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What is the best way to send money to Vietnam from US?

There are multiple ways to send money to Vietnam from US and you need to select the one which suits you the best according to your requirements. Some of the best ways to send money to Vietnam from the USA are:

Bank account transfer: You can send money through a bank account to Vietnam using any of the money transfer company. This will cost you less compared to any of the bank and also you will get higher exchange rates as compared to banks.

Cash pick up: Companies such as WorldRemit, Transfast, Western Union, Ria Money Transfer and MoneyGram offers cash pick up services in Vietnam from the USA. You can send money to any of the agent locations so that your amount will be picked up from the recipient there.

Mobile wallet: You can also transfer money to the mobile wallet of the recipient which will be further used for paying bills, booking tickets, etc.

So, select the one which is best suitable for you as well as for your recipient.

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