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Travelex Review by Exchange Rate IQ

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7.5 /10

Travelex is one of the world’s leading foreign-exchange companies, so, if you are planning for taking a foreign trip, you can use the services of it. Travelex makes it easy to obtain the foreign currency you need before you head out on your overseas trip and provide you with the currencies at ease as well as less exchange fees.

Travelex is an online money transfer company has headquarters in London. It is one of the world’s largest foreign exchange bureaus, which is also the major donor and sponsor of the Royal National Theatre. Its main business is in international transfers, travel cards and bureau change. Customers can find its stores in various countries at airports. Some significant benefits of the Travelex are:

  • Multiple Transfer and Currency Options
  • Travelex Money Card Facility
  • Availability of Stores at Airports
  • Home Delivery Available in Selected Countries

Review of Travelex :

Launched in the year 1976, Travelex has been set up to become the world’s leading foreign exchange specialist. It has been providing its services through various stores, bank transfers, ATMs, forward contracts, limit orders and one-off transfers. It has been specially designed to provide an international exchange to travellers across the world.

Travelex offers live exchange rates to the customers, and they can also enjoy free transfer after a limit. The company provides low transfer fee rates comparing to many banks which charge in between $25 to $30 for a similar transaction.

It has been providing customer care services to its customers in various countries which remains open in the stipulated business hours.

It has been providing enough security to its website to protect the data of customers. It has been regulated under the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR) for security.

On these entire bases, we provide 7.5 out of 10 overall rating to Travelex.

Pricing : How much does Travelex cost?

7 /10

Transfer Fee:

Travelex offers the best prices for its customers and much lower than banks and other companies. It offers free transfer above $5,000 or similar amount in other currency. However, if the amount is lower than $5,000 than also the transfer fee is as lower as $5 or less depending upon the country and currency.

One needs to transfer a minimum amount of $500 in every transaction which is a drawback because it’s a high minimum amount. Many other companies are often offering minimum transfer of $1 or similar amount in other currencies.

Exchange Rate:

Travelex rates are much better than many of the banks and highly competitive from many of its competitors. Whenever you write the amount for making an exchange, you’ll receive a display of the relevant live exchange rate. It will also allow you to calculate the amount of money that will arrive in your recipient’s bank account in their local currency. You will get the Travelex Money Exchange calculator here.

So, we rate 7 out of 10 to Travelex pricing policy, because many other remittance service providers who offer transfer at a lower cost.

Transparency: Does Travelex have any hidden fees?

8 /10

Hidden Fee:

Travelex does not charge any hidden fees. Once you choose the currency you want to send and the currency of recipient, you will get the exchange rate as well as transfer fee on your screen. So, you need not to worry about the hidden fee while making transfers.

Tracking Details:

One can track the transfer performed by them on their dashboard. You will get the delivery time and all other details there. If there is any delay in delivering the funds, you can also contact the company here: 877-414-6359 or [email protected] (in business hours).

As we can see no hidden fee and good tracking procedure of the company, we rate it 8 out of 10, because assistance is not available 24/7.

Transfer Speed: How long does it take to send money through Travelex?


Currency Process Time by Travelex

Travelex international transfers are fast and secured. They typically transfer the funds in 1-4 days. Some of the forex transfer time has been provided under:

From Currency Process Time
Australia AUD 1 Day
Canada CAD 1-3 Days
Europe EUR 1-3 Days
Hong Kong HKD 1 Day
Japan JPY 1-2 Days
New Zealand NZD 1 Day
Singapore SGD 1 Day
USA USD 1-2 Days
UK GBP 1 Day


Funds Transferring Time by Travelex

When the funds are transferred to beneficiary’s account through Travelex:

From Currency Process Time
Australia AUD Overnight
Canada CAD 1-2 Days
Europe EUR 1-2 Days
Hong Kong HKD 1-2 Days
Japan JPY 1-2 Days
New Zealand NZD Overnight
Singapore SGD Overnight
USA USD Overnight
UK GBP Same Day
India INR 1-2 Days
Thailand THB 3-4 Days

Travelex has been providing fast delivery in various countries it is covering through bank transfers or partners. The above table is just an indicative guide, for more information, one needs to open the account in Travelex, and then they will know how much time it will take in the transfer.

So, the experts of Exchange Rate IQ is considering it fast enough to provide the funds to the recipient and rating it 8 out of 10.

Coverage: How many Countries & Currencies does Travelex support?

