Frequently asked money transfer questions

How does CurrencyFair Works?

If you make transfer through CurrencyFair, then your amount will first transfer to a local company account, where it will try to find you a best match available in the opposite currency. When it will find the match, your amount will be transferred to the recipient’s account. It offer two types of exchange, these are, “Quick Trade” and “Market Place”.

In quick trade, you transfer the funds at the available price and the amount will available to the recipient in next 1-2 working days, while in market place transfer, it takes longer time as you can select the rate you want to transfer the funds. And when the match is available in opposite currency, your amount will be transferred.

It charges a small amount of flat fee on the transfers, i.e., about €3 from your Currencyfair account to a bank account. But if you have multiple currencies in your CurrencyFair account, you can select the currency which is offering the best deal.

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