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Western Union Review by Exchange Rate IQ

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8.5 /10

Can you trust Western Union to send money abroad? How much the company charge for transferring funds? Are its services reliable? There are many such questions which users look for and therefore, the experts of Exchange Rate IQ provides the unbiased review of “world’s largest money transfer providers”, Western Union. The company offers over 125 currencies which can be transferred in multiple ways.

An American financial service provider, Western Union is one of the world’s oldest money transfer company in the industry. The company offers various products such as person-to-person transfers, money orders, business payments and commercial services. The company is serving more than 200 countries with over 130 currencies. Some of the benefits of using Western Union are:

  • Most Trusted Service Provider
  • Huge Network of ATMs, Agents and Kiosks
  • Variety of Services

Review of Western Union :

Launched in the year 1851 in New York, USA, Western Union has been serving the people from the past 168 years. The company has its headquarters in Meridian, Colorado, and was best known for its exchanging telegram service in the US, which was discontinued in 2006.

Western Union helps in transfer funds cross-border, cross currencies to small businesses, global corporations, families, NGOs and many more that are remotely located somewhere on Earth. It has placed more than 150,000 ATMs and kiosks across the world, which helps it in completing more than 800 million transactions till 2017.

The company offers its money transfer services through digital, mobile, and retail channels, with an array of convenient pay-out options to meet business and consumer needs. There is no maximum transfer limit, while the minimum transfer limit is just USD $1. If you are wondering whether you should use its services or not, it’s best to decide it after reading the whole review of Western Union.

The company has been highly secured and authorized by various authorities in different countries, so you can transfer the funds worry-free.

On an overall basis, we rate 8.5 out of 10 to the company.

Pricing : How much does Western Union cost?

8 /10

Western Union Transfer Fee

The Western Union fee is highly variable which depends on multiple factors. This includes factors such as country you are sending money to, payment mode, pay-out mode, transfer amount and method. This fee majorly lies in between $0 (free) to $150. You will get to know how much amount you have to pay when you start the transaction. It charges less on the bank transfer while more for the debit and credit card transfers.

Western Union Exchange Rates

The company offers mid-market exchange rates and also makes the profit in exchanging currencies. Therefore, its margin exchange rate would be a bit lower than the prevailing rates in the market. So, it is important for a customer to pay attention to the rates while transacting with Western Union online. These exchange rates also vary depending on how one pays for the transfer and how the recipient receives the money.

It also offers better exchange rates when you send a larger amount, so, experts say that you should try to send money once rather than a bundle of transfers.

Western Union is not the cheapest option but its rates being often competitive comparing to bank transfers, therefore, we rate it 8 out of 10.

Transparency: Does Western Union have any hidden fees?

10 /10

Western Union Hidden Fee

The company does not have any hidden fees. The recipient will receive the amount that has been shown on the transaction page. So, customers should be sure while using the services of Western Union.

Western Union Tracking Details

One can track the transfer through Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) provided by the company through email just after the completion of the transaction. The company has been providing the transaction tracking page, where you can directly check the transfers without logging into your account.

Western Union has no hidden fees and an excellent tracking procedure; therefore, the experts of Exchange Rate IQ provide it 10 out of 10 for the transparency.

Transfer Speed: How long does it take to send money through Western Union?


The company offers both fast and late transfers depending on the need of the customer. The fast transfers attract more fees, while the transfers which take time have low fees. Therefore, it has no option for fast and cheap transfers.

Some of the transfer types offered by Western Union are:

  1. Transfer from debit or credit card and choosing a cash pickup comes with fast options of “Money in Minutes” or “Next Day”.
  2. Western Union online transfer through bank accounts and cash pickup may take up to 4 business days.
  3. Transfer from a bank account to a bank account can take up to 7 business days.

All this time depends on the destination country, payment mode and other factors such as working hours of the bank, etc. So, we rate it 7 out of 10 for the transfer speed.

Coverage: How many Countries & Currencies does Western Union support?


Western Union is the largest and oldest money remittance service provider, which has grown in over 200 countries and territories across the world.