Using Travelex, one can trade in over 80 currencies and do business in over 50 countries. At the same time, it has many stores available at major airports worldwide.  More of its coverage is provided under:

  • Customers can also use its online services and have over 1,500 stores as well as 1,250 ATMs worldwide.
  • It has also been partnered with many banks, supermarkets and travel agencies. By joining hands with others, it has its reach to over 100 countries and 20,000 locations.
  • Travelex has grown in various markets through new acquisitions. This includes FX Africa in South Africa and Grupo Confidence, the largest consumer foreign exchange specialist in Brazil.

You can also find the store of Travelex near you here.

It also has Global Support Centers available in various countries including:

  • UK
  • Europe
  • North America
  • Brazil
  • Greater China
  • Japan
  • Australia and New Zealand
  • Middle East, India, Africa and Turkey


Countries and Currencies Supported by Travelex

Some of the countries and currencies Travelex supports are provided in the table under:

Countries Currencies
Australia AUD
Japan JPY
Singapore SGD
South Africa ZAR
India INR
Qatar QAR
Malaysia MYR
Denmark DKK


Blocked Countries by Travelex

It has also blocked some of the countries which include:

Afghanistan Lebanon Syria Iraq
Iran North Korea Burma Zimbabwe
Cuba Somalia Libya Rwanda
Liberia Democratic Republic of Congo Republic of Congo Cote d’lvoire
Belarus Sudan Sierra Leone


Travelex has been covering so many parts of the world and also have its stores as well as ATMs. Still, it has to grow more to become the top money remittance company in the world. It provides specialized services for travelers such as money card and stores at airports. So, we rate 8 out of 10 to it for its coverage.

Travelex Transfer Process

Step-By-Step Guide to transfer funds with Travelex

  1. Go to the Travelex website.

  2. Click on “Send Money Internationally” at the top of home page.

  3. Click on “Get Started and Register” if you are new to the company, or just login.

  4. Enter all the personal details and banking details of your and recipient.

  5. Enter the amount that you want to send.

  6. You will get the live exchange rate in and the amount that recipient will receive.

  7. Re-check all the details of the recipient and confirm the transfer.

  8. You can track all the transfer details on your dashboard.

User experience of Travelex


Sending money should not be complicated, and with this goal, Travelex money transfer has been providing its services. One can transfer funds through multiple options available, these are:

  • One-off transfers,
  • Forward contracts,
  • Limit orders,
  • Bank-to-Bank transfers
  • Regular schedule transfers
  • It is also providing cash pick-ups and home delivery in some of the countries as well as Travelex stores, but for that, you need to provide documents, which can be any of the following:

  • Passport
  • Voter’s ID Card
  • Driving License
  • PAN Card
  • Issued ID Card
  • Aadhar (UIDAI) Card
  • Letter from a recognized public authority or public servant verifying the identity and residence of the customer to the satisfaction of the AP.

    It has also provided FAQs on its website, which one can consider for various questions they have regarding Travelex currency transfer. But if you have any other queries, you can contact Travelex customer care of your respective countries. You can also call the stores regarding any confusion in the transaction.

    Travelex offers cancellation to its customers through the call. You can call the store or customer care of the company for the cancellation of transfer.

    In its money card, one can be locked in the exchange rate and take advantage of favorable market conditions by opting the forward contract option.

    One can also schedule the regular transfer from Travelex, but it may get a delay until you choose the currency exchange rate for the transfer.

    So, Travelex International Money Transfer offers various modes of transferring the funds and also cash pick-up in few countries. You can start the transfer by Travelex login here.

     You can also download the Travelex app here:

    1. Travelex Android App
    2. Travelex iPhone App

    For looking after the transfer rates in app, you need to login or sign up in the app. While, you need not to do this in the Exchange Rate apps. You can also use its Currency Converter tool to know what exchange rate Travelex is offering.

    So, as per user experience, we provide 8 out of 10 to Travelex and its services.

    Travelex Money Card

    Travelex earlier offers cash passport which it is replaced with its travel money card. This is a multi-currency card which can be charged with up to 16 currencies and comes with the application: Travelex Money App. This app helps you to manage your card from the phone and also order online.

    Currencies available on Travelex Money Card



    Benefits of using Travelex Money Card

    • Load card with any available currencies of your choice.
    • You can lock the exchange rate and save yourself from the exchange rates floating.
    • You can use the card anywhere abroad at ATMs or agent place.
    • The card comes with “buy-back option”, so if you have foreign currencies left in hand or in the card, you can exchange it with the company.

    Security : Is Travelex Safe?


