InstaReM Vs MoneyGram Vs OrbitRemit (Compare InstaReM and MoneyGram and OrbitRemit)

Compare InstaReM and MoneyGram and OrbitRemit to find the best money transfer services. Check InstaReM and MoneyGram and OrbitRemit money transfer service to send money online. Read detail review of InstaReM and MoneyGram and OrbitRemit remittance services.

InstaReM Vs MoneyGram Vs OrbitRemit

InstaReM MoneyGram OrbitRemit
Overall Rating By ERIQ
About We know you have multiple questions, such as is InstaReM safe? Is it has good fees and exchange rate? Can you trust it with your money? How to transfer money using InstaReM? Therefore, we have bought you an unbiased review of InstaReM which has been completed after a lot of research, customer satisf >>More Is sending money with MoneyGram easy? How much it cost? Is it safer option comparing to other international remittance companies? It is necessary to get the answers of all these questions before started using the services of MoneyGram. Therefore, the experts of ERIQ have reviewed the company and pro >>More How to send money abroad using OrbitRemit? How much time it will take to reach the recipient? Is it safe to transfer money online? All these thoughts hit your mind when you start using the money remittance services. But now you need not to worry because the experts of ERIQ provide in-depth and unbia >>More
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- - 5
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Fees 0.50 USD to 0.75 USD 0.00 USD to 201.12 USD OrbitRemit does not support transfers from USA.
PayIn Methods Bank
Credit Card
Debit Card
PayOut Methods Bank
Home Delivery
Transfer Time 1-2 Days to 1-2 Days Same Day to 3-5 Days Same Day to 3-5 Days
Android App Yes Yes Yes
iOS App Yes Yes Yes
Email [email protected] [email protected] -
Phone 0008009190542 1-800-955-7777 0800 622 6435
Minimum Amount US $50 US $1 $50
Maximum Amount No limit US $3,000 in 30 days $10,000
Exchange Rate Zero margin FX rate (applicable only for certain currencies and certain trading hours) 5% or more margin at the mid-market rate Bit lower price than that of price existing in the market
Countries Supported 9 200+ 40
Currenices Supported 7 150+ 25+
Security Licensed in different countries by respective authorities Licensed in different countries by respective authorities Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC)
Overall Security By ERIQ
Language English English, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Danish, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese English
Direct Registration Website, Facebook and Google registration available Website only Website only
Bussiness Transfer Available Available Not available
Customer Care 24*7 customer support available 24*7 Customer service available 24*7 customer service available
Exchange Rate - -
  • No hidden fees charged or any margin
  • Offer next-day transfers to most of the companies
  • Very competitive and well-priced exchange rates
  • Special services offered to small and medium-sized companies
- -
  • Offering services in limited countries
  • Low maximum limit
  • Cannot send money to person without bank account.
- -
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