Sonali Exchange Vs ThamelRemit (Compare Sonali Exchange and ThamelRemit)

Compare Sonali Exchange and ThamelRemit to find the best money transfer services. Check Sonali Exchange and ThamelRemit money transfer service to send money online. Read detail review of Sonali Exchange and ThamelRemit remittance services.

Sonali Exchange Vs ThamelRemit

Sonali Exchange ThamelRemit
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About Sonaliexchange is an online platform for sending money from US to Bangladesh.It provides trusted, fast, secure and reliable remittance services. It includes payment methods:Direct Debit Pay by Credit Card With sonaliexchange,you can- Explore best rates and offersTrack your transaction onlineExpress >>More Themelremit generally offers personal as well as business transfers from the USA to Nepal in Nepalese Rupees. It is a complete online form of transfer company which is providing services in the USA and soon going to offer its services in other countries including the UK, Australia and Europe. Some o >>More
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Fees 3.00 USD to 15.00 USD 0.00 USD to 0.00 USD
PayIn Methods Bank
Credit Card
PayOut Methods Bank
Transfer Time 3-5 Days to 3-5 Days 1-2 Days to 3-5 Days
Android App - -
iOS App - -
Email - -
Phone - -
Minimum Amount - -
Maximum Amount - -
Exchange Rate - -
Countries Supported - -
Currenices Supported - -
Security - -
Overall Security By ERIQ
Language - -
Direct Registration - -
Bussiness Transfer - -
Customer Care - -
Exchange Rate - -
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