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Mid Market Rate

The mid-market rate is the midpoint between the buy and sell prices of two currencies.
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About Spain and Dominican Republic

The diplomatic relationship between Spain and the Dominican go back to the 1800s. Today, both countries have opened up for more opportunities. One clear indication of this is the fact that there are thousands of migrants from the Dominican Republic residing in Spain. Another vital indication about this fact is the millions of money that migrants send back to the Dominican Republic. With so many options at hand, finding a genuine money transfer agent to help with such a transfer is the first task and we will help you to know how to find the best way to send money from Spain to Dominican Republic.

Cheap way to send money from Spain to the Dominican Republic

If you have to send money from Spain to the Dominican Republic or typically any part of the world, you are likely to use one of the three options if you are interested in a cheap service;

Online money transfer services: You can quickly send money to the Dominican republic online but you should understand that it takes some work to find the most suitable service. It is also good to keep in mind that there are some ill-minded people who pose like genuine inline money transfer services only to end up conning people. The good thing with online money transfer services is that they are the cheapest option that you will come around. Other services like XE Money even allow you to send money for free. Some of the top online money transfer services that you can use to send money from Spain to the Dominican Republic include; Remitly, WorldRemit, Xoom, Azimo, and Ria.

Direct bank deposit: Banks have been helping people send money from Spain to Dominican Republic for many years. One benefit of sending money through banks is the level of security. Although the service may not be as cheap as one would expect, it is worth the cost more so if you are transferring a large amount of money. Nevertheless, some banks will give you a higher discount if sending large amounts to the Dominican Republic. With mobile banking being introduced, it is safe to say that you can enjoy more convenient services. That is because you will avoid other costs like transport and time at the banking hall. Bank transfers from Spain to the Dominican Republic can take up to five days.

Cash delivery and pick-up services: Before technology came n, money transfer was mainly through cash delivery services. Here, one sends money through the agent for it to be picked at the designated pick up location in the Dominican Republic. If you are familiar with Western Union or MoneyGram then they are the perfect example of cash delivery services that you can use to send money from Spain to Dominican Republic. It is also safe to say that technology has played its part in this service with innovations like Western Union App making it more convenient for senders to transfer money without having to go to the Western Union offices as it was in the past. It is also good to know that cash delivery services can be instant since money does not really have to travel from Spain to the Dominican Republic. It is, therefore, safe to say that cash delivery services are one of the fastest ways to send money from Spain to the Dominican Republic.

Factors to consider when sending money from Spain to the Dominican Republic

To successfully send money to the Dominican Republic from Spain, here is what you should have in your checklist;

  1. Service cost- You have to understand what a service will cost for your transfer so that you don’t overspend. Many people opt for the cheapest way to send money from Spain to Dominican Republic regardless of how long the transfer will take.
  1. Service duration- Keep in mind that it will cost you a little bit more for the service if you are looking for the fastest way to send money from Spain to Dominican Republic. By knowing this, you can start to compare the best cost of what is available for you.
  1. Accessibility- An excellent money transfer service is one that both you and the receiver can access and use without any inconvenience. It is therefore important to ensure that you only select a service after confirming its availability in the Dominican Republic.

Compare Currency Conversion EUR To DOP

Send Euro Member Countries To DOMINICAN-REPUBLIC Receive Dominican Republic Peso
1 EUR TO DOP 63.81
50 EUR TO DOP 3190.5
100 EUR TO DOP 6381
250 EUR TO DOP 15952.5
500 EUR TO DOP 31905
1000 EUR TO DOP 63810
5000 EUR TO DOP 319050
10000 EUR TO DOP 638100
Send Dominican Republic Peso Receive Euro Member Countries From DOMINICAN-REPUBLIC
1000 DOP FROM EUR --
5000 DOP FROM EUR --
10000 DOP FROM EUR --

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