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Xoom Money Transfer Review by Exchange Rate IQ

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Xoom is a leading money transfer service provider which tends to send money from the United States and Canada to over 130 countries. But here the questions arise that can you trust it? Are its services safe? How much it charges as fees and what exchange rate it offers? To answer all your queries, experts of ERIQ have conducted research on the company and provide an unbiased independent review on Xoom.

Xoom, an electronic fund transfer and the money remittance company is a member of the PayPal family. It allows customers to send money, pay bills and also airtime top-up from USA and Canada to over 130 countries. With headquarters in San Francisco, CA, Xoom Corporation was acquired by PayPal in 2015. Some of the benefits of using Xoom money transfer services are:

  • All-time Customer Assistance
  • 100% Refund
  • Affordable Exchange Rates and Transfer Fee
  • Cash Pick-Up Facility

Review of Xoom Money Transfer :

Launched in the year 2001, Xoom offers fund transfer services from the US and Canada to more than 130 countries. Powered by PayPal, Xoom can help people to pay bills internationally or send money to friends and family. It is a leading service provider that makes sending money across Europe, South America, Central America and Asia easy and hassle-free.

One can send the money through a bank account, debit card or credit card and the recipient will get the money within a few minutes. It also offers the cash pick-up facilities across the world, so recipients will get the money as soon as payment made by the user. Customers can also use Xoom to pay electricity, telephone, gas, and more bills in selected foreign countries.

One can send a maximum amount up to USD $10,000 through a single transaction. It also offers 24-hours, 30 days and 180 days limits according to the Xoom account’s level. One can increase the level by providing more personal details such as government provided identification, proof of income and proof of residence. Recipient countries, as well as partners, also have a bearing limit.

Xoom customer services are available 24*7 on its toll-free number. It has been working more to provide hassle-free transaction as well as high security so that one can use Xoom money transfer services worry-free.

Pricing : How much does Xoom Money Transfer cost?

7 /10

Xoom Money Transfer Fee

The transaction fee in Xoom totally depends on the destination country as well as the payment method used by the customer. If one sends $200 from the USA and Canada to the following countries using various modes, then the fee will be:

Xoom Transfer Fees

Destination Country Transaction Method Fee
United Kingdom Bank Account $4.99
Debit/Credit Card $4.99
Australia Bank Account $4.99
Debit/Credit Card $10.99
India Bank Account $2.99
Debit/Credit Card $4.99
Columbia Bank Account $4.99
Debit/Credit Card $4.99
Jamaica Bank Account $7.99
Debit/Credit Card $12.99

One can also check the Xoom transfer fee here.

Xoom Money Transfer Rates

The company offers rates above the mid-market exchange rate, as it makes money from the transfer fee charged by the users.

Any other fee

The company claims that credit card transfers may attract more fees because of providing advance money. So one should know from the credit card company if they charge any such fee or not.

So, on the pricing basis, Exchange Rate IQ gives 7 out of 10 to Xoom as many companies even offer real-time prices with low transfer fee.

Transparency: Does Xoom Money Transfer have any hidden fees?

7 /10

Xoom Money Transfer Hidden Fee

The company makes money while doing a foreign exchange, so there are chances of hidden fee. So before transferring the funds with Xoom Corporation, one should know how much fee it will be going to take.

Xoom Money Transfer Tracking Details:

The company provides tracking details to customers at every stage through SMS and email. One can also track the transfers on their dashboards by logging in.

While many of the companies do not charge any hidden fee, Xoom charges it to make money, therefore we rate it 7 out of 10 in the transparency head.

Transfer Speed: How long does it take to send money through Xoom Money Transfer?


Xoom money transfer service offers faster turnaround compare to many banks. In many cases, the recipient will get the access to money transferred within minutes. However, this process time also depends on the mode of payment, destination country and transfer method.

Sometimes, it takes more time to transfer funds as recipient bank requires additional information. The company also takes more time on the public holidays, bank specific working hours as well as wrong recipient details.

Once you finalise your transfer, Xoom will provide you the clear picture of how long the process will take. Therefore, on an overall basis, we rate 9 out of 10 to the transfer speed of Xoom.

Coverage: How many Countries & Currencies does Xoom Money Transfer support?


One can send the funds from the US and Canada to over 130 countries around the world. One can also pay the utility bill in 9 countries currently which includes Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Honduras, Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama, and Vietnam. Some of the countries where you can send the funds through Xoom Money are:

Countries Supported by Xoom

India Italy Argentina Bangladesh Finland
France Hong Kong Kenya Pakistan Malta
Spain Singapore UK Sri Lanka Peru and more

The company has yet to cover many parts of Asia, Africa and Europe which will make it one of top money remittance service provider in the world. As we can see, one can only transfer USD and CAD to other countries in their currencies, so company still has vast opportunity to grow to provide its services worldwide.

