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On average, migrant workers send US$300-US$400 back home and rest of the amount remains in the country where it is actually earned. Still, this amount has helped many of the poor countries in developing themselves so that the future generation has a choice to migrate rather than a necessity. This has also seen in Vietnam where people send money back to their families and also visit as tourists and exchange currencies. All these instances have made Vietnam a flourished country in the past years and therefore many money remittance companies are also coming forward to provide services in the country.

To get the best rates from the competitive market, consumer needs an independent platform where they can get better guidance and also compare the companies’ side-by-side to choose the best. So, we come up with an innovative platform named Exchange Rate IQ where you can compare and save a lot of amount while sending Vietnamese Dong (VND).

Top Money Transfer Services To Send Money To Vietnam from USA

transferwise's Reviews
99471 reviews

1 USD = 23180 VND

pangeamoneytransfer's Reviews
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1 USD = 23022.65 VND

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1 USD = 22827 VND

placid's Reviews
1422 reviews

1 USD = 22800 VND

xoom's Reviews
21598 reviews

1 USD = 22732.5 VND

worldremit's Reviews
42653 reviews

1 USD = 22364.89 VND

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instarem's Reviews
1485 reviews

1 USD = 23170 VND

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