  • Its services allow people to send and receive money through agents over 550,000 locations.
  • With Western Union send money online, one can send funds to more than 125 countries.
  • It is also providing its services through ATMs and kiosks which are available at various places.

The company is focusing on massive digital expansion, which will enable the digital transfer of money across the countries. Currently, the digital options of Western Union are available in the US, Canada, many countries of Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

It’s currently expanding this service in Asia, Middle East and Latin America. It has already expanded its services in Mexico, Brazil, Jamaica and Panama in Latin American and the Caribbean; Singapore and Malaysia in Asia; and Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar and Oman in the Middle East. You can also find the Western Union locations near you here.

Currencies Supported by Western Union

It has been operating in more than 130 currencies, some of it are:


The company is soon bringing its money sending services in India, where people will be able to transfer INR to other currencies to the friends and family. Still, it has to cover many areas in Asia and the Middle East which will help it to cover the whole world under its services. So, we rate it 8 out of 10 for the coverage head. So, for using the services of Western Union Login.

Western Union Transfer Process

Send money online now with Western Union

  1. Go to the website of Western Union and click on “Send Money” at the top of the home page.

  2. You will be redirected to the new page.

  3. Here select the country where you want to send the funds.

  4. Enter the amount and select how the recipient will receive the money.

  5. Click on “Continue”.

  6. Sign up or login if you are an old user.

  7. Enter all the personal details of you and the recipient.

  8. After logging in confirm the transaction.

  9. The company will provide you with “Money Transfer Control Number” on email which will help you in tracking the transaction.

Send money with Western Union

Western Union Philippines to USA money transfer

Many Filipino send their children for studies to the USA and have to send money to them for fees, monthly expenses, etc. For this, most of them find Western Union as one of the best and comfortable money transfer company where they can send money online as well as in cash. Western Union online allows you to send money internationally for up to $10,000 per transaction and this limit can be raised if you ask the company. While on Western Union agent location transfers, there is no restriction, you can send as much amount as you want.

Western Union send money to Canada

Western Union money in minutes helps you to send cash pickup to the recipient in Canada to receive money in a few minutes. It’s because the company has reached across the world with more than 500,000 agent locations in over 200 countries and territories. Besides, it is more favourable because people can transfer money through mobile, web and also from any agent location. All you need to give the details are where to send, how to pay and who is going to receive the money. Check Western Union money transfer rates for the country you want to send money and submit the transfer.

Send money to Gambia Western Union

Send money to Gambia looks a difficult and costly process as the country is still undeveloped and there are very fewer sources available. But with Western Union, you can make a bank transfer, cash pickup to the Gambia which offers competitive exchange rates compared to most of the banks and also have low transfer fees. This helps you as well as your family to get money within minutes no matter where you send in the Gambia as it has approximately 10,000+ agents.

User experience of Western Union


Originally founded as a telegram company in the year 851, Western Union wire transfer service was started in the year 1871. More than 32 transactions take place every second on the western union money transfer, which makes it one of the most used currency exchange service providers. Some of the positive and negative aspects that users face while using the services of Western Union are:


  • Low minimum transfer amount
  • Various options to send money
  • Transfer across the world


  • Exchange rates are not transparent
  • High transfer fee
  • Not all the channels are available in every country


Western Union Prepaid Card

The Western Union NetSpend Prepaid MasterCard allows users staying in the United States to hold the value on a prepaid card and use the card to make and receive Western Union money transfer. One can also use this card to shop online, pay bills, buy grocery, or can collect cash at ATMs. It gives you a quicker and most convenient way to use your money.


Western Union Customer Service:

The users of the Western Union, USA can contact the company via online chat, email, or over the phone. For Indian users, Western Union contact details are:

Western Union Phone number: 1-800-102-7111

Western Union India Email: [email protected]

People can contact the company between 8 am to 8 pm (IST) from Monday to Friday.


Western Union App:

The company has been providing its apps so that one can transfer funds without any delay.

