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Do you often send money to the Czech Republic? Are you fed up of paying high transfer fees and the additional fee which is deducted while transferring money as hidden fees? Then you should be glad to know that at Exchange Rate IQ, you can compare companies according to your needs, exchange rates, transfer fees and transfer time.

The Czech Republic is the highest growing economy in Europe and possesses the status of a developed high-income economy. Many companies are reaching to the country as migrants transfer large amounts every year from Germany, Slovakia, US, Austria, etc. You can compare these companies with Exchange Rate IQ and also get offers which will reduce your transfer fee and save more. This will help you to get the estimated value of Czech Koruna (CZK) for the money being transferred.

Top Money Transfer Services To Send Money To Czech-republic from USA

transferwise's Reviews
99206 reviews

1 USD = 22.94 CZK

currencyfair's Reviews
4495 reviews

1 USD = 22.8 CZK

One offers available
Special Offer 3 Free Transfers for New Customers
xoom's Reviews
21597 reviews

1 USD = 22.75 CZK

worldremit's Reviews
42616 reviews

1 USD = 22.63 CZK

One offers available
Special Offer 3 Fee Free Transfers When You Send Money Online With WorldRemit! Use Code 3FREE
remitly's Reviews
29609 reviews

1 USD = 22.49 CZK

venstarexchange's Reviews
26 reviews

1 USD = 22.39 CZK

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