Hence, on its coverage area, we rate it 8 out of 10. So, if you also want to use the services of Xoom money transfer login here.

Xoom Money Transfer Transfer Process

Send Money Online with Xoom, a Paypal Service

  1. Go to the Xoom, a PayPal Service website.

  2. Select the country to which you want to send the funds at “Select a Country”.

  3. Enter the amount you want to send.

  4. Select the payout method, i.e., bank account or cash pick-up.

  5. Select the mode of payment, bank account, debit card or credit card.

  6. Sign up if you are a new user.

  7. Enter all the personal details and an official government ID.

  8. Enter the details of recipient.

  9. Click on “Continue to Review”.

  10. Complete transaction and track it on your dashboard.

Send money with Xoom Money Transfer

Send money to Nigeria with Xoom

If you are looking for sending money to Nigeria than Xoom offer you to send it through multiple options. You can send money using the cash pickup services, so the recipient will pick money at First Bank, Ecobank, Skye Bank, etc. All the recipient need is a valid ID proof and transaction number.

Other than this, you can also make instant bank deposits in GT Bank, First Bank of Nigeria, Zenith Bank etc. you can deposit this cash using your bank account, debit card or credit card.

Can Xoom send money to Dubai?

Sending money to the United Arab Emirates is one of the easiest platforms with Xoom, as it offers bank transfers as well as cash pickups in Dubai. You need to select where you want the money to be paid out and decide if you want to pay with your bank account, debit card, or credit card. The company also offers instant cash pick up at IME-Ria locations. All the recipient needs to show is a valid ID and the Xoom transaction number.

Send money to Bangladesh with Xoom Money Transfer

Xoom Money Transfer offers bank deposit as well as cash pickup services in Bangladesh. If you want fast bank deposits, you can send money to Social Islami Bank Limited accounts in seconds or can deposit money in the account of Sonali Bank within 2 hours when sending between 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM BDT (Sunday – Thursday).

The company also provides instant cash pickups at 6,100 locations in partner with Social Islami Bank Limited and Prabhu agent. Other than this, if you have no emergency, you can make a 2-day deposit in BRAC bank, Standard Chartered Bank, Agrani Bank, etc.

User experience of Xoom Money Transfer


Xoom is highly user-oriented website. It provides the exchange rate as soon as you select the country where you want to send funds. It is also providing FAQs under help section to provide the user convenience answers. It is also providing exchange fee calculator, where you can select the country and mode of payment to know how much amount will be received by the recipient.

One can contact the company at its toll free number 24*7 and also send them mail.

Xoom money transfer contact number

(877) 815-1531 (within the U.S. and Canada)

+1 (415) 395-4225 (outside the U.S. and Canada)

Xoom money transfer email:

One can directly send the mail to company from their website. You can also send the mail from here.

As we see the payment convenience in Xoom, one can send money through bank account, debit and credit card. It also provides airtime top up for the family and friends. It also offers cash pick-up facility for the recipients. The company is also providing its mobile apps, which you can download here:

  1. Xoom Money Transfer Android App
  2. Xoom Money Transfer iOS App

Xoom Referral:

One can also earn Amazon egifts by referring the services of Xoom Money Transfer to their friends. The company will provide a unique link which you can send to your friends. When they complete their first transaction, you will get Amazon egift card of value USD20.

Some of the positive and negative aspects of the company are:


  • Excellent delivery options.
  • Available in various languages including English, Spanish, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Korean and Simplified Chinese
  • Fast transfers to many countries


  • Available only for the customers living in USA and Canada
  • Exchange rate is not transparent
  • Total cost will be higher comparing to many other competitors

So keeping all the factors in mind, on an overall user experience basis, Exchange Rate IQ experts rate Xoom 8 out of 10.

Security : Is Xoom Money Transfer Safe?


Protection is the foremost priority of Xoom. With more than 1 million clients, Xoom has a proven track record when it comes to keeping your info secure.

The company maintains technical, physical and administrative security measures to provide high personal protection to the users’ information. Xoom Corporation is fully licensed and authorized as it uses 128-bit encryption to secure your funds, as well as its money-back guarantee provides extra peace of mind. It is more accountable to the public because:

  • Its parent company, PayPal, is a public traded company.
  • It provides high transparency by giving tracking details to users through mail and SMS.
  • Xoom received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and is certified by TRUSTe, which ensures it is highly rated.

