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No matter if you want to send money to your relative in Sri Lanka or sending it to buy any property, you want you to save the most money on transfer fees and get better exchange rates. The country receives around $7 million every year from gulf countries, India, the UAE, and the UK, etc.

Most of the Sri Lankans use legal ways to transfer money to their family and search for the cheapest way to send money to Sri Lanka. Therefore, at Exchange Rate IQ, we provide all the companies which are offering their services in the country and can also receive all the remittance related information. We let you compare all the remittance companies’ side-by-side which provides the details of exchange rates, transfer fee, email address, contact information, coupon codes, etc.

All this will help you to get the estimated value of Sri Lankan Rupees (LKR) for the amount being transferred. Use multiple promo codes and coupon codes provided on offers page of our website so that you have to pay less on transferring money to anywhere in the world.

Top Money Transfer Services To Send Money To Sri-lanka from Malta

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1 EUR = 329.89 LKR

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