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3 years ago
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There is no place on earth where you will go and not find a Canadian. They are spread across the world for different reasons with the major one being work and adventure. Whichever the reason for being out of Canada, there is always a need to send money back home more so for Canadian immigrants. According to reports, millions of dollars are remitted to Canada annually and most of the money is from the US, followed by the UK than Italy and so on.

If you are new at money transfer within the Canadian exchange corridor, you will have the hard task of finding the most suitable money transfer services. However, it is good to know that you may not need to go through all that trouble in order to send money to Canada. Thanks to Exchange Rate IQ, it should take you a couple of minutes to find the right world remittance app and more options.

What do I need to send or receive money in Canada?

Usually, holding any type of account whether online or in banks will require you to provide your personal details. However, if you want to have an easy time transferring money online or through other agents, you will at least need an identity card and an active bank account. Some of the information that is critically checked before you can access any money and banking services include;

  1. Name
  2. Home address
  3. Phone number
  4. Email
  5. Next of kin
  6. Smart card number (for online transfer)
  7. Date of birth
  8. National ID number/SSN

How to cheaply send and receive money with Exchange Rate IQ.

When you visit ERIQ, you will see a simple form that you are supposed to fill with details that include, your country’s location. On the second slot, enter the country to which you want to send money e.g. Canada, then, the amount you wish to send. By clicking compare, you will be redirected to a page that will display a list of available money transfer services, their exchange rates, cost of the transfer, and how long the money should take before reaching Canada. All that you will need to do is select the most suitable option by considering how you want to make payment e.g using your smart card, money app, or cash. Click on ‘send now’’

What comes with sending money to and from Canada?

Anyone that wants to send money will always look for how to send money to Canada cheaply. This is a very important factor because good rates mean more value for your money therefore, you will spend less during your transfer. If you intend to make this transfer regularly, you may want to be updated on the exchange rates. The good news is, you may not need to take a course in foreign exchange because, at ERIQ, you will find the updated exchange rates as provided by the transfer agent of your choice.

Keep in mind that not all money transfer agents are available in Canada and you will, therefore, want to confirm this before making up your mind. This is one of the reasons why Exchange Rate IQ can be of great help because we will provide you with a simplified list of companies that you can use to complete your transfer. From money transfer apps to banks and even direct cash transfer services like Western Union, we will only avail the services that will make your transfer possible with respect to the country in which you need to send money.

Send money to Canada NOW

International money transfer can be risky if you fall victim to con artists. Many people have lost their money in an attempt to transfer money back to Canada thus, the need to find the best send money to Canada apps. The bad news is, some of these money apps are owned by ill-minded people and that is another good reason why you should use Exchange rate IQ when searching for the right transfer agent. We only associate with legally operating transfer agents that are legitimate businesses governed by the international laws of remittance.

It is not easy to tell apart a genuine money transfer company from a fake one especially when it comes to online options like money transfer apps. Some of the measures that you can take to avoid the risk of getting conned is doing a little research about the transfer company in question. You can get all the information you need within minutes online.

Send money to Canada NOW

The trick behind finding the best rate to send money to Canada

Finding the best rates to send money to Canada no longer has to be a big task thanks to technology. Within a few minutes, you should be able to be done with your money transfer to any part of the word. The best way to send money to Canada should be one that you are comfortable with and offers you the convenience and access whenever you need it. With that said, your idea of the best way to send money may differ from someone else’s hence the various Canada money transfer services. At ERIQ, we do more than 50% of the hard work for you plus, we provide you with more insights about the international money transfer industry that can help you make better decisions with regards to emittance.


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