About Israel

Israeli Shekel (ILS) is among those currencies which are transacted less in the foreign market and therefore, only a handful of money transfer companies are offering their services for sending money to Israel. You can select the one which suits the best to your requirements and transfer money.

For selecting the best, you need to compare the companies and this is why Exchange Rate IQ has provided the compare pages where you can select the compare and compare then side-by-side. Other than this, you can also read the reviews of the companies, so you will get all the transfer details, rating, customer reviews in brief. By comparing transfer fees, exchange rates and processing time, you can find a good deal that will provide you with better rates than banks and won’t break your finances.

With all these, you can get the cheapest ways to send money to Israel and save a lot of money which serve as fees for money transfer companies. You can also select the promo codes to reduce the transfer fees and cost of transferring money.

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