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Planning for sending money to the Philippines and thinking what’s the best option to choose? Many Filipinos live abroad for the work purpose and send bank money to their families which is now setting a record and Philippines is now considered among the highest remittance-receiving countries. Philippines receive the most money from the United States, UAE and Saudi Arabia through various channels which count about 10% of Gross Domestic Product of the Philippines.

This surge in the remittance has increased the money transfer companies’ services in the Philippines and now many banks are also providing these services there. We have listed all the companies which are providing their remittance services to send money to the Philippines. We are providing only those companies which are fully reliable, have enough cybersecurity to protect theft of information and the one which are offering great rates with low fees.

Top Money Transfer Services To Send Money To Philippines from United Kingdom

transferwise's Reviews
0 reviews

1 GBP = 65.22 PHP

worldremit's Reviews
60331 reviews

1 GBP = 64.66 PHP

One offers available
Special Offer First Transfer Free - No fee for the First Time users !!
transfergo's Reviews
26109 reviews

1 GBP = 64.21 PHP

instarem's Reviews
1485 reviews

1 GBP = 65.18 PHP

One offers available
Special Offer Get bonus equivalent US$ 10 off on first transaction

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