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Highest remittance rate for converting 1 EUR to EUR = 1

Best way to send money from Cyprus to Slovenia

Circumvent any inappropriateness in transferring money from Cyprus to Slovenia through our platform. We offer you the most legit and reasonable money transfer services that will ensure level transfer. Our services are offered to you to avoid too much work and embarrassment in money transfer by helping you compare some of the best available options for sending money to Slovenia.

Many people are stuck between options when it comes to sending money from Cyprus to Slovenia because of the many available and confusing options. Thanks to Exchange Rate IQ however, you can quickly select a suitable money transfer service and learn how services like XE Money can make life easier for you.


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Mid Market Rate


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You Pay (Includes Fee € 0.99) € 500
Receiving Amount
€ 499.01
Realized Exchange Rate
transfergo EUR to EUR Exchange Rate
Best Value


Transfer Time : 1-2 Days
Transfergo is a one of the safest & leading money transfer service provider for sending money from Cyprus to Slovenia for sending amount 500. Today’s Transfergo exchange rate for sending money from EUR to EUR is 1 with a € 0.99 fee. Based on the Exchange Rate IQ calculations it offers the Best Value for your money transfer. The realized exchange rate after considering the fees is 1. The pay in options available are Bank, also you can receive money using Bank, at multiple Transfergo partner locations. The transfer time usually range between 1-2 Days. For more detailed review of Transfergo click here

More Available Options

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Western Union is an American financial services company which offer money remittance to more than 200 countries across the globe.
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EUR to EUR - Best Money Transfer Service Review Summary

  • Which is the best option available to send money from Cyprus to Slovenia after comparison?
  • With our real-time comparison on sending money from Cyprus to Slovenia ,
      we have found Transfergo remittance services who are providing competitive exchange rates.
  • Top 1 companies are - ( Transfergo, 1 ) .
  • To remit money in the bank account of Slovenia, best companies is ( Transfergo, 1 ).
  • Current money transfer offeres/promotions are available with money transfer services.
  • For quick money transfer from Cyprus to Slovenia with agent service is Transfergo with exchange rate 1.
  • Available pay in when sending money from Cyprus to Slovenia Bank.
  • Available pay out when sending money from Cyprus to Slovenia Bank.
  • Other options to transfer money from Cyprus to Slovenia are Ria, Westernunion, Xendpay, Skrill, Moneygram .
  • The comparison result was last updated on Sep 29, 2023.
  • For the latest comparison result of Cyprus to Slovenia, Please visit ExchangeRate IQ regularly.

About Cyprus and Slovenia

Sending money from Cyprus to Slovenia is a procedure that has been extremely sanctioned by technology thanks to the lasting money transfer between them. With thousands of Slovenia migrants needing to send money back home, international money transfer services are playing a vital part in the process. Money transfer from Cyprus to Slovenia is an exercise that has existed for decades and today, modern money transfer services have significantly made the process much better. Some companies in Slovenia even outsource freelancers from Cyprus adding them to the list of people who have benefited greatly from modern money transfer.

Cheap way to send money from Cyprus to Slovenia

Here are the cheap ways to send money from Cyprus to Slovenia with the best rates ever comparing the money transfer services offering low mid-market rates.


TransferWise is an advanced international money transfer benefactor. TransferWise is extremely dependable and reliable to a huge population of clients. It has a very great integer and percentage of customer reviews. They concentrate on making bank transfers more inexpensive than outdated banks by charging truncated and clear transfer fees and converting money at the exact mid-market exchange rate.

The greatest currencies sustained by TransferWise offer a bank transfer from one bank to another. You can pay with debit and credit cards or use a SOFORT transfer option for your transactions in TransferWise. Apple Pay or Android Pay is also accessible via TransferWise iOS and Android apps. Most likely, the beneficiary will get the cash in one to two business days. You can adequately trust  TransferWise since it is rated as one of the best ways to send money internationally.


WorldRemit is an online money transmission facility countenancing people everywhere in the world to send dough overseas. WorldRemit is an affordable substitute to old money transfer amenities, and the point that you can transact money wherever and at any time by means of the WorldRemit mobile app or WorldRemit website makes it an exceedingly appropriate package.

WorldRemit services are online-based, and the fees are additionally affordable. You can conveniently send money from Cyprus to Slovenia using this adequate service.


Skrill is an online disbursement firm that allows you to make transactions and allocate cash to numerous nations everywhere in the world. Skrill is highly recommended by many people from across the globe who use it to complete cross-border money transfer services. Skrill is the economy option and offers very reasonable fees and rates; it is easy to use, extremely quick and is a time-honored company.

Skrill is trusted by a large number of clients who give it an actual extraordinary number of positive reviews. Skrill offers payment services online, in person, and via other channels. Starting an account with Skrill springs, you access to Skrill wallet and other services.

You can send money from Cyprus to Slovenia through Skrill Money Transfer and fund the payment via credit card, debit card, SOFORT, or bank transfer. The legatee can select to obtain funds straight into their bank account.

Factors to consider when sending money from Cyprus to Slovenia

If you have to send money to Slovenia effectively, you have to confirm that you do it accurately, particularly if you want to acquire the greatest rate to send money from Cyprus to

Slovenia. To accomplish this, you should deliberate;

Cost of transfer and exchange rate; be sure that you have enough money for the service that you wish to use if you don’t want to be dissatisfied. You should not rush into amenity because they provide a great exchange. You can find the contrast of what you expected. Through our platform, we offer all this information to help you make a legit transfer choice that will not interfere with your budget.

Service security; you will scarcely lose cash if you send it over a real agent. Your transaction can experience a delay. With a decent sanctuary, you should be capable of the pathway of your money and know its progress so that you can take the essential steps on time in the case of a stay.

The receiver; be confident that you select an option that will make it calm for the beneficiary to get their money.

Best Money Transfer Rate EUR to EUR

Company Name Live Exchange Rate
XE Money Transfer € 1
Transfergo € 1

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