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Highest remittance rate for converting 1 AUD to THB = 5.72

Best way to send money from Australia to Thailand

Did you know that you can send money from Australia to Thailand in just a matter of minutes? But how can you know who the best service providers are from a list of so many transfer options presented to you? Here at Exchange Rate IQ, you will get updated answers to all your queries and get to easily determine which providers suit you best for every transfer that you make.

About AUD and THB

The Thailand-Australia trade agreement has made it easier for money to flow in and out of both countries with ease. This is because very few economic sanctions have been placed on money remitted from one of these states to the other. So if you want to send your money from Australia to Thailand, now is the best time to do so.

Learn how you can transfer money across the Australia-Thailand border using fast and solid money transfer companies here at ERIQ.

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Mid Market Rate



Mid Market Rate


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You Pay (Includes Fee $ 2.99) $ 3.99
Receiving Amount
฿ 22.82
Realized Exchange Rate
remitly AUD to THB Exchange Rate
Best Value


Transfer Time :
Remitly is a one of the safest & leading money transfer service provider for sending money from Australia to Thailand for sending amount 1. Today’s Remitly exchange rate for sending money from AUD to THB is 22.82 with a $ 2.99 fee. Based on the Exchange Rate IQ calculations it offers the Best Value for your money transfer. The realized exchange rate after considering the fees is 5.72. The pay in options available are Bank, also you can receive money using Bank, at multiple Remitly partner locations. The transfer time usually range between . For more detailed review of Remitly click here
1 More Option Available

You Pay
(Sending Amount + Fee)

Exchange Rate
(remitly / Realized)

Receiving Amount
(Receiving Amount)

$ 4.99
Pay-In :
22.82 / 4.57
฿ 22.82
Pay-Out :

More Options For Different Sending Amount

We have rates for some more providers but for either less or more sending amount
TransferWise operates on a peer-to-peer exchange basis, meaning that two individuals exchange currencies between themselves, without an intermediary,such as a bank.

Supported Amount - $ 5 to $ 20000
Exchange Rate


Founded by Prajit Nanu and Michael Bermingham, InstaReM is a digital fintech company which provide money remittance services.

Supported Amount - $ 50 to $ 2500
Exchange Rate


More Available Options

You can check rates of some more providers that may support your country
With Xendpay you get the best deal and make a big difference with every transfer
Travelex is a money remittance company which is specially known for providing effective services to travelers across the world. People can transfer money online, use its money card and get currency exchanged at its stores. 
With a worldwide agent network of more than 314,000 locations in 144 countries and growing
There are more than 200 countries you can send to using MoneyGram. Fees vary depending on where you are sending, how much, and how you are paying

What is the best way to send money from Australia to Thailand?

There are several ways through which you can send your money from Australia to Thailand. For a start, you can choose to remit money directly to the bank of Thailand via peer to peer bank connection. This simply means that you can choose to send money from your bank account to your recipient’s bank account on the other side.

One downfall of this is that you get to pay more for the services you get and even more if the banks are not of the same brand. Secondly, banks do take a long time to make your remittance despite offering good exchange rates. You should put this into consideration when weighing banks with other options.

You can also send your money through online money transfer companies. These companies are an all in one package as they come with low service fees, affordable rates, security, faster transfer speeds and a money-back guarantee which they always live up to. They include:

You can also choose to use direct cash service providers who are equally competitive. One outstanding feature they have is that you can have your cash collection at their various pick-up points that can be located easily via your phone or have it delivered to you at your home. However, the mode of delivery you choose with them will affect how fast your recipient will receive his or her money. Such service providers are like:

3 things to consider before sending money to Thailand from Australia

Have the following in mind when sending your money from Australia to Thailand: 

  1. Refund policy: Your money should be protected is one of the key roles of a money transfer service provider. They take full responsibility and are liable for any losses that you have not contributed to. That is why they should inform you of how they handle their losses because, as much as the chances of losing your money with reliable service providers are low, some losses may be inevitable. A transfer company with a limit contract or a refund policy will go a long way in ensuring that your money is safe.
  2. Exchange Rate: Always make sure that the exchange rate presented to you by your service provider is the best the market has to offer. It has to be closer to the mid-market rate for it to warrant approval. 
  3. Transfer plan: Your transfer plan consists of:
  • How much money do you wish to send?
  • How fast do you want your money sent?
  • How occasionally do you want to send your money?
  • How do you want your recipient to receive his or her money?


How do I know the transfer option that has the best rate?

Use our exchange rate calculator here at Exchange Rate IQ and get to tell the difference between what a good rate looks like and which ones are not. You will need to also consider how much you need to transfer as some services offer better rates for large transfers while some are only suitable for small transfers.

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How can I make urgent transfers from Australia to Thailand during emergencies?

The fastest way to send your money from Australia to Thailand is through online money transfer companies such as XE Money and OFX. However, even for these online money transfer companies, the faster the speed of remittance that you want, the more they will charge you. However, it will be guaranteed that your money will reach Thailand at the stipulated time you intended it would.

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I need to know the cheapest way to send money from Australia to Thailand

Sending money to Australia can be as cheap as free using services like XE Money. One of the main things that make money transfer expensive is instant transfers but not for all services. That is why good research is vital before selection of the money transfer option of your choice.

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Historical Mid Market Exchange Rate From Australia Dollar (AUD) to Thailand Baht (THB) (Weekly)

Current Exchange Rate(Mid Market) :- 22.96 THB/AUD

Mid-market Rate is a currency exchange rate. Usually traders in currency exchange market have two exchange rates -
  • Selling exchange rate - at which sellers are willing to sell a particular currency and
  • Buying exchange rate - at which buyers are willing to buy a particular currency.
Mid-market rate is the mid-point of these two rates. This is the most transparent and the most accurate exchange rate. It is also known as “Interbank Rate” or “Spot Rate” or “Real Exchange Rate”. This is the rate which independent sources like Reuter, Google etc show.

Compare Currency Conversion AUD To THB

Send Australia Dollar To THAILAND Receive Thailand Baht
1 AUD TO THB 22.96
50 AUD TO THB 1148
100 AUD TO THB 2296
250 AUD TO THB 5740
500 AUD TO THB 11480
1000 AUD TO THB 22960
5000 AUD TO THB 114800
10000 AUD TO THB 229600
Send Thailand Baht Receive Australia Dollar From THAILAND
1000 THB FROM AUD --
5000 THB FROM AUD --
10000 THB FROM AUD --

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Best Money Transfer Rate AUD to THB

Company Name Live Exchange Rate
XE Money Transfer ฿ 22.96
Remitly ฿ 22.82

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