  1. Western Union Android App
  2. Western Union iOS App


Western Union Refer a friend:

The company provides EUR20 reward if the friend you referred use services of Western Union and transfer funds more than EUR50 in the first transaction.

Western Union Promo Code:

The company time to time provides various offers and discount which will help you in paying less transfer fee or any other offers. These promo codes are shared by notification, SMS or email.

Besides all this, the Western Union website is available in various languages, which help it to serve people across the world. It offers personal, business and charitable transfers, but has many areas where it can expand for more growth.


On overall user experience, we rate Western Union 8 out of 10.

Security : Is Western Union Safe?


The Western Union Company, popularly known by its brand name Western Union is the oldest and most trusted money transfer service providers. Therefore, the company uses a high level of encryption to safeguard the information of customers.

The company has been affiliated by various authorities across the world in the countries it is serving in. It relies on proprietary and cutting-edge data analysis to always remain compliant with the regulations of all the jurisdictions it operates in.

So, one can trust the company with its security policies and measures it takes to save the details of clients. Therefore, we rate Western Union 10 out of 10 for its security.

Transfer Type And Modes

Pay In Options

Credit Card
Debit Card
Mobile Money
Cash Card
Mobile Wallet

Pay Out Options

Mobile Money
Home Delivery
Cash Card
Mobile Wallet

Service Mode

 At Branch

Exchange Rate Type


Western Union FAQ's

What is the minimum and maximum transfer amount at Western Union?

Western Union Minimum Transfer Limit: USD $1

Western Union Maximum Transfer Limit: USD $5,000

You can send the similar amount in other currencies through Western Union.

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How much can I send with Western Union?

Western Union is pretty flexible in the transfer limits it offers its customers. It has a low minimum transfer limit of USD $1 and a maximum transfer limit of USD $5000 which is averagely fair for a daily sender. Even better is the fact that you can send this money to over 200 countries worldwide where several of their agents are located. Knowing this can make you easily plan your transfer ahead and make timely payments when needed.

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What if I want to send more than USD $5,000?

If you want to send more than USD $5,000 through Western Union, you need to open forex account with the company.

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Can I track money sent via Western Union?

stern Union offers a unique Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) for every sender making a transaction. This number should be passed on to the recipient so that he or she may provide it for he or she to receive the money sent. You can get your MTCN tracking number from your history page and in your printed or emailed receipt.

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How can I know if a Western Union agent is located near me?

You can determine the proximity of your nearest Western Union agent via their agent locator from their website, or simply, by clicking here. This locator offers you the option of searching for an agent via your physical address or via an agent’s name. It will then pin point the exact location of the agent near you or an agent of your preference based on your experience with them.

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What is Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN)?

Money Transfer Control Number (MCTN) is provided by Western Union to sender which needs to be passed to the recipient, so when recipient reach to agent to pick up cash, he has to provide MCTN to the agent.

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How can I start sending money via Western Union?

Sending money via Western Union is easy. All it takes is a mobile phone through which you can download the Western Union agent bank’s Mobile App. Once you have the app, you can log in to your profile and start making your transactions. To find out more about how you can send money and track it to the point it reaches your recipient, you can visit their customer care page for detailed assistance.

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How can I make sure my transfer is safe?

Western Union strives to send your money in the fastest and most reliable way possible. Moreover, it values the integrity of your funds. However, the responsibility of preventing fraudsters from reaching your money is also in your hands. Relative to this, Western Union has gone out of its way to enlighten you concerning how you can avert all malicious activities that can lead to loss of your money. Find out some of the ways through which you can ensure that you do not send money to a fraudster and prevent yourself from making heavy losses.

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Western Union User Reviews and Ratings

reviews powered by trustpilot

Even for no reason they just stop to…

Review published ago

Even for no reason they just stop to let me transfer money to family. when I ask why? The only answer is automatic machine translated reply .. They will not tell me why.. Silly Company and silly employers.... NOT RECOMENDED.....

by Lars Skovvang

Even for no reason they just stop to…

Review published ago

Even for no reason they just stop to let me transfer money to family. when I ask why? The only answer is automatic machine translated reply .. They will not tell me why.. Silly Company and silly employers.... NOT RECOMENDED.....

by Lars Skovvang

Sending money here is not the cheapest…

Review published ago

Sending money here is not the cheapest option, BUT its fast and reliable So if i send small amounts i always choose WU

by Anna Smeets

Sending money here is not the cheapest…

Review published ago

Sending money here is not the cheapest option, BUT its fast and reliable So if i send small amounts i always choose WU

by Anna Smeets

Super fast!

