On checking the Post Office website I was informed that the nearest Post Office where I could renew digitally was in the neighbouring town, about 8 miles away. On arriving and standing in a 'covid' queue for 30 mins I was told they don't do digital renewals! No apology when I showed them the webpage directing me to that branch! I was then told that the nearest was 17 miles in the opposite direction! After a 30 min drive and 25 mins queuing due to only 1 member of staff on the tills I finally completed my renewal! It has taken an entire afternoon, over 40 miles driven and 2 car parks to complete this simple task! The Post Office really needs to get its act together!

by Brian Judge

Dont go near them!

Review published ago

I have had to deal with the Post Office for the last few weeks for my 88 year old dad as he has moved. Appalling service. Left without a landline for nearly two months. Orders cancelled by them but nobody can tell me by who or why, vital questions not asked or tasks completed. Engineer never arrived to connect the line but the place already had a line anyway, over officious questioning of my dad despite me being stood with him and him having told them I can deal with his case, still charging him for BB when I cancelled it weeks before. Truly awful service. Dont go near them! Phone Coop are lovely.

by Darren Buckland
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PostOffice Company & Contact Info

Address:- 202 Abbey Lane, Leicester, Leicestershire LE4 0DA
Email:- [email protected]
Phone:- 0345 8500 900
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