So, on the security basis, we rate Xoom 10 out of 10, as it is taking enough measures to keep people and their details secure.

Transfer Type And Modes

Pay In Options

Credit Card
Debit Card
Mobile Wallet

Pay Out Options

Home Delivery
Mobile Wallet

Service Mode


Exchange Rate Type


Xoom Money Transfer FAQ's

What is the limit in Xoom?

With Xoom, you need to send minimum amount of USD $10 and maximum amount up to USD $10,000. You can increase your 30 day and 180 day limits by providing additional information to the company.

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Does Xoom Money Transfer offer business transfer?

No. You can only perform personal transfers to your family and friends through Xoom money transfer.

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Can I schedule money transfer in advance on Xoom?

Yes, you can schedule the money transfers in advance at Xoom as it allow future transfers for the recurring transactions.

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How to track Xoom money transfer?

The company will provide you the details of transaction via email and SMS, so you can know when the funds will reach to recipient.

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schlechte Investmentgesellschaft…

Review published ago

schlechte Investmentgesellschaft investiert nicht Ich rate Ihnen für Ihren Rückerstattungsprozess, melden Sie sie Rec'ovi,ng •0r g

by James

schlechte Investmentgesellschaft…

Review published ago

schlechte Investmentgesellschaft investiert nicht Ich rate Ihnen für Ihren Rückerstattungsprozess, melden Sie sie Rec'ovi,ng •0r g

by James

I got my transaction stuck from my…

Review published ago

I got my transaction stuck from my account and the customer service told me they are investigating, it couldn’t had been worst if airpanellux didn’t assist me in retrieving my money back , airpanellux.com, the customer service need to work on their response

by Carolina

I got my transaction stuck from my…

Review published ago

I got my transaction stuck from my account and the customer service told me they are investigating, it couldn’t had been worst if airpanellux didn’t assist me in retrieving my money back , airpanellux.com, the customer service need to work on their response

by Carolina

Very disappointing

Review published ago

Very disappointing, please think twice before you attempt to send money with xoom !

by Mihai Strainov

Very disappointing

Review published ago

Very disappointing, please think twice before you attempt to send money with xoom !

by Mihai Strainov

manténgase alejado de la estafa

Review published ago

manténgase alejado de la estafa. Acabo de recuperar mis fondos con la ayuda de “Quickass etrecovery.• org .... Evite ser estafado

by Patrycja Balcerzak

manténgase alejado de la estafa

Review published ago

manténgase alejado de la estafa. Acabo de recuperar mis fondos con la ayuda de “Quickass etrecovery.• org .... Evite ser estafado

by Patrycja Balcerzak

3 Transaction totaling almost $3000 on…

Review published ago

3 Transaction totaling almost $3000 on 01-18-23 that was reported as a fraudulent transaction, by me the purported transferee to the management on the same day I was notified by my Bank about the transfer was found not fraudulent by the Xoom fraud investigation. How they come up with that decision is a mystery to me. The fact shows the transaction all happened in the same day with a few minutes interval, and it all goes to India, which s a way OFF MY PATTERN OF PREVIOUS TRANSACTION WITH THE COMPANY. i WILL NOT RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY to all person who want to transfer money. Fraudulent transaction is being tolerated, and their investigation is just a show off. I am extremely dissatisfied with this company.

by Alfredo Moe


Review published ago

molto meglio di WU e MG. molto meno costoso. denaro arriva sul tuo conto bancario

by Paolo Panarotto

Dreadful customer service and my money…

Review published ago

Dreadful customer service and my money is still stuck somewhere. Status says still processing , Xoom customer service contradicts their own status and says it’s been sent. Recipient account did not receive the money (I am also the recipient, sent to my GCash account) It’s nothing short of fraud, they are quite happy to sit and do nothing,

by Adrian Shepherd

Sent money through bank within EU…

Review published ago

Sent money through bank within EU (Ireland to Lithuania) since 19 January and it is still not appearing on the receiving bank account. Xoom is refusing to give any reference number or Transaction code. Your money is not safe!

by Hanibal

Este es el peor servicio del mundo

Review published ago

Este es el peor servicio del mundo, lo utilicé sin indagar porque es de paypal. Mi hermano me hizo un envío con su saldo de paypal, para retirar en ventanilla, dijeron que la transacción era rápida y más que se usó saldo de paypal para pagarla pero no han puesto el dinero y tampoco contestan ningún mensaje. Descuentan el dinero automaticamente de Paypal pero no lo envían. Es terrible el servicio al cliente, solo te envian correos automáticos, necesitas enviar dinero con urgencia a tu país de origen ve a un agente personalmente y no pierdas tu tiempo con este pésimo servicio, deberían desaparecer como empresa!

