About Germany

Do you want a secure and convenient way to send money to Germany to your family or any other relatives? Are you looking for an independent platform which tells you about all these in a brief way? You will be glad to know that Germany is among the top high-income remittance receiver countries where the United States, Turkey, Switzerland and the United Kingdom share the highest amount remitted to Germany.

The inflow and outflow remittance of Germany is increasing over the years and this is attracting many money transfer companies and banks globally. So to help you make the best choice and selecting the cheapest way to send money to Germany, Exchange Rate IQ review companies for you. You can also compare the companies on the basis of customer reviews, exchange rates, transfer fees, transfer time and security.

At Exchange Rate IQ, you can find the most cost-effective money transfer companies which will provide you with the estimated value of EUR for the amount being transferred. You can also get multiple offers so that you have to pay less on your transfer fee while you transfer money with Exchange Rate IQ.

Top Money Transfer Services To Send Money To Germany from Singapore

transferwise's Reviews
74572 reviews

1 SGD = 0.66 EUR

currencyfair's Reviews
3523 reviews

1 SGD = 0.65 EUR

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ofx's Reviews
3687 reviews

1 SGD = 0.63 EUR

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Special Offer For ExchangeRateIQ visitors, zero fee for money transfer.
instarem's Reviews
1485 reviews

1 SGD = 0.66 EUR

One offers available
Special Offer Use code ERIQ10 and get bonus of SGD 14 on first transaction