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TransferGo is an online money remittance company with headquarter in London. Customers can transfer funds from over 33 countries to over 45 countries. The company has processed more than £700 million in online transfer via web and app. TransferGo money remittance service works on the principle of local in- local out. This means, the customer makes a transaction with local currency in the account of TransferGo and then the company makes local payment to bank account of the recipient. Some of the benefits of TransferGo are:
  • Low and Transparent Fee
  • Competitive Rates
  • No Transfer Limits
  • Fastest Delivery in 30 Minutes

Exchange Rate IQ’s Review of TransferGo

Overall rating
8 /10

Launched in the year 2012, TransferGo offers inexpensive money transfer services for the migrant workers. The company uses a digital transfer process on an account-to-account model, where money transfers do not leave the country as funds are paid in and out locally. A UK-based company, it offers its services in 22 currencies over 47 countries.

TransferGo offers both personal as well as business transfers in the local-in local-out model. Payments can be made through a bank account or debit and credit card. However, it only supports few currencies through cards and these are GBP, DKK, EUR, PLN, NOK, and SEK with a maximum transfer limit of 2,000 GBP. There is no maximum transfer limit on TransferGo when the amount is transferred through a bank account.

TransferGo customer support is available for a few hours in multiple languages, where users can ask the queries related to their transfers. Besides this, the company is also providing enough security to protect the customers from any cyber crimes.

Overall, we rate 8 out of 10 to TransferGo as its services are not fully available in the US, which can help it to grow more.

Pricing : How much does TransferGo cost?

8 /10

TransferGo Transfer Fee:

TransferGo fee differs from the way you transfer and the country you are transferring the funds to. Its transfer fee is fixed and has an additional conversion fee of 0.6% to 1.5% of the transfer amount, which depends on the country you are sending funds from. Some of its various transfers and their fee are:

  • Delivery in 3-5 working days: £ 0.00 (free)
  • Delivery in 1 business day: £ 0.99
  • Delivery in 30 minutes: £ 1.99 or more

TransferGo Exchange Rate:

TransferGo will convert the money from its customers at the prevailing mid-market prices by deducting 0.2% to 2.2% of the margin. The rate gets locked once you start the transaction, so you need not to worry about changing rates.

If speed is not an issue, then TransferGo offers cheap transfers and also the exchange rate margin will be zero. Therefore, experts of Exchange Rate IQ provide TransferGo 8 out of 10 under the pricing head.

Transparency: Does TransferGo have any hidden fees?

7 /10

TransferGo Hidden Fee: The company does not have any hidden fees. You will get all the details of the amount you need to paid and received by the recipient while performing the transaction. However, there should be some additional cost if you transfer the funds through debit and credit card, which will also be shown at the time of the transaction.

TransferGo Tracking Details: If you are transferring the funds through TransferGo, you can track it on your dashboard. It will provide the pending and complete transactions there, where you will get the details on how much time it will receive to the recipient.

You can also cancel the transfers from the website of TransferGo, but if you have once made the transfer, you need to contact TransferGo customer support and it will cancel the booking within 24 hours.

The company has no hidden fees and also providing enough tracking details, however, it does not have a cancellation on a click and you need to contact them. Therefore, we provide 7 out of 10 rating to it under transparency head

Transfer Speed: How long does it take to send money through TransferGo?


The time taken by TransferGo varies from country to country and based on your needs. It has some main countries where the general delivery time is:

  • Standard delivery takes place on the next business day from the time the company receives your amount.
  • Cheap delivery takes up to 3 business days from the time the company receives your amount.
  • It is also providing faster delivery options, where the funds get delivered in 30 minutes, depending on the country from where you deposited the amount.

There are some countries where it has limited services and takes more than 1 business day to deliver the funds. These are:

  • USA
  • Australia
  • Bulgaria
  • Canada
  • Switzerland
  • Czech Republic
  • Hong Kong
  • Israel
  • Mexico
  • Africa

So, on the base of transferring speed of TransferGo, we would rate it 8 out of 10 because in many countries, it is offering 1 business day transfer and also allowing instant transfers in case of faster delivery option.

