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Wish to know each and every detail regarding the money transfer companies? We at Exchange Rate IQ is providing you an unbiased review of these companies based on the customer reviews, reliability and authenticity. So, today we bought you the review of XE Money Transfer which offers transfer to over 170 countries in 60 currencies. This review will provide you the details of how XE Money Transfer works? What is XE Money Transfer fees? What is XE Money Transfer rate to India? How to find XE Money Transfer locations? Is XE Money Transfer legit?

XE Money Transfer is a Canadian based foreign exchange tools and service provider with headquarters in Newmarket, Ontario. It also offers online currency converter tools, exchange rate information, international money transfers and other foreign exchange related services. Earlier, it was known with the brand name of HiFX, but it has recently joined forces with XE Money. So it has been bringing the best services for its customers in the field of foreign exchange. Some of its benefits are:

  • No exchange fees.
  • Competitive exchange rates.
  • Currency specialist.
  • Highly secured services.

Review of XE Money Transfer :

Launched in the year 1993, XE is one of the top money remittance companies across the globe. It has been owned by Euronet Worldwide, Inc in 2015. and recently in 2019, HiFX has joined its forces with the company to provide the world-class money transfer services. The company allows transfer to 170 countries from 50 countries in more than 60 currencies. It only allows online transfers and does not have the cash pick-up or courier services. With XE Money Transfer, you can do free money transfer to India. The transfer limits of the company are:

XE Money Maximum Transfer Limit: No limit 

XE Money Minimum Transfer Limit: 0 USD

XE money offers free transfers to its customer, means it does not levy any service fee for providing money transfer services. At the same time, it has no minimum or maximum transfer limit. So customers can send funds without taking care of exceeding the limit. It also offers business transfers, so now companies can transfer their money overseas free of cost. Its only drawback is that it does not accept transfers through debit and credit card. So, one needs to transfer funds using bank account via online or mobile banking. Australian residents can also use BPAY for transferring money through XE money.

Its customer services are available 24/7 on phone and email. So, one can contact any time to its customer care toll-free numbers or can mail at [email protected]

It has been providing the best security to its customers. It has experts and technical team which monitor the unusual behaviour on the website and works hard to provide secure transfers.

Pricing : How much does XE Money Transfer cost?

8 /10

XE Money Transfer Fees

Being one of the major platforms for "transfer money overseas", XE money does not charge any fees for providing its services. Customers need not pay any account opening or monthly account keeping fees. However, some third-party charges might apply when you make payments to XE or before recipients receive transferred funds into their bank accounts. This all depends on the banks and the countries you are sending money to.

However, outgoing wire transfers attract some fees, which will be lower than the banks. In some wire transfer cases, you may also incur some third-party charges, such as fees from financial institutions for receiving funds.

XE Money Transfer Rates

XE Money Transfer rates are competitive but you may find much better rates with its competitors. It typically offers FX money transfer exchange rates between 0.4% and 1.2% lower than the baseline interbank rate. The company keeps updating the exchange rates time to time and provide updates to users through SMS and email.

Transparency: Does XE Money Transfer have any hidden fees?

9 /10

XE Money Hidden Fees

XE Money Transfer is very much transparent with its services, exchange rates and fees. There is no hidden fee when you do any transaction with the company. Once you begin the transaction, it locked the mid-market real-time rate and will be the same until funds are released to the recipient. There is no fee charged on the transfer, and the exchange rate will be shown to you when you start the transaction. No matters if you are using XE Money Transfer in Australia, New Zealand, or make transfer to India, it will provide you the best services possible.

XE Money Transfer Tracking Details

You can track the transaction you have completed on XE by the transaction number provided by the company on your dashboard. You have to put that transaction number while tracking the details of your transfer. XE customer care services are also available 24/7 on phone and email, so if you face any such issue, you can directly contact the company.

Transfer Speed: How long does it take to send money through XE Money Transfer?


Most of the transfers are processed instantly by XE Money as soon as it receives your money. It also provides the assumption date by which the recipient will receive the funds. If XE Money Transfer receives your payment on time, then the provided payment date is the earliest it can process your transfer.

However, xe.com does not offer any credit or debit card transfer, and one can process the payment only through a bank account or online transfers, it’s not possible for it to transfer funds immediately. It takes at least 3-5 working days until recipient receives the money. This is one of the major drawbacks of the company, where it has vast chances to grow.

Coverage: How many Countries & Currencies does XE Money Transfer support?


XE allows transfer to over 170 countries in 60 currencies. It only allows the online transfer, no cash pick-up or courier services are provided by it. The countries from where you can send money via XE Money Transfer are:

Services of XE Money Transfer available at:

Australia Jersey Netherlands Denmark Spain
France Ireland Germany UK USA
Canada Austria Sweden Switzerland New Zealand
South Africa New Caledonia Isle of Man

Currencies supported by XE Money Transfer


XE international money transfer supports both businesses as well as private transfers. It also allows charitable transfers, purchase of the home in foreign countries; overseas payment to employers, suppliers etc. so, if you also want to send money, here is XE Money Transfer Login, start now. The company has not been providing card transfers and cash pick-ups, which is the major area of growth. At the same time, XE money is not offering its services in many regions of Asia and Africa, where it has vast opportunities. So, we feel that XE can develop itself more to become the top remittance service provider in the world.

