About Ethiopia

Sending money to Ethiopia can be painful as only a few companies are offering their services in the country and you need to select the one which is offering good rates along with security. At the same time, Ethiopian Birr (ETB) is an exotic currency and not many forex providers deal in it. But you may find some of the companies offering their services at Exchange Rate IQ.

We provide you with all the details regarding the company, the exchange rates and transfer fees so that you can compare multiple transfer options and select the best. This East African country receives most of its money from Ethiopians living in the USA, the UK and Italy. The amount is increasing every year but many migrants are also using the unauthorised ways to send money to home.

But at Exchange Rate IQ, you will get all the authorized and legal transfer companies which are highly secured and offer great services. By comparing them, you can get the estimated value of Ethiopian Birr (ETB) for the amount being transferred and provide you with the cheap ways to send money to Ethiopia.