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Mid Market Rate

The mid-market rate is the midpoint between the buy and sell prices of two currencies.
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Italian Euros vs. Malian XOF: History

Thousands of Malians dream of moving to Italy because of the robust opportunities. Because of high desperations, some Malians go to the extent of using illegal methods to enter Italy. According to the BBC, thousands of immigrants find their way into Italy from Mali, and some of them get deported back.

The European Commission says about 800 million Euros were remitted to Mali from Italy in 2015. This figure has been rising constantly plus the economic situation in Mali which has seen the XOF drop in value has forced many Malians to seek better opportunities in Italy.

As much as Malian immigrants are eager to get into Italy for greener pastures, not all of them are successful in their quest. Some find well-paying jobs and even become legal residents of Italy while some have to survive illegally which becomes a burden to Italy.

Other than the immigrants and refugees, Italy and Mali are giants when it comes to the world of sport, and no one can forget all the historical moments when these countries had to encounter each other in the world of sports, including the 2004 summer Olympics.

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Best way to send money to Mali from Italy

Besides online money exchange services, there are other options that you can consider when you want to transfer funds to Mali when you are in Italy and they include;

  1. Wire transfers

    Perfect for transacting large amounts of money within a short period, wire transfers allows you to send money into foreign bank accounts directly. Usually, this takes about one business day and a good example here is WorldRemit.

  2. Online money transfer companies

    There are hundreds of money transfer companies in the world that you can use to transfer money from Italy to Mali. Some of the most commonly used online transfers for EUR to XOF exchange include Travelex.

What to consider when sending money from Italy to Mali?

If you want to send money from Italy to Mali, there are some fundamental factors that you will need to consider. Although there are several known online money exchange services for EUR to XOF, you should know that exchange rates usually fluctuate hence you need always to counter check. Some of the major factors to consider when you want to transfer funds to Mali from Italy include;

  1. How much you need to send

    There are different kinds of exchange companies and some have better rates when you are sending a lump sum amounts of money while others will favor you if you are sensing a little amount. You therefore need to research well before you send money to Mali from Italy.

  2. Cost of service

    Even thoughEUR dominates XOF in the exchange market, it is not likely that transfering money to Mali from Italy will cost you less. Some exchange companies can be exploitative.

  3. How long it takes

    As discussed, there are fast and slow ways of converting EUR to XOF. The speed of money transfer services is normally reflected in the cost of service. The more expensive the service, the faster it should be and vice versa.

  4. Security

    Many people make the mistake of assuming that all money transfer companies assures the safety of your transfer. Know that there are hackers out there waiting for any chance to rob these financial institutions. You should have a better picture after looking for reviews before concluding your search.

Why send money to Mali from Italy?

It is essential to state that Italians can also have a reason to send money to Mali. These are usually Italians who have outsourced from Mali and have to make regular payments for these services. Malians in Italy, however, send money to Mali for;

  1. Family upkeep :

    Many Malian immigrants who become successful in Italy are usually the breadwinners of the family. Their primary responsibility is to ensure that the money they earned is used to improve the situation and take care of the people back at home.
  2. Purchase of property :

    The kind of opportunities available in Italy makes it easy for working Malians to save up and purchase a property like land or even vehicles. It has been noted that Africans with well-paying jobs abroad become rich faster back at home because the foreign currency is dominant.
  3. Emergencies :

    Emergencies do strike when least expected. That is why we are all advised always to have some money on the side for emergencies. There are so many kinds of emergencies, including medical, financial, security, and more.



How much does it cost to send money to Mali from Italy?

There is no standard rate for transferring money from Italy to Mali that is because the exchange rates keep on changing. It is why you need services like Exchange Rate IQ.

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How long does EUR to XOF exchange take?

It depends on the money transfer service that you have chosen. Some take hours, others days and for some even weeks. It is however important to mention that the faster the service, the more costly it is.

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How much money can I send to Mali from Italy?

There is no limit to how much money you can send to Mali from Italy. No matter how much you need to transfer, there is always an exchange company ready to assist. It is good to know that some companies offer better rates when you are exchanging large amounts of EUR to XOF.

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Compare Currency Conversion EUR To XOF

Send Euro Member Countries To MALI Receive Communauté Financière Africaine BCEAO Franc
1 EUR TO XOF 655.96
50 EUR TO XOF 32798
100 EUR TO XOF 65596
250 EUR TO XOF 163990
500 EUR TO XOF 327980
1000 EUR TO XOF 655960
5000 EUR TO XOF 3279800
10000 EUR TO XOF 6559600
Send Communauté Financière Africaine BCEAO Franc Receive Euro Member Countries From MALI
1000 XOF FROM EUR --
5000 XOF FROM EUR --
10000 XOF FROM EUR --

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