XE Money Transfer Transfer Process

Send money abroad online with XE Money Transfer

  1. Go to the website of XE Money Transfer.

  2. Click on the “Transfer Money” at the top of home page and select “XE Money Transfer” or “Business Transfer”.

  3. You will be redirected to the new page, here, click on “Get Started”.

  4. Enter all the personal details as asked by the website and wait till the account is registered.

  5. Once all this procedure completed, sign in to your account.

  6. Provide the payment and recipient details.

  7. You will get the details of the exchange rate and any other fee that is charged by any third party.

  8. Review all the details and exchange rate.

  9. Your amount has been received by XE money, and you can track it with the transaction number provided by the company.

Send money with XE Money Transfer

XE Money Transfer to Russia

Either you are sending money from the US to Moscow or France to Saint Petersburg, XE Money Transfer is providing you with the fee-free transfers at very competitive mid-market exchange rates. The company also provides currency data, so that you can easily track the past performance of the currency and decide when to make the transfers. XE Money Transfer currency rankings show that the most popular Russian Ruble corridor is EUR to RUB. So you can easily send money with XE Money Transfer to Russia with your bank account, debit card or credit card.

XE Money Transfer to China

This specialized money transfer company offers highly competitive exchange rates to its customers compared to traditional banks and also offer transfer a 0 transfer fees. So if you want to send money to China from anywhere in the world, XE Money Transfer offers you the best mid-market exchange rates with a small percentage of margin. The highest exchange corridor for China Yuan Renminbi is highest on USD to CNY which shows people living in the United States sends more money to China than any other country.

XE Money Transfer New Zealand

International money transfers allow you to send money to another country by changing the currency of your country to theirs. Many people use the traditional banking methods for transferring the money while many are using now the money transfer companies which are offering higher exchange rates at low fees. Similar is XE Money Transfer, which allows users to transfer money at zero transfer fees and high exchange rates with a minimum margin at mid-market rates. You can send money to New Zealand in the hassle-free method with XE Money Transfer and also track it at your dashboard.

User experience of XE Money Transfer


XE Money is a highly responsive website. Once enter the amount and select the country you want to send funds to, it will provide the exchange rate and the amount that will be received to the recipient. The company also offers other analytical tools which help the customers to plan the transfers. These currency tools are:

The company has excellent user reviews and customer satisfaction. But there are some positive and negative aspects of it, these are:


  • Trade in more than 130 currencies in 120 countries.
  • Most of the transfers get completed in 1-2 working days.
  • Transfer by bank account, debit or credit card.


  • No cash pick-ups available.
  • Surcharge on transacting through credit card.

XE Money Customer Support:

The company does not offer 24*7 customer support, but one can contact it in its working hours. It has different numbers for different countries. For the general information regarding any transaction, one can contact here:

XE Money Contact Number: +1 416 214-5606

XE Money Email: [email protected]

You can also find other details regarding your transaction by contacting XE Money here. Select the country and you will get all the details.

XE Money Transfer App

The company has also provided many apps for all the devices, here we are providing you with the links to download Android and iOS apps under:

Besides this, around 95% of reviews of XE Money Transfer were full of praise; it was quite difficult to find negative reviews. Still, the company has to grow in many countries which will make it top money remittance companies in the world. So on overall user experience, we rate XE Money 8.5 out of 10.

Security : Is XE Money Transfer Safe?


XE Money Transfer is registered with and regulated by many different authorities across the globe.

  • It has been regulated by the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC).
  • In the US, the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network is regulating it.
  • In the UK, it is registered with the UK Financial Conduct Authority, and in Australia, its operations come under the purview of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).

The website relies on enterprise-grade security to safeguard customer information. The access of XE.com comes in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, Swedish, Chinese, Japanese, and Arabic so that any person can use it easily. It is using the best technical and personnel ways to protect the data of users, so, in this field, we will provide 10 out of 10 to the company.

XE Money Transfer FAQ's

Is XE Money Transfer legit?

Yes, XE Money Transfer is legit, efficient, and secure way to send money abroad. The company offers mid-market rates and does not charge any transfer fee to send money.You can start online money transfer now with XE Money .

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How XE Money Transfer works?

XE Money Transfer help its customers to send money to over 120 countries in over 130 currencies, out of which most of them are completed on the same working day. It offer mid-market exchange rates and charge no fees on making transfers. You can start online money transfer now with XE Money .

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What are the minimum and maximum transfer limits in XE Money Transfer?

There are no minimum and maximum transfer limits with XE Money, when you are paying via phone. However, there is a limit of USD $500,000 or equivalent amount on other currencies for the online transfers per transaction. So, if you want to send large amount at one time, XE Money Transfer offers you the best services. You can start online money transfer now with XE Money .

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What are the important documents need to make XE Money Transfer account?

