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How to send money to China bank from the USA?

You can send money to Chinese banks using the services of WorldRemit, Xoom Money Transfer, Transfast, OFX, Pangea Money Transfer, etc. You need to select the bank and provide the bank details to the company through which you are sending money so that your amount will be received by the recipient as soon as possible. Some of the top banks of China are:

  • Postal Savings Bank of China
  • Agricultural Bank of China
  • Bank of Jilin
  • Zhejiang Chouzhou Commercial Bank
  • Fujian Haxia Bank
  • Yantai Bank
  • Longjiang Bank
  • Bank of Wenzhou
  • Huishang Bank
  • SPD Bank
  • China Construction Bank
  • ICBC
  • China Pay
  • Bank of China
  • Everbright Bank
  • Harbin Bank
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