About Jordan

Jordan is an Arab kingdom in western asia which is strategically located at the crossroads of Asia, Africa and Europe. Jordan has signed free trade agreement with the united states, Turkey and Canada and also holds advanced status in European Union (EU). The world bank classified Jordan as an upper-middle-income country.

In year 2015, Jordan received foreign remittances of $ 5.34 billion among which maximum amount was sent from arab countries like UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and from USA. You can transfer money to Jordan in multiple currencies - Jordanian Dollar (JOD), US Dollar (USD), Euro (EUR), Jamaican Dollar (JMD).

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Historical Mid Market Exchange Rate From US Dollar (USD) to Jordan Dinar (JOD)

Current Exchange Rate(Mid Market) :- 0.7095 JOD/USD

Mid-market Rate is a currency exchange rate. Usually traders in currency exchange market have two exchange rates -
  • Selling exchange rate - at which sellers are willing to sell a particular currency and
  • Buying exchange rate - at which buyers are willing to buy a particular currency.
Mid-market rate is the mid-point of these two rates. This is the most transparent and the most accurate exchange rate. It is also known as “Interbank Rate” or “Spot Rate” or “Real Exchange Rate”. This is the rate which independent sources like Reuter, Google etc show.

Compare Currency Conversion USD To JOD

Send US Dollar To JORDAN Receive Jordan Dinar
1 USD TO JOD 0.7095
50 USD TO JOD 35.475
100 USD TO JOD 70.95
250 USD TO JOD 177.375
500 USD TO JOD 354.75
1000 USD TO JOD 709.5
5000 USD TO JOD 3547.5
10000 USD TO JOD 7095
Receive Jordan Dinar Send US Dollar To JORDAN
100 JOD FROM USD 140.94
500 JOD FROM USD 704.72
1000 JOD FROM USD 1409.44
2000 JOD FROM USD 2818.89
5000 JOD FROM USD 7047.22
10000 JOD FROM USD 14094.43
50000 JOD FROM USD 70472.16
100000 JOD FROM USD 140944.33

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USD 0.86335 1.00000 0.76020 73.77070 54.04383 1.29947 18.83498 6.91690
GBP 1.13568 1.31544 1.00000 97.04091 71.09140 1.70937 24.77628 9.09877
AUD 0.61605 0.71356 0.54245 52.63982 38.56352 0.92725 13.43989 4.93562
CAD 0.66439 0.76955 0.58501 56.77005 41.58929 1.00000 14.49441 5.32288
EUR 1.00000 1.15828 0.88053 85.44744 62.59812 1.50515 21.81626 8.01174