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How much does it cost to send money to Vietnam from the US?

Every company has different exchange rate and transfer fee which depends on its business model, type of transfer, place of transfer and country you are sending money to. So if you send money from USA to Vietnam through a bank account, it will cost you least and the amount will be received by the recipient within 3-5 working days. While if you send money using your debit or credit card, you have to pay more as companies charge higher fees on paying with the card. Besides, you can also transfer money to mobile wallets, airtime top-up and direct bank account transfers.

You can also do cash pickup transfer, where the recipient will receive money in cash from the agent location. Again this is a costly transfer as money will be available to the recipient within hours and provided as cash. So, the cost to send money to Vietnam from the US totally depends on the mode of transfer and receiving.

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