You need to provide any document which proves your address dated within the last 3 months, contains your full name, and matches your address. You also need to provide an identity card by uploading any of the documents including D card, driver’s license, or passport. You can start online money transfer now with XE Money .

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Can I cancel the XE Money transfer?

Yes. You can cancel the transfer by immediately contacting on Toll-Free Number (US and Canada) 1-877-932-6640. However, XE Money may charge the cancellation cost from its users. You can start online money transfer now with XE Money .

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How can I track XE Money transfer?

XE Money Transfer provides the details of transaction through email and SMS to its customers at every stage. However, you can also track your transfers on your dashboard by entering the transaction number. You can start online money transfer now with XE Money .

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I have sent money but it has not reached the recipient. What do I do?

If you send money using XE Money and it does not reach its destination within 4 days maximum, you should reach out to the customer support team using +44 1753 441 844 for faster assistance. You can also opt to fill up the contact form with your complaint although it is relatively slower.

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How reliable is the XE Money tracking service?

One of the best ways to make sure that your transaction is complete is through XE Money tracking services. You get notified through text when you confirm a transaction and when the recipient gets their money. Other than providing you with some security, it also enables you to know if there is a problem with your transaction.

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When can you use XE Money services?

XE Money transfer services are available to users 24 hours a day 7 days a week. That is because, you can quickly access the platform using your smartphone. The XE Money transfer app is compatible with many smartphones and can allow you to send and receive money at your convenience.

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What documents do I need to use XE Money?

In order to access XE Money transfer services, you will need to provide some proof. You will have to provide your address through uploading documents like a banks statement, utility bill, building society statement, current building insurance certificate or a resident permit addressed to your name within the last 3 months. You will also need to upload your identity card or passport and all these documents must have the same name so is your XE Money account.

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What currencies can be used with XE Money?

XE Money services are available in over 170 countries around the world. Nevertheless, the platform trades in about 60 currencies. To know if XE Money is available in your country, click here.

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prompt and accurate quotes and…

Review published ago

prompt and accurate quotes and processing of transactions

by Jacques

prompt and accurate quotes and…

Review published ago

prompt and accurate quotes and processing of transactions

by Jacques

Very easy and straightforward.

Review published ago

Very easy and straightforward.

by Ron Dobson

Very easy and straightforward.

Review published ago

Very easy and straightforward.

by Ron Dobson

Good rates and fast payment to the…

Review published ago

Good rates and fast payment to the recipient.

by Paul

Good rates and fast payment to the…

Review published ago

Good rates and fast payment to the recipient.

by Paul

The online transactions are always easy…

Review published ago

The online transactions are always easy to do. And the payments go through fast to the end recipient.

by Xavier

The online transactions are always easy…

Review published ago

The online transactions are always easy to do. And the payments go through fast to the end recipient.

by Xavier

Received confirmation emails every step of the way!

Review published ago

Now that I have transfers set up it takes seconds! Money arrived by the following day, very impressed. Was kept formed.

by Catherine

My go to for international money exchange

Review published ago

Easy, reliable and good rates

by Owen

It was straightforward and worked

Review published ago

Satisfied. It was straightforward and worked. I used you as I always use your company to buy forward euros.

by Wendy Keets

I had a great experience

Review published ago

I had a great experience. I was very worried about sending a lot of money but I was able to speak to someone, I received regular emails about what was happening and the money arrived quickly. I had tried using my bank and it was nerve wracking and took longer just to send a test transfer.

by Josephine Measures

Still waiting to see if this attempted…

Review published ago

Still waiting to see if this attempted transfer ever happens. Started it on 2/22/2024 and today on 2/28/2024 the funds remain in my checking account despite the notification that the transfer has begun. I will believe it when I see it.

by Richard Peterson

Quick transfer

Review published ago

Quick transfer, kept informed of progress and decent exchange rate.

by Alan (in Glasgow)

Very reliable

Review published ago

Very reliable, kept well informed of all stages of process, quick and efficient.

by Angharad

Xe is platform that gives the best rates

Review published ago

Xe is for me the platform that gives you the best rates. But I has a fail, I hate the 2FA that they use. I think that it could improve using authentication apps.

by Carlos Jiménez

It’s seamless

Review published ago

It’s seamless. Have had nothing but positive experiences even when the error has been on my end.

by Lois

Excellent sero

Review published ago

Excellent service

by PQ Energy Systems

XE Transfer is trusted company and there charge is resealable and less than the other banks transfer

Review published ago

XE Transfer is trusted company and they transferred my in easy quick steps and the money settled in the transferee account in very short time

by Nazar

Super easy to transfer money

Review published ago

Super easy to transfer money, super fast and super rates.

by Juergen

Easy and efficient.

Review published ago

Easy and efficient.

by Glenna

International transaction completed…

Review published ago

International transaction completed faster than expected (as always)!

by David

Prompt and efficient

Review published ago

Prompt and efficient

by Marion Bridget

Excellent service I have used xe.com for a few years now…

Review published ago

I have used xe.com for a few years now to exchange my money and each time it is an easy transaction, at a fair rate of exchange and very quick. They keep you informed of how the transaction is progressing, i would recommend the service they provide

by David Mckechnie
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