Review published ago

Thank god for Western Union. I was able to send money super fast to my brother in UAE.

by Aysha Mohammad A

Super fast!

Review published ago

Thank god for Western Union. I was able to send money super fast to my brother in UAE.

by Aysha Mohammad A

Western union is the worst

Review published ago

Western union is the worst! You cannot send money through them. They won’t send your money. They will tell you to call them for further security questions and when you do, they will decline your transfer without giving you reasons or hang the phone on you.

by sonia okogbaa

Western union is the worst

Review published ago

Western union is the worst! You cannot send money through them. They won’t send your money. They will tell you to call them for further security questions and when you do, they will decline your transfer without giving you reasons or hang the phone on you.

by sonia okogbaa


Review published ago

DO NOT USE WESTERN UNION TO SEND MONEY! I downloaded the app, which confirmed money transfer in 0-4 days. This is day 6, and my desperate friend is still waiting. I would have been better off using ANY other method, including USPS. Beware.

by Mary Jo

I love western union,is the fastest way…

Review published ago

I love western union,is the fastest way to get money world wide,because is everywhere

by Patrick “Faypat” Enerson

Never again !

Review published ago

Sent money to family in Romania to cover expenses for my mother funeral. System shown money available for pickup in 0-3 business days. After 4 days called customer service to inquire why one of the transaction tracking number does not work .Told by agent in an impolite manner money will be ready for pickup tomorrow and hang up on me.called again and second agent told me same thing without justifying the delay or the issue of tracking number not working. So I will never use again this service!

by Dorel

Very funny I leave close to the market…

Review published ago

Very funny I leave close to the market and there’s lots of WU , When you wanna send money they all so helpful, but this morning I need to pick up £100 for the first time till now I was just sending. Out of 13 WU shops none of was able to help, they all said they only send money I can’t pick up my money. Is that fair? If they sending money shouldn’t they let people receive as well? Is that your policy WU???

by Agnieszka Gradziuk

7866004051,,,*Western Union customer…

Review published ago

7866004051,,,*Western Union customer care number all money transfer pending refund amount call me

by Pally Kumar

Unprofessional customer service

Review published ago

I have been using WU for last seven years to send money back home. I had a bad experience in 2017 with them when transaction was not executed and they kept on claiming it to be done. It took them three months to refund me my money back. More recently I had an other terrible experience when the transaction I made via WU to a bank account was rejected by receiving person and the receiving person not knowing that I have used WU to send the money transferred some extra amount other than rejected amount to the same account he received the money from. I have reported it since seven months; I have emailed them numerous times along with more than 12 phone calls but they haven't resolved my issue and they keep on asking the same questions repeatedly which I have answered numerous times previously. My experience is that it is not worth transferring money to a bank account via Western union. Stay away

by Wasif Ghaffar

Alsof we criminelen zijn 😡

Review published ago

Iedere keer wanneer we geld overmaken naar eigen familie zelfde achternaam nog wel staan we weer in de wacht moeten we van alles toesturen en dan weer wachten service is ver te zoeken bij deze klanten”service”. Maar ik zie dat er zo veel mensen problemen mee hebben tijd om een andere manier te zoeken om geld over te maken.

