Top Money Transfer Apps Features to Look Out For
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3 years ago
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If you want to send money internationally today, be rest assured that you are likely to use wire transfer. Whether you need to make a bank transfer or access cash pick up services, all you need is the right app for the job. When picking your money transfer app, make sure that you have considered all factors, including how the receiver will access the money. Nevertheless, you must get the cheapest and best money transfer service available.

How to choose the right international money transfer app

One of the most important deciding factors for selecting a money transfer service is the cost. Anybody would go for a cheap way to send money abroad, and for that reason, there are money transfer companies that can allow you to send money for free. It is, however, highly recommended that you fully understand what the service entails.

Comparing available services is another way to ensure that you make the right choice of a transfer partner. That is because you will get to make your choice based on canceling out companies that don’t meet your expectation. Typically, this is a process that should take you a couple of hours if you want to do it right. Alternatively, you can take advantage of platforms such as ours to make your work easier and only spend a few minutes to find the best international money transfer service.

Another thing that you will want to look at critically is the kind of transfer that you want to make. There are so many reasons as to why someone can need international money transfer services. By doing this, you will be able to find out which transfer service will offer you the best rates and will deliver your cash as required. Thankfully, wire transfer has been integrated with our smartphones to the extent that you can make any kind of transaction using your mobile phone only to know how to initiate your transfer.

Money transfer app features to look for

If you are going to send money online, you have to make sure that you pick a reliable app. The best way to know this is by finding out from people who have used the service before. It is the main reason you always need to look for a money transfer service review before releasing your money. People who don’t read reviews end up pilling up in the list of victims who are dissatisfied with the services being offered by a particular wire transfer service.

You will also want an app that is easy to use and understand. If you are familiar with money transfer apps, then you know that they are simple. From the dashboard and language used, everything should be straight forward. Remember that anyone can need to send money and not necessarily people with a specific particular skill.

A good money transfer app should offer you a variety of payment options. From bank to even your debit card, your app should be able to access your money all the time to send money at any time, which brings us to the next point, which is availability. An excellent international money transfer app should have its services available at all times. That is because you never know when you can need to send money.

If you want to send money the right way, you will go to any extent to find a cheap way to send money abroad. Luckily enough, there are so many affordable ways of sending money, and if affordable is not good enough, you will enjoy sending money using XendPay and XE Money.

Facts about cheap ways to send money abroad

Generally, cheap money transfer options are slow and can take up to a week, depending on the time zone and the kind of transfer. That is one of the main reasons why the cheapest way to send money abroad is never an option in case of an emergency that requires an instant transfer. However, these services can be perfect if you can get your timing right.

Cheap can mean different things when it comes to international money transfer, and that is another good reason why you need to check if you stand a better chance of spending less when you send money online through bank transfer or by cash pickup services.


There are so many money transfer apps in the world that can allow you to remit money to any part of the world, and we have shown you how to choose. Another fact that you will want to keep in mind is that the fastest money transfer app will see you spend a little extra with your transfer. Typically, cash pickup services are one of the most immediate cross-border money transfer services. The best part is, companies like Western Union have the Western Union App that brings the service right to your phone.


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