XE Money Review 2020 –Why XE Money Is a Recommended International Money Transfer Service
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3 years ago
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Why XE Money Is a Recommended International Money Transfer Service

Transferring money across borders is a sensitive matter that needs to be handled critically. That is why, before someone goes ahead to send money abroad, the first step is to find the right international money transfer service provider like XE Money. For that, you have to go through the websites of these companies and compare data like rates and duration of a transaction with regards to where you need to transfer money. While this can cost you a lot of time, the same activity can take you a couple of minutes with Exchange Rate IQ.

With technology playing a major part in improving the international money transfer industry, online money transfer platforms like XE Money have been offering money transfer solutions to many people across the globe. Although there are several money transfer companies that can help you to send money abroad quickly, XE Money remains to be the people's choice because it offers convenience. Some of the main reasons why this platform is preferred by many people is;

  1. Accessibility

    XE Money allows you to send payments at any time of the day or night. That is because, you only need to have a smartphone or computer and the money you need to send. That means, you get to avoid wasting time by waiting in long queues in the banking halls.

    Additionally, XE Money trades over 60 currencies and its services are available in over 170 countries. That means that there are high chances that XE Money transfer services are available wherever you need to send money but you need to confirm first.

  2. User Friendly Interface

    One of the most impressive things about using XE Money is their easy to use mobile app that allows you to quickly access the platform and finish transactions at your convenience. The app also notifies you in case there are any important updates concerning the activities of your account like if the money is ready for collection by the receiver.

  3. No Transfer Fees

    Sending money with XE Money is free and this is maybe one of the main reasons why the service is loved by many. Understand that the international money transfer field is competitive and that transferring money abroad can be quite expensive especially if you opt to work with banks or direct money transfer services like Western Union.

  4. Competitive Exchange Rates

    Another important part of transferring money across borders is finding exchange rates that are favorable. It does not matter if you are trading a stronger currency for a weak one or vice versa. In case you don’t know, exchange rates provided can either increase or reduce cost for you.

  5. No Minimum Transfer Amount

    Most of the online money transfer companies that you come around will allow you to send money starting from a certain amount. This usually blocks out many people who need the service but have less money to send.

Who can use XE Money?

XE Money is designed for anyone who needs to send money across borders without spending so much for the service. The fact that you can send any amount using this international money transfer app means that you can comfortably send money to your loved ones, buy property or even pay an employee across borders without limits.

It does not matter if it is your first time to try out international money transfer services as XE Money is a platform that is easy to navigate and understand. You will not even need someone to teach you how to transact with XE Money but in case you do, their quality customer support is always available round the clock to assist you.

What people don’t like about XE Money

Although XE Money will ensure that you enjoy affordability and convenience while making payments, there are certain features that may not favor everyone. As we all know, a good money transfer service is one that provides instant transactions. Unless you are comfortable waiting for 2 or 3 days before the receiver gets his or her money, XE Money may not be the best way to send money internationally for you.

With e-commerce becoming a norm, people these days prefer using credit cards to complete payments. Being a renowned online international money transfer service provider, XE Money only allows payment through bank transfer. That may be an inconvenience for many people especially those who avoid going to the bank.


Sending money internationally should not cost you so much money even though some companies will want to exploit you. Understand that even if XE Money is slow to clear payments and does not allow credit cards, it is still a sure way to transfer money internationally across borders. That is because you can send any amount you wish for free.


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