About Ukraine

Ukraine, which has second-largest economy while in the Soviet Union due to its industrial and agricultural components, has now ranked the lowest GDP in Europe. Currently, it has a middle wealth per adult and many of its educated and skilled people are migrating to other countries to earn more. They send money to their families back and this has made the remittance market of Ukraine highly competitive.

You can read the reviews of the companies at Exchange Rate IQ while sending money to Ukraine and also compare them so that you can get the best exchange rates and transfer fees. Major countries which send money to Ukraine are Russia, the United States, Germany, Kazakhstan and Italy.

You will get to know the estimated value of Ukrainian Hryvnia (UAH) for the amount being transferred if you compare exchange rates and transfer services. You can also use the promo codes and coupon codes to reduce the transfer fee or getting a transfer bonus while sending money to Ukraine.

Top Money Transfer Services To Send Money To Ukraine from Singapore

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1 SGD = 30.33 UAH