by Me

Always been strange, but the latest transfer was a rip off

Review published ago

I send money abroad very often, especially last couple of months. It is available withing a few minutes for the receiver to pickup on the Thanksgiving day i found out that my relative will have to get to a hospital on Dec 1 and has to have the money before that, so I sent $1000 i received an email from WU that the money will be available for the receiver on Dec 4. I tried to chat and ask what is happening and if I can move the receiving day before Dec 1. A very rude and not helpful agent said no, and told me to call customer service. Getting to a person was a real nightmare, the robot didn't have the options i needed for me choose to from, it said it will hang up (and it did!!). When i got to an agent, the agent was not helpful either, saying that they will not tell me why my money are being held my WU and also gave me a suggestion to wait for a few days, maybe the receiving date will be changed. I waited till Mon morning, the money were taken out of my bank account by WU, but not available for the receiver still. So i had to cancel and resend again - the second transfer was available for pick up in a minute. But the first one is still held by WU. Will never use again. Do not recommend. Stay away from WU

by Tania Georgia Z

My experiences have always been…

Review published ago

My experiences have always been positive with WU used it locally and abroad. Never encountered any issues, by sending or receiving money.

by Loidy Guatemalan in the Philip


Review published ago

Just picked up an international money transfer the ridiculously bad exchange rate and I assume fees made me write this review to warn others stay away from using WU. I called customer service several times and complained and was told system generated charges are not negotiable and cannot be changed or appealed!! On US$2000 we lost CAN$174 at a Walmart Customer Service desk. Checking the exchange rate I should have received about CAN$2600. Our sender also paid about US$50 An absoulute rip off. Avoid WU at all costs lol!! Tell your friends. Ive told my sender

by alan jones

Unzuverlässigkeit wird hier groß geschrieben

Review published ago

Ich habe am Freitag eine Transaktion getätigt, die "in wenigen Minuten" meinen Verwandten in Marokko zur Verfügung stehen sollte. Es sind nun drei Tage vergangen, deswegen habe ich mich an die Hotline der WU gewendet. Dort wurde spärlich deutsch gesprochen, Mitarbeiter war unhöflich und sagte, es gäbe sicherlich ein Problem bei meiner Hausbank. Das Geld wurde allerdings schon am Freitag abgebucht, es gab keinen Fehler seitens meiner Bank! Wenn WU es nicht hinbekommt, Geld innerhalb weniger Minuten zu transferieren, dann sollen sie nicht damit werben - leere Werbeversprechen, die strafbar sind! Ich bat nun um die Stornierung der Transaktion. Bei dem Tempo kann ich auch eine normale Auslandsüberweisung ohne Zwischenaktionäre tätigen und komme schneller weiter. Ich bin sehr sauer, weil das Geld für eine dringende Operation benötigt wird!

by Nadia

I have been using Western Union for…

Review published ago

I have been using Western Union for years, never had a problem yet! Keep up the great job 👍

by Drifter

To potential WU customer

Review published ago

To potential WU customer: only use as a last and only resort. Terrible experience every time I used it in the last 4 years. Not convenient or efficient at all. Expensive and unreliable. The company has consistently left me with the feeling that I'm being ripped off. To WU Board of directors: Fix your game please. You once had a great reputation, and you have been riding on that with slick advertising for some years to get and keep customers. But the word is really getting out about how how dissatisfied your customers are. You will have to change radically and for the better to save your company.

by Joe Cephas

I Did send Money to Mexico when my…

Review published ago

I Did send Money to Mexico when my Daughter when to claim the money in small store while they were doing the transaction the computer stop working my daughter called me telling me the number doesn’t not exist i did check and said money was given but my daughter never got the money i did a claim now they are telling me case is closed coz money was given of course in the system says that western union never took their time to call the store back in mexico and asked them they just close the case they said i have to file a case with the police what for if they are the one who has to investigate i will never send money again using western union the company is suck they can take the money i know they are going to lose more

by noemi diaz

De lo peor!!!!!

Review published ago

De lo peor!!!!! Les di mi dinero hace dos meses para depositar en una cuenta en Francia Lo mandaron a otra cuenta lo cobraron Están todos los recibos de pago en otro iban y Nadie se Hace cargo Hace dos meses de esto Me dicen que no me van a reembolsar

by emma herbin

Schlimme Firma

Review published ago

Schlimme Firma, zu hohe Gebühren.Sicherheitsabteilung null service.

by Koka Rey
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