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Sonaliexchange is an online platform for sending money from US to Bangladesh.It provides trusted, fast, secure and reliable remittance services. It includes payment methods:
  • Direct Debit
  • Pay by Credit Card
With sonaliexchange,you can-
  • Explore best rates and offers
  • Track your transaction online
  • Express service branches

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Sonali Exchange FAQ's

How can I transfer money using Sonali Exchange services?

No matter in which Bangladesh bank you have a bank account. With Sonali Exchange, you can transfer money in the payee’s account

To transfer the money, you have to log in from Sonali Exchange Website. You can also withdraw money from any branch of the bank with your acceptable picture ID. 

For a complete Sonali Exchange user guide, click here. 

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Does Sonali Exchange offer Cash Pickup facility for all the customers?

No, only the customers who pay cash at the counter are eligible to avail this facility.

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Do Sonali Exchange accept registration from any state?

No, Sonali Exchange doesn’t allow registration from any states other than New York (NY), New Jersey (NJ), Georgia (GA), Michigan (MI) and MaryLand (MD).

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How to calculate the exchange rate offered by Sonali Exchange?

  • You can calculate the exchange rate and tariff offered by Sonali Exchange with our calculator.

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What are the flexi payment methods with Sonali Exchange?

Customers can transfer the fund through direct debit or credit card.

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