Online Money Transfer Services Promising To Reduce the Spread of Corona Virus
By ExchangeRateIQ
3 years ago

It is with no doubt that we are faced with a global pandemic that is proving cumbersome to deal with. A Coronavirus of the type COVID19 has over the last few days’ tormented earth and is killing many today. The headlines on both local and international news stations are filled with news on the rate of spread and the number of deaths caused by this deadly virus. Even more devastating is that efforts to find the cure or vaccine have proved futile among many scientists.

With the rampant spread of the disease, it is becoming difficult to contain it despite the various stern measures that have been placed by governments. Among some of the major leading factors to the quick transmission of the disease is ignorance through money. The good news however, there are many ways through which you can transfer money even without touching it thanks to online money transfer services.

Myths and misconceptions about COVID-19

We may not entirely know everything about Coronavirus, but at least we know what is not true about the infection. Some of these are:

Everyone dies from COVID-19

This is by far the biggest myth concerning this virus. The anticipation of death upon getting the virus has put a lot of people into panic. Not everyone who gets the virus dies. It depends on your immune system and other underlying conditions such as having a former respiratory disease. Age also matters since records have shown that older adults who get the virus are at a higher risk than young people.

You will know if you have Coronavirus

Coronavirus shares most symptoms with other respiratory diseases such as the flu or common cold. Common symptoms of coronavirus include developing breathing problems, nausea, dizziness, fever and vomiting. If you take a closer look, these symptoms resemble most diseases you may know about. During the early stages of infection, you may not even show any symptoms at all. The only sure way to know if you have coronavirus or not is to get tested for the virus at designated health facilities equipped to do so.

Vitamin C supplements prevent contracting coronavirus

People have been investing a lot of energy and time loading in supplements of Vitamin C into their systems with the hope of avoiding contracting the virus. Having adequate vitamin C in your body will indeed give you an upper-hand over Corona. However, there is no cure in the form of any food or drug that can help prevent getting it. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the US has issued warnings on several organizations that promise to treat or cure the viral infection.

It is not safe to receive packages from China

People have overdone the precautionary measures they have taken to help prevent getting the virus. One of the most peculiar ways adopted has been the notion that all deliveries from China are contaminated. This is false because scientists have proven that the virus cannot survive for long on objects such as packages. Corona is poorly equipped to survive in extreme conditions such as bad temperatures and poor humidity. So there is no need to panic over getting your goods shipped from China.

Every Chinese has Coronavirus

Coronavirus has brought about partial segregation to the Chinese race with people viewing them as the source of the virus. This has led to the discrimination and stigmatization of Chinese in the respective countries they are at to the point of some of them being harassed. This is not right and nor fair. Everyone can get the virus and the sooner people know that, the better for all of us.

Keep the ball rolling with Online Money Transfer Services

You can conduct your daily activities seamlessly and without any restrictions if you choose to adopt the online money transfer system. This is because basically anything, or rather any activity we do revolves around spending or getting money.

If you want to travel, you have to spend, if you want to buy supplies or send a token to a relative who is far away, or even near courtesy of COVID-19, you have to spend. Also business deals and payments to employees involve money transactions. Therefore, handling money has been the daily norm for the last century and people are not about to stop now.

So how can you keep on carrying out your daily transactions with the restrictions placed on using credit cards and cash? Online Money Transfer Companies like XE Money, PayPal and more are your best friends at these hours of need. You can simply run your daily businesses via online money transfer companies using their mobile apps at the confinement of your home. This will help you get things done.

What are the qualities of online money transfer that separate it from other means with respect to the spread of Corona?

Some of the qualities that online money transfer companies offer that come in handy during these times are:

24/7 Account access

Most online money transfer companies offer platforms that you can access as the sender at any time you want. You can make payments online and even track the progress of your transfers until your money reaches the recipient.

No handling money directly

The fact that you are dealing with online money means that you do not get to handle cash directly. Instead, you can get your money and store it online or collect safe cash from the bank, hence reducing your chances of getting the virus.

No meet-ups

When using an online money transfer service, you do not have to meet up with a person to close a deal.

Reliability and safety

International money transfer companies are globally trusted, reliable, safe and guaranteed that your money will reach its location.

No limit on distance

You can send money to any place you want in the world as long as your service provider allows for this. If they do not, then there are many options that you can choose from all offering different distance limitations.

No limit on amount

You can send any amount of money you want as long as your agent does not have a restrictions on your maximum transfer.


The benefits offered by International Money Transfer companies regarding ensuring Corona safe transactions are vast. The above mentioned are but a few of the numerous benefits they provide. Stay safe using International money transfer as your arsenal and ally to a normal daily life.


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