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Egypt is a popular tourist destination where millions of people visit every year. There are few chances that they left with no money and ask their families in other countries to send money to them in Egypt. Besides this, many migrants also send money back to their families living in Egypt which has helped the country to recover financial crisis.

Egypt mostly receives money from the Gulf and Arab countries spread in the Mediterranean. They mostly choose modern methods to send money to Egypt which offer them low transfer fee and high exchange rates. But if you can’t find out the best transfer option, we have your back and we will help you in getting the best rates with low transfer fees.

At Exchange Rate IQ, a unified platform, you will get to know about all the companies and also review them. You can compare them and send money with them after knowing the cheapest way to send money to Egypt. Other than this, you also get some coupons so you can send money at lower transfer fees or can get cash backs.

Top Money Transfer Services To Send Money To Egypt from Spain

transferwise's Reviews
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1 EUR = 18.49 EGP

worldremit's Reviews
49592 reviews

1 EUR = 17.93 EGP

One offers available
Special Offer First Transfer Free - No fee for the First Time users !!
azimo's Reviews
51632 reviews

1 EUR = 17.47 EGP

One offers available
Special Offer Promo Code : AZ-EX5 5 GBP/EUR or equivalent money off the customers first transaction, when they make an international money transfer of at least 100 GBP/EUR or equivalent. This offer can't be used in conjunction with any other promotion or referral code. This is not valid on SWIFT, or mobile top-up. Domestic transfers are also excluded.

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