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Nigeria is Africa’s leading economy and among the top 10 highest foreign remittance-receiving countries. Every year, migrants from across the globe send $22-25 billion to their friends, families and relatives which has also exceed its income generated from oil export. With this whooping remittance amount, many companies are coming into African remittance market which is making the scenario quite competitive.

So, to help you in finding out the best company from the plethora of companies, Exchange Rate IQ review all the companies and let you compare the companies on multiple bases. You can get an estimated value in Nigerian Naira (NGN) for your remittance amount beforehand. With all this information, you can make a better decision in choosing a remittance service provider.

Besides this, you may also get multiple offers of cashback and low transfer fees on our website where you have to put promo codes and send money.

Top Money Transfer Services To Send Money To Nigeria from USA

transferwise's Reviews
77898 reviews

1 USD = 355 NGN

remitly's Reviews
18626 reviews

1 USD = 353.24 NGN

money2anywhere's Reviews
7 reviews

1 USD = 353 NGN

xoom's Reviews
20301 reviews

1 USD = 348.77 NGN

transfast's Reviews
2707 reviews

1 USD = 338 NGN

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