    Everyone wants to stay safe with their money, and therefore, Travelex provides secure transfers. It has 40 years of experience, where it transfers your details to destinations outside with its partners to fulfill orders and taking payments. It protects all the data in all the countries under the regulations of their governments. Some other things it follows to protect the data of consumers are:

    • The Standard Contractual Clauses that have been provided by the EU Commission.
    • Treat in accordance with various notices and strict data protection standards.
    • It has been providing ‘adequacy’ protections that have been defined and approved by the European Commission or the relevant Supervisory Authority.

    Travelex is not very much clear about the security it is using for saving the data online and in offline mode. So, Exchange Rate IQ’s experts provide it 6 out of 10 score in security head.

    Travelex FAQ's

    How can I pay for my exchange on Travelex?

    The company accepts American Express, MasterCard and Visa card for accepting the payments which can be either debit or credit card. But the credit card companies do charge some extra fees to your order.
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    How many currencies does Travelex sell?

    The company sells approximately 80 currencies online as well as at its stores across the globe.

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    Can I cancel my order after placing it at Travelex?

    Yes, you can cancel your order after placing it. This does not involve any fees, but you need to contact immediately to the company's customer service at:

    Travelex contact number: 516-300-1622

    Travelex email: [email protected]

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    John was great!

    Review published ago

    John was quick and efficient. My money wasn’t ready yet, he explained why and made sure I was done within a few minutes. Impressed with the service.

    by Debrah Maxwell

    John was great!

    Review published ago

    John was quick and efficient. My money wasn’t ready yet, he explained why and made sure I was done within a few minutes. Impressed with the service.

    by Debrah Maxwell

    Easy and Smooth Transaction

    Review published ago

    Very easy and convenient service. I would definitely use again.

    by Anitra Riehm

    Easy and Smooth Transaction

    Review published ago

    Very easy and convenient service. I would definitely use again.

    by Anitra Riehm

    You charged $10.00 fee but it was…

    Review published ago

    You charged $10.00 fee but it was Monday on which you promised free of charge (12.02.19)


    You charged $10.00 fee but it was…

    Review published ago

    You charged $10.00 fee but it was Monday on which you promised free of charge (12.02.19)


    honestly it was quick and easy pickup

    Review published ago

    honestly it was quick and easy pickup, the lady at the front desk was helpful and nice. :)

    by Daniel Basave

    honestly it was quick and easy pickup

    Review published ago

    honestly it was quick and easy pickup, the lady at the front desk was helpful and nice. :)

    by Daniel Basave

    Easy to use and convenient

    Review published ago

    Very easy to order and have arrive on a day convenient to me. I have used this service a number of times and have never been disappointed. I would highly recommend

    by Sara Brown


    Review published ago


    by Karen Smith

    Very fast service

    Review published ago

    Very fast service. They delivered on the day requested.

    by Michael S Carter

    Great job

    Review published ago

    Great job done

    by Bruce Clement

    Website is easy to navigate and pickup/…

    Review published ago

    Website is easy to navigate and pickup/ delivery is prompt

    by Mr. Fuchs

    Very easy to use and I live that you…

    Review published ago

    Very easy to use and I live that you can pick up the money at the airport at the start of your vacation.

    by Lois Hinds


    Review published ago

    Good service. Got the currency for int travel as requested

    by Azeem Mohammed

    Really was easy and the customer…

    Review published ago

    Really was easy and the customer service lady was a huge help and very friendly.

    by Summer Hayes

    Great service

    Review published ago

    I ordered my foreign currency online and my order was ready 2 days early which I was very happy about. The service is exceptional.

    by Debbie

    This whole process couldn’t be easier

    Review published ago

    This whole process couldn’t be easier! I love ordering my euros from Travelex.

    by Sharon Tyson

    Make it easy on yourself!

    Review published ago

    It was much easier to order my currency on-line than taking a chance on the store running out of currency. It was great to order the money on-line and then go to pick it up two days later!

    by Marge R


    Review published ago

    Excellent pickup my order on time


    Easily ordered currency online

    Review published ago

    Easily ordered currency online, and it wad ready to be picked up just a day or so later.

    by Oaktonguy

    It was easy to place order online!

    Review published ago

    It was easy to place order online! The pounds were delivered to our door by UPS with a signature required for extra security. I will use your service again in the future, thank you.

    by William Reilly

    My experience using was…

    Review published ago

    My experience using was excellent because it was a fast,easy, and secure way to obtain foreign currency.

    by TM

    A Great First Experience

    Review published ago

    The ordering was easy and the package was delivered by noon the next day. I will definitely be using them when I go out of the country again.

    by Daniel Rojas
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