Security : Is TransferGo Safe?


TransferGo keeps the personal and financial information of its clients separately. The company has been following various regulations which help it to keep the high privacy for its users.

  • The company offers institutional grade security, which includes 256-bit SSL encryption with a 2048-bit signature.
  • The company has been regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority.
  • It is also registered with Her Majesty’s Revenue and Custom.

As we see that the TransferGo is fully licensed and fully secured, hence we provide 9 out of 10 to its security measures.

User experience of TransferGo


TransferGo is a highly responsive website, which will provide all the details of fees and exchange rates when you select the country to transfer the funds. Its website is also available in multiple languages so that more and more people can connect to it. Besides this, it also offers cheap as well as fast transfers, depending on the option you select for sending the funds.

While it is only possible to send the money to the bank account of the recipient as the company does not offer any cash pick-up or courier services. Besides this, TransferGo also does not offer airtime top-up or mobile transfer. So, one can only send the funds through a bank account or debit and credit card. Some of the positive and negative points considered by the customers are:


  • High speed and low transfer fee
  • Easy to use service
  • Good customer support
  • No minimum and maximum transfer limits


  • Limited availability in the world
  • Bank deposit and debit/credit card transfer only

TransferGo Promo Code:

TransferGo does not have any promo code, besides this, the user can refer it to any friend to earn free transfers. It will provide a unique link which you can share with your friends and earn thousands of pounds if he/she will transfer more than £50 or more with no transfer fees.

TransferGo Contact:

You can contact the company between Monday to Friday, from 7.00 a.m. to 16.00 p.m. BST, excluding bank holidays. Some of its contact numbers for different lingual people are provided under:


+44 13 9269 4030

+49 30 2000 42053


+44 11 8310 0891

+370 521 40 4 50

+49 30 5683 8124


+44 14 3830 5041

+48 58 881 05 00

+49 30 2000 42077


+44 115 824 3082

+40 31 630 1568

+49 30 5683 8134


+44 13 2980 1033

+371 678 59 665

+49 30 5683 8045


+44 13 7535 2030

+49 30 5683 8115

+48 12 881 32 54


+48 58 881 03 54

+44 114 303 1667

+49 30 5683 7611

+380 893 240 520 (only for the calls from Ukraine)


+49 30 5884 9180

+44 203 856 4456


You can also mail your queries to the company at [email protected]

TransferGo Mobile Apps

The company has been providing the mobile apps, you can download TransferGo app here:

1. TransferGo Android App

2. TransferGo iOS App

On an overall user experience basis, we provide 8 out of 10 to TransferGo because the company does not offer online transfers or air-time top up. At the same time, one cannot use other cards except Visa and MasterCard. You can also not use your crypto currencies or money market securities to transact through TransferGo.

Coverage: How many Countries & Currencies does TransferGo support?


One can send the money to 47 countries through TransferGo from over 30 countries in 22 currencies. One can send the money through a bank account, debit and credit card to these countries. The company provides transparent exchange rates and the flat fee which will be shown during the transaction. Some of the top countries, where you can send money through TransferGo are:

Australia Greece Germany Malta Poland
UK USA India Italy France
Russia Canada South Africa Denmark Norway and more

As we see an overall coverage area of the company, we will provide 7 out of 10 to it. This is because the company is not providing its services to many countries and it still has a vast area to cover. So, if you are among the countries cover by TransferGo login here.

TransferGo User Reviews and Ratings

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Отличный сервис для тех кто работает за границей! Базовый код приглашения: FREEGO

Review published ago

Рекомендую TransferGo всем, кто ищет лучший способ перевести деньги с одного счета на другой, быстро и надежно. Работаю за границей и зачастую пользуюсь услугами этой компании. Очень доволен, при переводах никаких проблем не было, деньги всегда приходят в указанный срок, выгодный курс обмена. Также важно знать, первый перевод при использовании кода приглашения бесплатный, плюс компания дарит бонус в размере 10 фунтов (11-12 евро). Введите код ➡️ FREEGO при регистрации в поле "код приглашения"

by Roman

Отличный сервис для тех кто работает за границей! Базовый код приглашения: FREEGO

