Venstar Exchange Reviews 2019

All the useful information that you need to know before sending money with Venstar Exchange!

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USD MXN $ 18.68
USD INR ₹ 69.46
USD CAD $ 1.29


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Exchange Rate IQ’s Review of Venstar Exchange

Venstar Exchange a foreign exchange company of Venstar Holdings (USA), Inc. Established in 1990 Venstar is rated A+ by BBB. Venstar Exchange offers premium services to private clients, small firms as well as large corporations for transferring money internationally between banks. Each client is assigned an Account Specialist who works one-on-one with client to provide best possible exchange rate maintaining quality of service at its best. As a premium service provider Venstar exchange services are available to customers transferring minimum of 5,000 USD.

Key highlights

  • Cost - free transfers for 10,000 USD or higher

  • Speed - funds are transferred in 1 business day

  • Security - good network and physical security

Pricing : How much does Venstar Exchange cost?

Transactions are free for transfers over 10,000 USD to one recipient. There is 15 USD fee per recipient for multi recipient transaction. 15 USD is charged for transaction of less than 10,000 USD. As Venstar transfers are bank to bank wire transfer you may pay additional wire transfer fees to your bank.

Transfer Speed: How long does it take to send money through Venstar Exchange?

Funds are generally transferred in 1 business day. If transaction is initiated earlier part of the day, funds could reach beneficiary the same day.

Security : Is Venstar Exchange Safe?

Venstar use 128 bit SSL certificates to protect your data from cyber threats. Data centers of Venstar are protected with bio-metrics enabled physical and virtual security. As funds are transferred with wire transfers, funds are guaranteed to be secured not just by Venstar but by your bank.

Coverage: How many Countries & Currencies does Venstar Exchange support?

Venstar Exchange handles all major currency pairs, in both directions. It also handles many minor and exotic currencies.

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