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Nepal has seen immense growth in inward money remittance in the past few years due to natural calamities and a large number of people are transferring money to their families from abroad so that they can establish themselves again. Many of the Nepalese are working in Asian and Gulf countries that send their hard-earned money to support their families.

These people look for cost-effective money transfer modes and companies so that they can send money to Nepal safely. So, Exchange Rate IQ helps these migrants to get the best remittance service provider which has low transfer fees and high exchange rates. Here you can get an estimated amount of Nepalese Rupee (NPR) for the amount being transferred to Nepal.

Exchange Rate IQ is a simple platform which provides all the details related to remittance at one place. Here you will find the list of companies and compare them side-by-side. This brings transparency in the remittance market and provides you with best transfer options.

Top Money Transfer Services To Send Money To Nepal from USA

transferwise's Reviews
0 reviews

1 USD = 119.83 NPR

remitly's Reviews
33534 reviews

1 USD = 119.75 NPR

placid's Reviews
1896 reviews

1 USD = 118.9 NPR

worldremit's Reviews
51906 reviews

1 USD = 116.94 NPR

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instarem's Reviews
1485 reviews

1 USD = 119.82 NPR

One offers available
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