Review published ago

Рекомендую TransferGo всем, кто ищет лучший способ перевести деньги с одного счета на другой, быстро и надежно. Работаю за границей и зачастую пользуюсь услугами этой компании. Очень доволен, при переводах никаких проблем не было, деньги всегда приходят в указанный срок, выгодный курс обмена. Также важно знать, первый перевод при использовании кода приглашения бесплатный, плюс компания дарит бонус в размере 10 фунтов (11-12 евро). Введите код ➡️ FREEGO при регистрации в поле "код приглашения"

by Roman


Review published ago

Cool!!!! Very nice!!!

by Viktor Movchan


Review published ago

Cool!!!! Very nice!!!

by Viktor Movchan


Review published ago

Super! Thank you

by Roman Shnyt


Review published ago

Super! Thank you

by Roman Shnyt

Very good servise

Review published ago

Very good servise

by Valdas ZENKOVAS

Very good servise

Review published ago

Very good servise

by Valdas ZENKOVAS

Очень хорошая услуга

Review published ago

Очень хорошая услуга. Всем советую ☺

by Tamila Mykhailyk

Paranızı tamamen ÜCRETSİZ gönderin! Davet kodu: FREEGO

Review published ago

Şirket olumlu bir döviz kuru sunar, farklı gönderiler türleri, para her zaman belirtilen sürede gelir. Ilk teslim davet kodu ile ücretsizdir,arti ayrıca şirket hediye olarak 10 pound verir. Kayıt olurken davet kodunu girin ➡️ FREEGO

by Freddy

Актуальный базовый код приглашения ➡️ MYBONUS

Review published ago

Все прекрасно работает. Рекомендую. Деньги приходят вовремя, курс выгодный, на сайте можно выбрать русский или украинский язык. Перевожу деньги через ТрансферГо уже давно. Для бесплатных переводов, бонусов 10 фунтов и участия в бонусной программе вводите только базовые (то есть 7-и значные) коды. Делюсь актуальным базовым кодом ➡️MYBONUS

by Рита Тодоренко

TransferGo najlepszy sposób na przelanie pieniędzy. Aktualny kod polecający: FREEGO

Review published ago

Witam! Jesteś za granicą, chcesz przesłać 💸pieniądze do Domu, transferGo to najlepsza usługa do przelewania pieniędzy. Używam go od 2 lat, nie było problemów z wysyłaniem, zawsze dobry kurs wymiany. Pierwsza przesyłka za pomocą kodu polecający jest bezpłatny. Również otrzymasz bonus 10 funtów(47 PLN).Wpisz kod przy rejestracji ➡️ FREEGO

by Mark

Bonus 10 funtów za kod zaproszenia PRIVATB24

Review published ago

Cóż, usługa jest doskonała, a dla nowych klientów istnieje możliwość otrzymania premii w wysokości 10 GBP, jeśli podczas rejestracji zostanie wprowadzony kod zaproszenia, tak jak ja. używać - pierwsza błyskawiczna trans. - podczas rejestracji w polu "kod zaproszenia" wpisać PRIVATB24 - bieżący kod zaproszenia to "PRIVATB24". Jeśli strona już tam jest, możesz utworzyć nową z tym kodem promocyjnym (kod zaproszenia), jest ważna przez cały 2019 rok. - warunki otrzymania premii (są one dla wszystkich w ramach tej promocji) - dokonać przelewu w wysokości ponad 50 funtów lub ekwiwalentu tej kwoty w innej walucie.

