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In 2015, Mexicans living abroad sent approximately $24.8 billions back home. This made quite a news across the world, since this was highest in 7 years and it overtook Mexico’s foreign income from oil exports which was $18.7 billion.

With remittance to Mexico growing at such a high rate, it is attracting all players of the remittance industry. The US is the largest source of remittance to Mexico. The remittance service provider market between the US and Mexico is booming exponentially to cater to the growth.

At Exchange Rate IQ, we aim to make your money transfer from the US to Mexico more transparent and cheaper. We list various remittance service providers with their exchange rate, remittance fee, transfer time, pay-in & pay-out options etc. so that you can explore new options and compare them. You can get an estimated value in Mexican Peso (MXN) for your remittance amount beforehand.

The unified remittance platform of Exchange Rate IQ will not only help y

Top Money Transfer Services To Send Money To Mexico

transferwise's Reviews
59206 reviews

1 USD = 19.29 MXN

transfast's Reviews
2542 reviews

1 USD = 19.05 MXN

remitly's Reviews
13147 reviews

1 USD = 19.02 MXN

One offers available
Special Offer New customers - Get a rate of 21 Pesos per dollar on your first transfer
worldremit's Reviews
24641 reviews

1 USD = 18.99 MXN

One offers available
Special Offer First Transfer Free - No fee for the First Time users !!
wellsfargo's Reviews
93 reviews

1 USD = 18.95 MXN

pangeamoneytransfer's Reviews
841 reviews

1 USD = 18.73 MXN

One offers available
Special Offer Get $10 for every friend who sends money with Pangea
money2anywhere's Reviews
7 reviews

1 USD = 18.01 MXN

venstarexchange's Reviews
0 reviews

1 USD = 18.82 MXN

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