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How to send money to Bangladesh from Canada?

If you want to send money to Bangladesh, then money transfer companies are offering the best exchange rates and low transfer fees. They also offer instant transfers and bank account transfer, so that you and your recipient get the amount on time, without any difficulty. Some of the best ways to send money to Bangladesh are:

Bank account transfer: These transfers take approximately 3-5 days and considered most suitable when there is no emergency by the end of the recipient as well as when the sender wants to select the most effective and cheap way to send money to Bangladesh. This is the safest way to transfer money, which you can send directly through the bank or with the help of money transfer companies.

Cash Pickup: This is the instant mode of transfer with a higher transfer fee. You need to pay more to the agents and this shall be considered the most when the recipient has an emergency and is in the need of money on an urgent basis.

Online transfer: The companies also offer online transfer payments, where the money will be reached to the recipient in his bank account directly within 3-5 working days.

Mobile Money Transfer: In this payment method, the money will be received by the recipient in the mobile wallet which can be further use for any purpose such as bill payments, bookings, tickets, etc.

Demand Drafts or Cheques: You can also send demand drafts and foreign cheques to the recipient which he can encash at the bank whenever require before expiry.

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