by Patrizia

Überweisen Sie das Geld komplett KOSTENLOS! Einladungs-Code: FREEGO

Review published ago

Ich war erst skeptisch, ob TransferGo wirklich vertrauenswürdig ist, aber der Geldtransfer nach Poland hat hervorragend geklappt. TransferGo ist wirklich einfach zu nutzen, dank und diverser anderer Zahlungsmöglichkeiten höchst komfortabel und sehr schnell. Der angegebene Zeitpunkt für den Geldtransfer wurde exakt eingehalten und viel günstiger als eine Überweisung durch meine Bank war es ohnehin. Außerdem ist die erste Überweisung bei Verwendung des Einladungscodes kostenlos, und das Unternehmen gibt einen Bonus von 10 Pfund (12 Euro). Der Code wird bei der Registrierung eingegeben ➡️ FREEGO

by Tomasz

Send 💸money completely free! Invite code: FREEGO

Review published ago

Excellent service🥇 The service offers a favorable exchange rate, different types of sending. Money always comes to the card within a specified time. The first transfer is carried out by the code for free, you will also receive a bonus of 10 pounds (12 euro) Enter the invitation code when you register ➡️ FREEGO

by Tom

10 euro bonus with promo code PRIVATB24

Review published ago

the service is excellent, and for new customers there is an opportunity to receive a £ 10 bonus if you enter an invitation code during registration, as I did. use - first instant trans. - during registration in the field "invitation code" enter PRIVATB24 - the current invitation code is "PRIVATB24". if you already have a page you can create a new one with this promotional code (invitation code), it is valid for the whole 2019

by Andelina

Bonus 10 euro auf den Promo-Code PRIVATB24

Review published ago

der Service ist ausgezeichnet, und für Neukunden besteht die Möglichkeit, einen Bonus in Höhe von £ 10 zu erhalten, wenn Sie wie bei der Registrierung einen Einladungscode eingeben. verwenden - Während der Registrierung im Feld "Einladungscode" PRIVATB24 eingeben - erster sofortiger trans. - Der aktuelle Einladungscode lautet "PRIVATB24". Wenn die Seite bereits vorhanden ist, können Sie mit diesem Aktionscode (Einladungscode) eine neue erstellen. Sie ist für das gesamte Jahr 2019 gültig. - Bedingungen für den Erhalt eines Bonus (diese gelten für alle im Rahmen dieser Aktion)

by Ilona

Бонус 11€ по промокоду PRIVATB24 , при переводе на карту приват банка, ниже подробно

Review published ago

Хорошо, сервис отличный,а для новых клиентов есть возможность получить БОНУС 10 фунтов стерлингов если ввести код приглашение во время регистрации, как я и сделала. пользуйтесь - первый первод мгновенный - во время регистрации в поле "код приглашение " ввести PRIVATB24 - действующий код приглашение - " PRIVATB24 " . если страница уже есть можете создать новую с этим промокодом(кодом приглашением), он действительный весь 2019 год. -условия получения бонуса(они одни для всех в рамках этой акции) - совершить перевод в размере более 50 фунтов (1750 грн) или эквивалентно этой сумме в другой валюте. - все , нажимаем получить бонус после 1го перевода,указываем номер карточки приват банка и через 2 дня бонус в резмере 10 фунтов (350 грн у вас на карточке!! перевод перевод так же без комиссии! Реально действтвует)

by Настя


Review published ago

Super foarte rapid si ieftin

by Marius Purice

Супер працює

Review published ago

Супер працює



Review published ago

Polecam. Dałabym 5 gwiazdek,ale jedną zabieram za

by Łukasz Krzeszowiec

Класный сайт

Review published ago

Класный сайт. Рекомендую всем.

by Sergey Gamurar


Review published ago


by Andżelika Soliwoda


Review published ago

Klas mne nravetsa

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TransferGo Transfer Process

Step-By-Step Guide to Transfer Funds with TransferGo

  1. Go to TransferGo website.

  2. Select the country to which you have to send the money and click on “Get Started”.

  3. You need to sign up, either personal or business.

  4. Enter email and password.

  5. You can also sign up with Facebook or Google account.

  6. Enter all the personal details including bank account, ID etc.

  7. Enter the recipient details.

  8. Enter money you want to send and re-check the details.

  9. Click on send.

  10. Your amount will be received by the recipient in the time shown during the transaction.

Transfer Type And Modes

Pay In Options


Pay Out Options


Service Mode


Exchange Rate Type