by Jeniffer Guerrero

XOOM ist nur für sehr geringe Beträge…

Review published ago

XOOM ist nur für sehr geringe Beträge zu empfehlen. Bei größeren Beträgen ist eine Sicherheitsüberprüfung erforderlich, die mehrere Tage bzw. 1 Woche dauern kann, wobei nicht immer klar ist, welche Dokumente die eigentlich wollen. Die Kommunikation ist ziemlich konfus.

by matthias siebert

Do not invest you will lose…

Review published ago

Do not invest you will lose your😭😭😭🙄😒 money 1😭😭00% I’m happy I wa😭😭s able to get all back through G L O B A L R E C O V E R Y A G E N C Y • O R G

by Nina Pedri

Nicht zu empfehlen

Review published ago

Ich habe mich aufgrund der wesentlich geringeren Transaktionsgebühren im Vergleich zur klassischen Bank, der schönen Aufmachung der Webseiten und der Verbindung mit PayPal registriert. Über meinen PayPal Account ging das sehr einfach und unproblematisch. Bereits der erste Versuch einer Überweisung nach Tschechien scheiterte jedoch, da ich keinen Vornamen der Einrichtung angeben kann, an die ich überweisen möchte. Die online-Hilfe bietet hier eben keine Hilfe und JEDER Versuch, telefonisch Hilfe zu erhalten endete damit, dass einfach die Verbindung unterbrochen wurde, nachdem ich nach minutenlanger Berieselung mit uninteressanten Informationen doch mit einem Mitarbeiter sprechen wollte. Insgesamt hat mich dieser Versuch so viel Zeit gekostet, dass ich nun lieber die (zugegebenermaßen absurd hohen Bankgebühren (38 € für 42 € Überweisungsbetrag) zahle, das spart im Endeffekt Geld. Weitete Erfahrungen mit dem Xoom-Service habe ich nicht, mir drängt sich aber der Eindruck auf, dass die vielen Ein-Sterne-Rezensenten hier doch Recht haben...

by Rainer Surkow

You go through a transfer process…

Review published ago

You go through a transfer process authorise a payment through yourselves and my card then you review it for security reasons typical of PayPal 😂 your a joke luckily my reputable credit card company reversed transaction so stuff you

by Paul Smith


Review published ago

They were well over the time stated to do the transfer so I cancelled the transaction. Now it will take them 3 days to send the money back to me "after" they process the cancellation, which they haven't even started yet 6 hours after cancelling

by Ryan

Their process is worthless

Review published ago

Their process is worthless They keep asking to confirm my identity via SMS, did it 10 times now, and it keeps me in a loop. If I am not able to pay, I will stick to Wise, as it is done in seconds.

by Wilfried Ligthart

La mala empresa inversionista no…

Review published ago

La mala empresa inversionista no invierte te asesoro para tu proceso de repago, repórtalos a G,,,,LO..BA....LRE....CO;;;;VE.....RYA..G.....E,,,,NC.... Yءء٠٠ORG

by Maritial vic

Erstens man versteht kaum etwas

Review published ago

Erstens man versteht kaum etwas, soviel zu Deutschen Service.

by Peter Menger

There should be a negative star for this company…

Review published ago

There should be a negative star for this company. The worst of all!!! The exchange rate is very low. Transfer fee is very high. Most of all very poor customer service. The Philippines call center customer service are very rude and clueless on their job. Can’t even understand what they’re saying. Don’t even rely on their door to door services because it would never never come on time. Their system is absolutely annoying. They make so many mistakes. Do yourself a favor find some other money transfer company. They would ruin your good credit history if you’re based in USA because of their carelessness. I wish I had a time to sue this company, beware!!!!!

by Elvira Funte

Es kann nicht sein das man ständig…

Review published ago

Es kann nicht sein das man ständig Gebühren zahlen muss um Geld geschickt zu bekommen. Das ist kein Unternehmen es ist Betrug davon bin ich überzeugt. Warum kann man nicht vernünftig arbeiten!!! Hilfe gibt es doch auch keine. Nie wieder.

by Lucas Colduck

J'ai utilisé deux fois ce service,pour…

Review published ago

J'ai utilisé deux fois ce service,pour envoyer des sous à la fille et ma belle sœur (en France). Elles ont reçu leur virement instantanément. Je recommande. Par contre,comptez des frais de transaction (0.99€ pour un virement de 60€)

by Lalyne
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