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Mid Market Rate

The mid-market rate is the midpoint between the buy and sell prices of two currencies.
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About Germany and Tanzania

Quite a good number of Tanzanians work, live, and study in Germany and that can be best explained by the fact that Germany has more resources. Additionally, the EUR has always been dominant over the TZS, and for the Tanzanian immigrants in Germany, this is always a good thing because the stronger the EUR, the lesser amount they need to remit and the exchange rates play their course. Looking for the best time to send money from Germany to Tanzania? Watch the exchange rates and wait for them to rise or better yet, compare the rates as provided by various transfer agents right here.

How to send money from Germany to Tanzania with the best rates

In an era when everything is digitized, sending money across borders has become focused on three main transfer methods and they include:

Bank transfers: Banks are known to be the one-stop-shop for anything finance and when it comes to sending money from Germany to Tanzania, there are so many banks that can help you with the transaction. With online banking slowly facing off traditional banking, some banks have made it possible for you to integrate with your money app. That way you can send money to bank accounts or money apps that are available in Tanzania.

Money apps: These are simply mobile applications that you can use to send money. Money apps can be said to be the most preferred money transfer services because they offer the cheapest way to send money from Germany to Tanzania. With services like XE Money and Xendpay, you can send money from Germany to Tanzania for free. One thing that has made money apps the best way to send money from Germany to Tanzania is because it provides options. Using your app, you are in a flexible position to access both bank and cash delivery services allowing you to send money to Tanzania at any time. Other popular money apps that you can use to transfer money from Germany to Tanzania can include; Xoom, Ria, WorldRemit, and Skrill.

Cash pick-up services: You have probably heard of Western Union and MoneyGram. These are some of the globally recognized cash pick-up service providers. Also known to be the fastest way to send money from Germany to Tanzania, these services are not for people who are looking for a cheap option. The good thing with cash pick-up services is that they are straight forward and don’t put you through the pressure of tracking your money. Their swift nature makes them an ideal option in the case of an emergency.

Things to consider when sending money from Germany to Tanzania

Sending money from Germany to Tanzania is easy and also not easy at the same time. If you are someone who likes doing things in a hurry, you may not like your experience unless you take advantage of our platform and make a quick comparison. Otherwise, you must ensure that;

You can afford the service: Many people don’t understand why they need to pay for sending money when they can get the service for free. If you have to use an option that charges for their services, go for something that will cost you less. The main difference between a fast and slow transfer service is the speed of service which explains why faster options are relatively expensive.

The money will reach on time: Time is vital in money transfer and that is why those who can provide instant transfer services tend to charge a bit more for their services. If you don’t mind your money taking a few days to even a week on the way, you can comfortably send money from Germany to Tanzania for free. However, always make sure that the money is received within the required time.

The service you are using is available in Tanzania: Being a more developed country, the number of money transfer companies that are available in Germany is high compared to Tanzania. That means some of the transfer agents are not available in the TZ hence, you will want to make sure that you only select the available services and we have already given you some of the few options that you can trust.


What should I have to send money to Tanzania?

You will need proof of identity and location so that the transfer agents can clarify that the person sending the money is not up to no good. Your personal information and the money to be sent are the main things that you will need unless you prefer making a bank transfer which will require you to open an account. To get the most out of your online transfers, you will need to have a bank account as well.

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Can I send money using someone else's money app?

Yes but only with their consent. Money apps are very sensitive and they are highly monitored for any cyber-attacks. If you need to send money from Germany to Tanzania using someone else's money app, ask for their permission because in most cases, they will never share with you their passwords.

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How many money apps can I use to send money from Germany to Tanzania?

You can use as many apps as you wish provided that you can afford them and they are also available in both countries. Unless you have a good reason if using several apps, always try to narrow down to at least two or three that you can use properly instead of many that you will not.

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Compare Currency Conversion EUR To TZS

Send Euro Member Countries To TANZANIA Receive Tanzania Shilling
1 EUR TO TZS 2530.8
50 EUR TO TZS 126540
100 EUR TO TZS 253080
250 EUR TO TZS 632700
500 EUR TO TZS 1265400
1000 EUR TO TZS 2530800
5000 EUR TO TZS 12654000
10000 EUR TO TZS 25308000
Send Tanzania Shilling Receive Euro Member Countries From TANZANIA
1000 TZS FROM EUR --
5000 TZS FROM EUR --
10000 TZS FROM EUR --

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