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There are many local banks which might send money to the UK but are the cheapest way to send money to the United Kingdom? No, many of the banks charge high transfer fees and also keeps a high profit margin on exchange rates. This is why most of the foreign exchange experts ask clients to send money through specialized money transfer companies. These companies have low transfer fees as the currency exchange is their primary business. At the same time, these companies do not charge a high-profit margin on exchange rates, most of them charge up to 2-5% only. This is how you can save a lot of amount when you are transferring money to the UK.

You can now compare these companies at Exchange Rate IQ, which provide all the key details of the companies including transfer fees, exchange rates, transfer time, transfer process, etc. You can select the companies, compare them side-by-side and choose the one which suits best to your requirements. You can also get multiple promo codes and coupons to reduce your transfer fees or to get a few free transfers.

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