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Nigeria is among top 10 foreign remittance receiver in the world. Nigeria received over $20 billion in 2015. With this whooping remittance sum, the remittance market of Africa is quite competitive. While sending their hard-earned money back home, Nigerians do check for cost-effective, innovative and reliable platform for money transfer.

Exchange Rate IQ offers such a unified platform where one can find all available options to transfer money to Nigeria. It offers side-by-side comparison of all the options in terms of exchange rate, fee, transfer time etc. You can get an estimated value in Nigerian Naira (NGN) for your remittance amount beforehand. With all this information, you can make a better decision in choosing a remittance service provider.

Exchange Rate IQ aims to make money transfer to Nigeria much more transparent and cheaper. The innovative platform not only saves you money but also your time and energy in finding the best remittance option.

Top Money Transfer Services To Send Money To Nigeria

remitly's Reviews
14207 reviews

1 USD = 353.34 NGN

worldremit's Reviews
26181 reviews

1 USD = 353.23 NGN

One offers available
Special Offer First Transfer Free - No fee for the First Time users !!
money2anywhere's Reviews
7 reviews

1 USD = 353 NGN

xoom's Reviews
16840 reviews

1 USD = 350.01 NGN

transfast's Reviews
2550 reviews

1 USD = 350 NGN

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