Who are we?

Exchange Rate IQ is a platform that allows you to quickly compare and find the best rates to send money from over 50 transfer agents and banks worldwide. Our database is updated regularly and daily so that we can provide you with the current exchange rates for the various money transfer services. Our vast experience in international remittance helps us provide the right money transfer options and equip users with valuable information about foreign remittance through various materials like blogs and FAQs.

Through our platform, you can quickly compare rates and other features without having to spend hours searching for answers. It is pretty simple working with Exchange Rate IQ because all you need to do is enter the country where you want to send the moneyinternationally and your current location. The next thing that you will see is a full comparison displaying cost, speed of transfer, exchange rates, and more vital information as provided by the available international money transfer companies including money transfer apps that areavailable in our database.

How Are We Helping You !

If you have been faced with the role of sending money to a different country for the first time, you are most likely to spend time online looking for an affordable fast and legitimate transfer service. At Exchanger Rate IQ, we make it easier to access this information through our comparison pages. If you want to send money from the US to Canada for the first time, you may find it hard to make up your mind because of the many available services. The worst part is, you can hardly tell a con from a genuine transfer service.

At Exchange Rate IQ, we not only make it easy for you to select the best way to send money, but we also ensure that we only work with money transfer companies that are operating legally. Here we will help you to;

  1. Access the information you need faster : the main things that you will want to consider before remitting money include; Cost of transfer, how long it takes to complete the assignment, accessibility to the recipient, and the exchange rates. With Exchange Rate IQ, you can access all this information on a single page in a matter of seconds.

  2. Pick the best transfer service for you : people have different needs when it comes to sending money internationally. Some people will look for the fastest methods while others need the cheapest ways. The good thing with Exchange Rate IQ is that we keep our database up to date with all the vital details so that when you land on the comparison page, you only need to identify your perfect service and click on ‘send now’.

  3. Avoid con artists and time-wasting : many people have ended up losing money when attempting to complete an international money transfer simply because they trusted the wrong people with their money. At Exchange Rate IQ, our main responsibility is to ensure that you complete your transfer. We therefore thoroughly scrutinize any international money transfer company before adding them to our catalogue. This not only protects our customers but our reputation as well.

Who needs Exchange Rate IQ?

Our services are open to anyone no matter which country they are from. That is because, our main purpose is to make your remittance possible. From our analysis, the following groups of people tend to use our services the most

  1. Immigrants sending money back home - There are millions of immigrants spread across the globe and usually they are the major players in the global remittance space. That is because, majority of immigrants usually are working and in many cases are the breadwinners to their families. If you need to send money back home for the first time ever working in a foreign country, Exchange Rate IQ can help you make a sound decision.

  2. Employers outsourcing freelancers -Today, many companies prefer outsourcing for skills and better knowledge online. The online freelancing community is constantly growing and has become one of the most lucrative professions. If you have employed someone remotely and wondering how you can buy their services that you will find a lot of help through our site.

  3. Parents paying fee abroad - Parents who have students abroad usually have to send money for fees and upkeep. Through Exchange Rate IQ, you can find better ways to send money to school for fees directly without incurring extra cost through passing the school fees through numerous hands before completing payment. Some parents prefer sending school fees to the student for them to personally complete payment and this can come with numerous risks starting with the student mismanaging the money. With Exchange Rate IQ, you can learn how to pay for school fees directly through a single transaction.

  4. People wanting to confirm exchange rates - Before transferring money internationally, it is very important to confirm the exchange rates. What many people don’t know is that different international money transfer companies can have different exchange rates. Our updated currency converter will make it much easier for you to understand what transfer companies are offering and will go a long way to protect you from paying excess for an international transfer.

  5. People looking for better options -If you have been relying on a particular money transfer service and you realized that you can always find a better option then Exchange Rate IQ is able to help you discover a new and better solution to complete your transfers.

We go beyond helping you make your transfer successful by not only presenting you the best way to send money but also giving you the best alternatives. From online money transfer services, direct bank deposits and cash pick up services, we include everything in our analysis to make sure that you are not restricted or limited. Through our blogs, we go further to give our users a proper insight of the international money transfer market.

To make our services even better, you can choose to use our resources through the web or you can download our money transfer app for a better experience. Join our community and discover the best rates to send money internationally without any extra cost and hustle.

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Money Transfer FAQ's

Why is it important to compare money transfer options?

As per World bank data, we can end up paying anywhere between 1% to 20% for a cross border money transfer, depending on the country & currency pair. Even for the same currency pair different companies offer different exchange rates and fees. It could be a different company that offers the highest exchange rates on different days.

To make sure that you are getting the best value for your money every time, you should compare the rates & fees before sending the money.

What is Exchange Rate IQ?

Exchange Rate IQ is a search & compare platform for International Money Transfer. You can think of it as a search engine for all you remittance and money transfer needs. Our endeavor is to help you find the fastest way to send money with the lowest fees and highest exchange rate.

Current Cross border money transfer market could be slow, expensive and opaque. Our mission at Exchange Rate IQ is to bring much needed transparency to international money transfers.

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