Azimo Vs ICICI Bank Money Transfer Vs MoneyGram (Compare Azimo and ICICI Bank Money Transfer and MoneyGram)

Compare Azimo and ICICI Bank Money Transfer and MoneyGram to find the best money transfer services. Check Azimo and ICICI Bank Money Transfer and MoneyGram money transfer service to send money online. Read detail review of Azimo and ICICI Bank Money Transfer and MoneyGram remittance services.

Azimo Vs ICICI Bank Money Transfer Vs MoneyGram

Azimo ICICI Bank Money Transfer MoneyGram
Overall Rating By ERIQ
About There are multiple platforms which provide the review of Azimo, but at Exchange Rate IQ, you will find all the details in a precise manner. The experts perform proper research on the company, looks after the customer reliability, safety and authenticity of its services and then provide unbiased Azim >>More Send money to India using secure and cost-effective online money transfer service that is ICICI. Benefits of ICICI:Secure transfers from any bank overseasWide range of online servicesSecure your online transfersWide range of delivery optionsOnline tracking of money transfersCost efficient and comp >>More Is sending money with MoneyGram easy? How much it cost? Is it safer option comparing to other international remittance companies? It is necessary to get the answers of all these questions before started using the services of MoneyGram. Therefore, the experts of ERIQ have reviewed the company and pro >>More
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Fees Azimo does not support transfers from USA. 0.00 USD to 3.00 USD 0.00 USD to 201.12 USD
PayIn Methods Bank
Credit Card
Debit Card
Credit Card
Debit Card
PayOut Methods Bank
Home Delivery
Cash Card
Home Delivery
Transfer Time Same Day to 2-3 Days Same Day to 2-3 Days Same Day to 3-5 Days
Android App Yes - Yes
iOS App Yes - Yes
Email [email protected] - [email protected]
Phone 0203 137 0708 - 1-800-955-7777
Minimum Amount £1 - US $1
Maximum Amount £10,000 - US $3,000 in 30 days
Exchange Rate 0.1% to 2.25% above the mid-market rates - 5% or more margin at the mid-market rate
Countries Supported 195+ - 200+
Currenices Supported 60+ - 150+
Security Regulated by FCA - Licensed in different countries by respective authorities
Overall Security By ERIQ
Language English, French, Italian, Russian, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian, Polish - English, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Danish, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese
Direct Registration Website only - Website only
Bussiness Transfer Available - Available
Customer Care Monday - Friday 9:00 - 18:00 UK Time - 24*7 Customer service available
Exchange Rate
Send Money FromSend Money ToRate
Denmark Bangladesh ó 13.57
Denmark Canada $ 0.2
Denmark India ₹ 11.62
Denmark Nepal NP₨ 18.2
Denmark Nigeria ₦ 72.14
Denmark Pakistan PKRs 25.07
Denmark Philippines ₱ 8.02
Denmark Sri Lanka ₨ 29.64
Euro Countries Bangladeshó 100.98
Euro Countries Canada$ 1.48
Euro Countries India₹ 87.14
Euro Countries Mexico$ 23.67
Euro Countries NepalNP₨ 133.66
Euro Countries Nigeria₦ 536.85
Euro Countries PakistanPKRs 184.07
Euro Countries Philippines₱ 59.71
Euro Countries Sri Lanka₨ 220.55
Norway Bangladesh ó 9.57
Norway Canada $ 0.14
Norway India ₹ 8.19
Norway Nepal NP₨ 12.86
Norway Pakistan PKRs 17.67
Norway Sri Lanka ₨ 20.96
Poland Bangladesh ó 22.55
Poland Canada $ 0.34
Poland India ₹ 19.46
Poland Nepal NP₨ 30.54
Poland Nigeria ₦ 119.6
Poland Pakistan PKRs 41.94
Poland Philippines ₱ 13.31
Poland Sri Lanka ₨ 49.39
Sweden Bangladesh ó 9.94
Sweden Nepal NP₨ 13.35
Sweden Pakistan PKRs 18.36
Sweden Sri Lanka ₨ 21.76
Switzerland Bangladesh ó 93.34
Switzerland Canada $ 1.39
Switzerland India ₹ 79.92
Switzerland Nepal NP₨ 125.2
Switzerland Nigeria ₦ 496.11
Switzerland Pakistan PKRs 172.47
Switzerland Philippines ₱ 55.19
Switzerland Sri Lanka ₨ 203.83
United Kingdom Bangladesh ó 113.07
United Kingdom Canada $ 1.71
United Kingdom India ₹ 98.04
United Kingdom Mexico $ 26.52
United Kingdom Nepal NP₨ 153.18
United Kingdom Nigeria ₦ 605.85
United Kingdom Pakistan PKRs 211.5
United Kingdom Philippines ₱ 66.32
United Kingdom Sri Lanka ₨ 247.62
  • Multiple pay-in and pay-out options available
  • Large number of countries and currencies available
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  • Currently available only in Europe.
  • Only card and bank transfer available
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