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India’s overseas population is increasing with the increase in education rate and faster economic expansion in Europe, Russia and the USA. This has made India the highest remittance-receiving country in the world with its major share from West Asia, North America and Europe. This all helps India because it has the highest number of resident living abroad and to provide them with assistance, Exchange Rate IQ compares the estimated value of INR.

All these efforts of Exchange Rate IQ will save your time and hard-earned money so that your loved ones can get a higher amount which often consumed as transfer fee by money transfer companies. We are a unified platform for searching the best remittance options, compare them side-by-side and send money.

You will get the estimated value of Indian Rupees (INR) on the amount being transferred. Besides this, you can also reduce your transfer fees by using multiple promo codes for different countries available on our website. This will help you to get a cheap way to send money to India.

Top Money Transfer Services To Send Money To India from USA

remitly's Reviews
32908 reviews

1 USD = 73.23 INR

One offers available
Special Offer New customers - Get more exchange rate up to $2999
transferwise's Reviews
0 reviews

1 USD = 73.19 INR

instarem's Reviews
1485 reviews

1 USD = 73.18 INR

One offers available
Special Offer Use coupon code ERIQ10 and get bonus equivalent US$ 10 off on first transaction
remit2india's Reviews
3465 reviews

1 USD = 73.02 INR

One offers available
Special Offer 180 Paise extra/dollar on 1st transfer
placid's Reviews
1778 reviews

1 USD = 72.92 INR

One offers available
Special Offer New customers - Get more exchange rate up to $1000
icici's Reviews
450 reviews

1 USD = 72.67 INR

wellsfargo's Reviews
494 reviews

1 USD = 72.65 INR

worldremit's Reviews
48354 reviews

1 USD = 71.87 INR

One offers available
Special Offer 3 Fee Free Transfers When You Send Money Online With WorldRemit! Use Code 3FREE
venstarexchange's Reviews
31 reviews

1 USD = 71.43 INR

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